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Bizology is about a whole new way of doing business.

It is primarily about placing you as a business owner and your personal energies at the centre of all your efforts. It is a conscious way of doing business, driven by what the numbers say.

In times like these we have to be aware of what is going on around us AND we have to be aware of what is going on inside us.

Your numbers show you how you can be resilient.  Your numbers show you how you can thrive in times of stress and manage stress.

Essentially under stress the negatives of our numbers will quickly show, so by understanding these helps us strengthen our resolve.  When it comes to using numerology to help create more success in life and business it’s actually very simple.

Once your numbers have been explained to you… here’s the thing. We are the negative of our numbers. Everything else is just guidance. So, when we stop acting out the negatives, when we are aware of the challenges that these bring to our lives then the positives flow naturally. Simple right?

Ahhh … well it takes some work! But awareness is key. The easiest way to explain to start with the Life Path Number.

What is the Life Path Number?

Your Life Path number (also known as the Destiny number) is THE single most important number in numerology.

It is created from the numbers in your date of birth. You cannot change your date of birth so the Life Path number does not change.

Your Life Path is the path to follow that accords with your essential nature. It is your initiation into what you came to do and become – Your Destiny. What you are destined to do here on earth.

This is the direction we must take to achieve our long-term fulfilment.

Pursuing this road sees us working in harmony with the universe. It enables us to capitalise on our strengths and be aware of our weaknesses.

• Your Life Path number relates to how you operate in your life and business!  Understanding your life path number literally gives you a key to freedom.
• Understanding your Life Path number connects you to what you are here to do – in essence, the path of your life.
• Understanding your Life Path number really helps you connect to what is possible for you and your business.
• Through strengthening your connection with yourself – and identifying and recognising your purpose – you can smooth your lives path

By working with and understanding the negatives of my Life Path number l have managed to create more success in my life.

I have made my life about me …

Before I really knew how to work with my numeric energies I made my life all about other people and put me last. I was the ultimate people-pleaser. Some numbers are meant to do this … not my number. I was great at being a number 2 and hiding behind working with and promoting other business women. I was constantly working in groups and taking part in joint ventures or partnerships. There is no judgement here, but I am not meant to be doing this, I am meant to be a number 1. The Leader. The Innovator. The Trail Blazer. The Trend setter. The Discoverer. Since I have embraced and aligned to this my life is working out – as l am being who I am meant to be and have been given the innate gifts and qualities to do this.  Now more than ever I am being call to do this.

I HAVE to be self-employed …

Over the years I have the most amazing jobs in stunning countries and gorgeous locations all over the world, however I was never that happy being employed. I dislike restriction, being told what to do and taking orders from other people 😊 Doing my own thing my way is critical for my life path number. I have been self employed for over 8 years now, but it is only in the last 4 that I really understand this is what I am here to do. Consciously taking charge of my life and making my own decisions.  There is a lot of fear around this at the moment – so it is critical I keep on my path.

Innovation …

My Life Path number is about the NEW. Originality, new ideas and new concepts. Using Numerology in Business Coaching by creating Bizology is Innovative in line with my Life Path number.  Which I will continue to do.

The New …

Taken to the extreme this can be countries, houses, relationships … Looking back, I can now see that my pattern was to rush head-first into new experiences. Hence living in 15 countries, 40 odd houses, and have a few relationships under my belt! The tendency is to jump over a mountain and then look behind me … now I have a check on this I am not throwing the baby out with the bath water. I am letting things land and building up to sustainable success. That’s massive realisation in terms of understanding patterns of self destruction.  So this is something to watch as when times are uncertain we can go back to our patterning.

Riding the tide …

With my Life Path number there is a tendency not to be able to take the rough with the smooth. Coupled with impatient tendencies this can lead me having very strong desires to get out of situations that are not working rather than stay around to fix them … see above point. As l am now aware of this, I can check in to ensure this is not happening. Life is not meant to be easy, but we make it more difficult. Awareness stops us making things harder than they need to be – especially in these times.

The Lone Ranger …

My Life Path number is about independence – not co-dependency, I have been there and got the t-shirt. I can want loving relationships however I do not need them and there is a difference here. I need to ensure I maintain independence in my relationships. My Life Path number is about standing on my own 2 feet and being self-reliant. Some numbers need more connection with others, no judgement just the way it is.

Hold your horses …

I am working with a very FAST energy. This can apply to everything – so care is needed …

• To eat properly – not quickly grab something conveniently as l am too busy doing everything else
• Time is required to fill the car up with fuel, not drive around on the fumes on fumes.
• Communications and content need to be checked over for mistakes.
• Care needs to be taken when doing things at high speed as accidents can occur, especially in times where fear is present.

I have touched on these areas top line and these may seem small insignificant areas.  However, the results I have seen in my life and business (and business is life) from understanding the above areas and making tweaks and adjustments have been incredible.  As I am being who I am here to be.  I have transformed my relationship with myself, others and my bank account!


I speak from experience by understanding the negatives and how they can scupper you and working with these, you can be the master of your own Destiny – literally!  Especially in these testing times.

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