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Your Brilliance In Numbers!

How Using The Powers of Numerology Can Elevate Your Business Success!


Why Numerology?


I remember always being fascinated by numerology from a young age. As a very little girl I would ask my Mum to write down the names of everyone in my class at school and would write numbers against their names.  As the years went by every time I saw an article in a magazine (or in later years) a blog post, I would make a beeline for it. I knew I was a ‘1’ (I was led to believe I was a 28 10 1) but didn’t appreciate the magnitude of the impact that this had and has on my life.

On the 8th March 2016, (International Women’s day) my good friend Amy held a Trying Holistic event and Richard Abbot of The Hermitage Development Centre was the guest speaker. He spoke for a few hours ‘top line’ about numerology, its impact on the world, on Trump taking residency in the White House on Brexit and the fall out. He said forget International Women’s day it’s International Women’s Millennium! as we are now in ‘2000’s’. He showed us how to work out our number and explained top level the specific energies of the numbers.

Over the years I have done a lot of ‘work’ on me and studied different modalities, some resonating more than others. Every single word that Richard said that evening created light bulb moments for me. Fast forward a couple of years I have heard Richard speak a few times, have read his books, attended his course at the London College of Physic Studies and embarked on a 121-mentorship program with him.

With any such modality like this there is the tendency to go ‘down a rabbit hole’. We don’t want to do this! We want to keep everything top line.

With numerology the main 3 things we look at are:

1. Your destiny number – taken from the date you were born – as you cannot change this!

2. The personal year you are in

3. The letter of your first name


What IS Numerology?


Numbers are energy – Nothing exists in physicality without numbers. Number are cosmic, deep, inherent. Numbers are fundamental of form and structure and omni- present. Maths deals with quantity – numbers are everywhere. Numerology deals with quality – numbers are everything. Everything has a number associated with it.

Numerology is about sensing the energy of the numbers – part information and part intuition. When we know the number, we can connect with the main issue and feel our way out from here, sensing where people are on the spectrum of the number.

Numerology is a method by which we recognise our divinity and connection. Numerology gives us a key to freedom. Numerology helps us on a practical basis in daily situations. Numerology is a route to self-knowledge and self-understanding.


What is Numerology NOT?


Numerology is not about accumulating lots of info about a number. We tune into the broad energy of a number and the rest of the information will follow. Numerology is not a method of defining people in a fixed or limited way or solely a way of predicting the future. Numerology does not work well by automated computer readings – e.g.: an online numerology report – as there is an intuitive element to it.



Why do I connect with it so much and how has it helped me?


I am working with the energy of the number 1. In full, I am a 19 10 1.  I have lived in 23 houses across 12 countries and had 11 relationships – I am 45.

Society says – this is not OK. Society says – this is flaky. Society does not support this. So consequently, I have always felt my life was a little disjointed related to other people’s life experience. However, 19 10 1 does ‘understand’ living in 23 houses, across 12 countries and 11 relationship.

19 says – I am the sun, the heat, the lightworker, the healer. The holistic piece. 10 says – I am the Wheel of fortune, stopping and starting, new beginnings, starting over. 1 says – I am the magician, my comfort zone is huge, I can do this and this and this AND the magic happens outside the comfort zone.

Hence my light bulb moments.

As society says live in a semi-detached 2 up and 2 down with 2.4 children. No judgement but this is not for me! – 19 10 1 says independence – be solo be a lone ranger.

Society says work for the man – 19 10 1 says work for yourself – be self-employed!

Society says family is important and it is everything. 19 10 1 says embrace family your way (if at all).

Society says you need a loving relationship to feel complete. 19 10 1 says you can have a loving relationship if you want one, however you do not need one (some of the other numbers do need more connection with others) – again, no judgement – just the way it is.

Understanding and connecting to my 19 10 1-ness (which is a journey), has been pivotal to my connection with numerology – really appreciating that my ‘DESTINY’ number is just that! Very much part of my life my life story and life experience.



1 is about directness, leadership, innovation and individuality and entrepreneurship. If we were to meditate on one word it would be the word Independence. 1 wants to go from A to Z – it’s all about the results. 1 need’s to positively and constantly innovate and do new things in a new way. 1 needs to make their life about them – and from that place help others, if they make their life about others it does not work.

If 1 was a chakra it would be the base chakra. If one was a colour it would be red. If 1 was an element it would be fire. If 1 was a direction it would be south. If 1 was a shape it would be a dot. If 1 was a tarot card it would be The Magician.

It’s not a case of I am a 1 – it is a case of – I am working with the energy of the number 1. There are spectrums to the energy of the numbers. At one end of the spectrum 1 can be selfish and at the other end 1 can be selfless. The ideal balance for a 1 is to sit in the middle, put our heads down and get on with it – not worrying about what others are doing, literally mind our own business.

Those who know me will really resonate with the above, and those who don’t can see how this information can be so useful – we can stop trying to put square pegs in round holes!


How can Numerology help YOU in your business and assist with attracting clients and growing your business?


Since I have embarked on my journey with numerology I ‘get’ myself. I understand why what society says is different to what I am experiencing. It has literally given me permission to be myself because everyone else is taken!

