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Bizology Breakthrough Sessions!

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“After hearing Jo doing a podcast with a friend of mine, I knew I wanted to work with her. We had five sessions together and I thoroughly enjoyed each one. I have lots to go away and do towards bettering and expanding my business. I would not hesitate in recommending Jo as a coach.”

– KH


1. I already know my Life Path number is it worth diving deeper?

OMG totally as your Life Path number is literally the beginning. There are 7.5 billion people in the world, so we don’t just chop everyone into 11 numbers it goes a lot deeper than that. Knowing your Life Path number is like knowing your Sun Sign in Astrology – there are many more layers. And appreciating these layers helps you navigate who you are as a business owner.

2. I already know what Personal Year I am in – is there any more to know?

Yes, yes and yes. We work in 9-year cycles and there are better years and easier years to do things. Your Personal Year shows you the weather forecast related to the year you are working in. However, it goes a lot deeper than this as there are energies with the month that we also need to be aware of. It is also important to note that your Personal Year also sits within the 9-year cycle, so it highlights what went before and what is coming up within your cycle.

3. What do you recommend with regards to the sessions? Where shall I start …

Your Life Path number (also called your Destiny number) is THE best place to start. As 75% of what is going on within your numeric energies is related to your Life Path number, taken from your date of birth and you can’t change your date of birth.

So YES this is THE best place to start. However, there is much more to your energetic blueprint than your Life Path number it goes a lot deeper. There are numbers that you will find easy to be, numbers that ultimately you want to consciously work with towards and numbers that will trip you up. But starting with the Life Path number is the first point of call and everything develops from this point.

4. Can I just start with 1 session?

You can – and you do not necessarily need to book a call with me to do this you can book one HERE. However, Numerology and when used in business Bizology is not a one and done, it goes a lot deeper, so that is why I have created packages that are specifically designed to take you on a journey to understand who you are as a business owner. These start at £585 for 4 sessions and you can take a look HERE.

5. Can I buy a session for someone else / members of my team?

Of course, Bizology Gift Vouchers are available to purchase and these are the perfect gift for you to give that special someone to help them understand who they are on a deeper level so they can operate in their life and business from this understanding. An ideal gift for a birthday, to say a big THANK YOU, for your team member you can’t do without.

How Does It Work? You can choose from the Bizology sessions by clicking HERE.

6. Do you work with teams and show everyone their numbers?

Yes! because businesses have a deep-rooted set of values and cultures. Teams are made up of a variety of colourful individuals and skill sets. Team compatibility and harmony is critical in moving your business forward. A lot of people do not understand the complexity of themselves (let alone other people!); therefore, conflict can easily arise in teams as it’s easy to be on different pages.

Bizology Teams is all about empowering staff to understand who they are and how they tick, and in turn, understand how others tick. So that they can empower and manage themselves and their working relationships. The best way is to discuss your bespoke requirements - email Jo jo@josoley.com or call 00 44 7718 123229

7. Do you deliver masterclasses in other people’s groups?

I speak at events of all sizes and am regularly asked to be a guest speaker for private VIP groups and masterminds, where I explain the power behind numerology and show everyone how to work out their Life Path number and or Personal Years and what this means for their life and business success – book your slot for your community here – jo@josoley.com and take a look at my media pack HERE.

8. I AM Bizology Curious – where is the best place to start?

If you’re a business owner who is interested in using ‘The Powers of Numerology to Elevate Your Business Success’, then BOOK A CALL. In this 30-minute call I will show you an overview of your numbers and share the ways you can work with me through my Bizology Sessions & Packages ... If these dates and times do not suit you please email jo@josoley.com and I will give you some alternative options. I look forward to speaking to you.

If you have any other questions, please do let me know.

Thank you




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