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The visibility of your Life Path Number…

During these intense and uncertain times, it is very important that we understand ourselves more than ever. 

Knowing your numbers can assist you during a crisis, helping you to be more resilient, helping you strive in times of stress and understand how to manage stress.

What is the best way to get and remain visible during these times?

One of the most important aspects to your business success is your visibility. Being visible is something that business owners really struggle with, especially when there is a lot going on, being consistent and persistent with your marketing can be something that slips to the bottom of the pile.

There may be other people in your market doing what you do, BUT there is only one of you, so this is where we use Bizology to cut through the clutter and noise to become and remain visible and relevant in line with your numeric energies.

How you show up in your business is much much more powerful if done in alignment with your Life Path number – especially when the waters seem more difficult to navigate …

I have provided a snippet below of each Life Path number and their visibility vibes ..

Life Path 1 – The Leader

Any content a 1 can create and produce quickly works well as the energy of the number 1 is very high quick start.  Bite size social posts, short blogs, social stories – posting content little and often is the key.  Remember things take time to develop so watch your impatience!

Use your innovative ability.  You are very independent and will have unique coping strategies.  Use your inner strength to help others.

Life Path 2 – The Sensitive

For 2 to be visible in business it is about tending to the environment you work in, so you feel comfortable enough to show up from this place.  Create a supportive environment, use flowers, essential oils, organise your space etc so you feel nourished to show up.

Reach out to others.  You need connection, even if it is virtual, as this will help you move forward.  Use your intuition at this time to help you create balance.

Life Path 3 – The Communicator

Communicate, communicate, communicate – put your word into the world any which way and how.  3’s are great big show-offs! 🙂 (joking not joking).  You are born to share your message with the world.  However, you do not like criticism (and feel this more than any other number) so ensure that you do not retreat and recoil from getting out there.

Keep talking.  Reach out to others, 3’s need to communicate, so put your word into the world.  Stay connected.

Life Path 4 – The Builder

Anything with a routine, order and system is very 4 – so planning and scheduling content will really work for you.  Be careful of being too rigid and inflexible as being visible sometimes means being available for opportunities that occur in the moment.

Have a plan.  You are very practical and like structure and systems.  During these times you will need a routine to keep you on track.

Life Path 5 – The Adventurer

‘Go Big or Go Home’ is the theme for 5.  You will not like being too tied down to create pieces of content for specific dates or times.  There needs to be an element of fluidity and free falling – you respond well to opportunities that are presented to you on your travels to market your business.

Mix things up.  5’s need freedom, expansion and change.  Get outside when you can, even if all you do is open the window!  Create a journal of all the places you can visit when this is over.

Life Path 6 – The Nurturer

Relationships and responsibility are important to a 6, so the best kind of visibility is creating value add content for your tribe and community.  Be careful not to adopt the ‘mother hen’ energy and let people interpret the content in a way that suits them.

Keep connecting.  If family are in a crisis then 6’s are in a crisis.  Keep in touch and keep calm.  Take responsibility for others at this time.

Life Path 7 – The Seeker

Life Path Number 7 = Show up and create content in a way that is different and unique – even eccentric and kooky!  As 7 is the odd one out – it is not meant to fit in.  When on the online stage for a period of time 7’s will need to create space to take time out to rest and retreat.

Retreat.  7’s need space and time out.  If you are living with others, you will need to create some ‘me’ time.  Use this time to learn and study.

Life Path 8 – The CEO

Less is more for an 8, create quality pieces of content rather than quantity pieces of content.  The information shared needs to be of high standard and authentic to your brand.  You may have some resistance in showing up as 8’s are hyper critical of self – especially female 8’s!  Work to overcome this.

8’s are strong characters, so you will be called upon at this time to lead others and be the voice of reason.  Lead from the front and help others to rise.

Life Path 9 – The Humanitarian

9’s have to make your business about other people, and from this place make it about you.  It is a case of service over success.  Think about how the content is really adding value to your ideal clients lives. It is also important to ensure you have strong boundaries and ultimately charge your worth.

9’s are old souls.  Energetically you will be feeling this situation very deeply.  You are here to serve others, but make sure you fill your cup up too and implement self-care.  

Life Path 11 – The Spiritual Teacher

11’s will need to retreat from the noise of the online world in order to receive cosmic guidance to share a bigger message, as that is what you are here to do.  You need to have a plan, create space, get grounded and inspire and illuminate others from this place.

11 is a strong energy, a master number.  You are incredibly intuitive but can be very emotional.  You will need a plan to cope in these times.  Don’t forget to use your incredible insight. (11 energy is quite rare).

Life Path 22 – The Architect of Change

Life Path Number 22 = 22’s are here for big things, so the message you share is in fact bigger than you, it’s part of your life’s mission.  Most content created will have the scope for PR – put money behind it and enlist others to help you engage a wider reach.  Be mindful to watch your ego in the process!

22 is a big deal, another master number.  You are here to change the world one person at a time.  What are you doing to create change in your community at this time?

Not sure on your Life Path Number – use my free Life Path App below to works yours out…



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