I have a lot of ‘1’ energy in my chart. My destiny number is a 1, the first initial of my first name is a 1, there is a lot of frequency of 1 in my name and I am in a personal year 1. That is a lot of 1! And that is a lot of Fire. What happens to fire if it is not built on strong foundations? It burns out. I do have a habit of doing this, so the emphasis when we have this understanding needs to be related to balance.

I called my business ‘Your Brilliant Business Angel’ and I help heart-centred entrepreneurs build their businesses and take it to the next level of success – so my focus with numerology is how it can help you in your business.

Numerology has helped me so much understand my path so I am offering ‘Your Brilliance In Numbers sessions’ where by how understanding your destiny number, the meaning and expression of your name and which personal year you are in – can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your business journey.


Your destiny number relates to how you operate in your business, and by understanding the personal year you are in helps you work with the vibration of the year and it’s energies.


Why is the personal year so important?


We work in 9-year cycles. Personal years start on birthday and end on birthday. It is related to what you are currently working on. It is always the right time to do the right thing but there are better times and years easier times and years to do things.

Last year I was in a personal year 9. A 9 year is about letting go, shedding, purging and releasing that which no longer serves. I am now in a personal year 1. This is a year to seed and plant the new, to take a lot of new inspired action, what we sew this year in our businesses will determine what we reap the rewards of over the next 9 years. This is very apparent for me this year but more importantly as I am aware of it I have the insight and ability to take the opportunities that come to me.



Janey Lee Grace Reviews Her Session....


“The most profound bit of the session with Jo was her explanation of which personal year I am in currently, we work in 9 year cycles and I am in a ‘9’ year, and that is essentially a ‘completion’ year, where it’s good to consolidate, declutter and make room for the new energy of the ‘1’ year which will be coming after my next birthday.

Suddenly I felt a weight lift off my shoulders as I have had a couple of business projects that I have been trying to get off the ground that have just not happened, I thought I was definitely in line for a big contract and I got a big fat ‘NO’. I had been feeling very rejected and a bit disillusioned, but suddenly Jo’s revelation that I am in a year where it’s not a good idea to start a new business or kick into a brand new, big project, I now feel perhaps it was meant to be. That knowledge has shifted my thinking and I’m now able to focus on getting rid of what I no longer need, to release in preparation for next year when hopefully my projects will fly.

It’s well worth a session with Jo, numerology gives a fantastic insight, suddenly you ‘get’ who you are, and why things are happening, (or not) and rather than trying to work against it, you can work with your own personal ‘essence’ and make your plans accordingly.

Read my full review here … http://janeyleegrace.com/whats-in-a-number-a-numerology-session-with-jo-soley/

Janey Lee Grace

BBC Radio 2 Host & Best Selling Author




The process – You send me your date of birth and your full name on your passport. This is important – it is your official name. If you use a different name to the name on your passport, please let me know and we can discuss.

I will then plan the session for you.

Your Brilliance In Numbers sessions take place on Zoom and are recorded. I take you through a power point presentation of your report. You will receive the recording and presentation after the session.


The investment – YOUR BRILLIANCE IN NUMBERS session are £97 


To BOOK ‘Your Brilliance In Numbers’ session NOW

SO THAT you can use the powers of numerology to elevate your business…

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“I just had a Your Brilliance In Numbers session with Jo, and found it incredibly useful. 

Being an intuitive energy healer myself, I always tune into my intuition to run my life and business, and I have always had a fascination with numerology. 

I had dabbled in numerology before, looking into the freebie things you get online, but this one-to-one session was way more informative.

Jo actually takes time to offer you solutions to the challenges you may be faced with and also helps you to understand how to align with the numbers to make things easier.

I am working on some business projects and had been deliberating when would be a good time to launch things. After this session, I have way more clarity on what I should be doing, how I should be tackling it and when would be the best time to launch it.

The things that Jo explained in the session to me about my life path and everything else made total sense and she was spot on with everything.

I would highly recommend having this session with Jo if you would like a little more clarity on what your next step should be and some understanding on why things aren’t always working out in the way you envisaged, even though you feel you are doing everything in your power to make it all work!

Aside from the packed hour of information you get, Jo makes it so easy for you to talk to her and takes the time to explain what actions you can take to improve your life and business, by using your strengths and how to work on the opportunities for growth and success!

Raspreet Sagoo

Divine Sacred Soul, Intuitive Energy Healer & Soul Coach

“Numerology?  That’s woowoo stuff, isn’t it?

Well, I know Jo Soley well enough to know that it isn’t but this is how I thought in the past, so when Jo and I discussed the possibilities of my having a session with her I jumped at the opportunity.

Jo spent just over 1 hour going through the report, which she’d put together for me from my date of birth and the name on my passport.

As Jo went through this, there were lots of ooos and aaahs from me, so much making sense as to what had happened in the past and why, and going forward what I needed to be aware of for future planning. Amazing, fascinating! Not as I had originally thought at all!

A few days later, Jo delivered a workshop on numerology for the 1230 TWC Christmas group, explaining, as she had with me, how each person came to their own numbers and how they could use this information to plan and grow their futures. All were totally absorbed!

So if, like me, you thought Numerology was woowoo, I urge you to dismiss such ideas and talk to Jo who will put you on a clear path to plan and grow your business; numbers are the root to everything, as I discovered.”

Jackie Groundsell

1230 The Women’s Company Ltd

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