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Why me? Why now?

Emma Holmes of @Rebels and Rockstars recently asked …

‘If you were off to Cruft’s what would your credentials be …’

It is easy to focus on where you are NOW and show up from this place, but you don’t go from page 1 to page 385 of a book, there is a story to follow.

So, what is my story? My CV so to speak, it has become uncool to share such things, but this is part of the story – so here goes …

• I did a BTEC at College on European Retail Studies in 1989-1991

• I then went to Bournemouth University and studied towards and obtained a degree in Retail Management from 1991-1995, and then achieved my CIM Diploma (Chartered Institute of marketing Dipolma)

• In 1995 worked at Woolworths HO as a Buyers Assistant for Christmas Decorations, (we bought 1 ½ years in advance – shipped via Bremerhaven and sold £96 million in sales and £88 million in profit across 888 stores, and that was 1995! I also bought Ladybird Kids wear at Woolworths.

• In 1998 I moved to Richards Shops (who remembers them?) And bought Jersey wear.

• In 1999, I then travelled to Thailand, Bali and Australia and worked for 10 years overseas in Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, The Greek Islands, France, Portugal etc etc, in various roles, from Hotel Manager to Resort Operations Controller, buying and selling flights for large Tour Operators.

• When I relocated back to the UK in 2009, I worked in the Southwest as a Business Development Manager for a large adventure park.

• In 2014, still in Devon, I set up my own business offering marketing and event support to heart centred female business owners, the majority of my business came to me through offline networking as I had a large in person network. I then moved back to Hertfordshire and relocated my business although I knew I needed more of a niche in order to stand out.

• On 8th March 2017, International Women’s Day I went to an event and the keynote speakers opening words were ‘Forget International Women’s Day – it’s International Women’s Millennium … – as we are in the energy of the 2000’s, everything he said that evening created light bulb moments for me related to numeric energies.

• Fast forward a few months after researching numerology, I knew I had found my ‘thing’ – the modality I wanted to bring into my business in line with my Life Path 1 – The Leader, as the MO for a 1 Life Path is to be self-employed, but they also have to do something unique and innovative. Bizology was born.

• In 2018, as I embarked on my Personal Year 1, I studied at ‘The London College of Psychic Studies’, and read every numerology book I could get my hands on. I started doing mini sessions and pivoted my business.

Over the years I have done a lot of ‘work’ on me and studied different modalities, some resonating more than others. However, learning who I am through the lens of numerology – finally things made sense.
So how does it play out? I am working with the energy of the number 1 Life Path. I have a lot of 1 energy in my numeric chart, my Life Path number is a 1, the first initial of my first name, J is a 1. My first name vibrates at a 1, etc, etc. That is a lot of 1!

1 is about directness, leadership, innovation, individuality, independence and entrepreneurship. There are spectrums to the energy of the numbers, at one end of the spectrum 1’s can be selfish and make their life all about them, at the other end of the spectrum, 1’s can sometimes be selfless and ‘people pleasers’. I know I have certainly been like that in the past!

Why do I connect with it so much and how has it helped me?

The balance for a Life Path number 1 is to put their head down, mind their own business, get on with it, not worry about what others are doing and from that place serve. This is the M.O. that I have now adopted … and it is working!

Life Path number 1 does not like to be told what to do, they need to be self-employed, independent, and can be innovative in business. To be honest, I was not being very Life Path 1 in my business (I was being very 2 – the power behind the throne and helping others run their business) and that was not working for me.

I now appreciate that my Life Path number is just that, very much part of my life, my life story and my destiny. This information has been so incredibly useful to me, that I now spend all my time helping others not to be square pegs in round holes.

The foundation of numerology is the concept of uniqueness, it is a discipline that recognises every person and every situation as unique. This is its real power and value. One size does not fit all and there is no magic formula in business, Bizology shows you how to align to your life purpose.

Numerology grants access to higher-level business solutions. Understanding and connecting to my numeric energies has been pivotal to my and my client’s business success. It has helped me to approach all that I do from a position of strength and it has given me a fresh perspective on doing business in the 21st century.

You + Numerology = Business Success

Why work with me? Why work with me now?

5 reasons to work with me …

1. Its pretty mind blowing

I always see peoples eye widen when I connect them to their numeric energies. It is literally their ‘AHA moment’, ‘light bulb moment’ in action. And that is the power of numerology, its uniqueness. There is no cookie cutter approach. One size does not fit all. It is a way of understanding YOU through the holistic modality of numerology.

Delivering mind blowing awareness, let’s face it, who doesn’t love to know more about themselves. Used in business it’s a pretty powerful discipline.

2. I’m not just a Business Coach or a Business Numerologist I am both

Yes, I have 27 years’ experience in sales, marketing and business development, and together we look at your message, ideal client, package staircase, pricing, content strategy and sales funnel.

However, first we look at YOU. As you are the person that is running your business. You are THE most important asset you have in your business, so it is important that you understand who you are, and numerology is the perfect modality to show you this.

3. I am a bit of a dog with a bone

I am born on the 4th of the 4th and 4 is about structure, routine and system. I am a bit of a self-confessed workaholic and control freak – oh great I hear you say! Well actually this is very 4 and means that I am super organised, don’t forget anything and help you apply numerology to your business and where you are now. As 4 is about application.

Everything is clearly laid out and for you so you can relisten and rewatch, as Bizology is not a one and done. I even have a new Bizology CRM System where you have your own private portal in which you can review all your reports and recordings.

Yes, I am a Life Path 1, but my 4/4 helps you to access and apply the information on a deeper level.

4. I care that you get it right
Numerology is becoming more and more popular these days alongside many other esoteric disciplines. Because of this, the subject is being dumbed down, it is easy to google ‘How do I work out my Life Path number’ and get it wrong! It is important to work out formulars correctly as you can lose master number energies. Some people say to me I am a 11/2 – well, you are either an 11 or a 2, you cannot be 2 numbers at the same time. The same goes for Personal Years, there is a particular way to work them out – it can be catastrophic if you work these out incorrectly as you will be in X year thinking you are in Y year and working against the innate energy and to be honest that is worse than not knowing the year you are in.

5. Working with me 121 is very powerful

The current trend is to sell group programs as you can sell more, lots of Coaches and Mentors say they get burnt out selling 121 as it involves a lot of you. I am a Life Path 1 – my energies work well 121. Yes, I do have a membership, The Bizology Magic Circle and I show everyone their numbers in a group.

However, before we get to this point, I show my clients their numbers 121, as your numbers are unique to you. There is 7.5 billion people in the world and there are 11 Life Path numbers – but this is just the beginning, there are many more energies I show you about your chart as You + Numerology = Business Success.

And that is before we even get to look at your business energies!

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