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Why knowing your numbers is not a ‘One and Done’

I wrote a blog back in November 2018 entitled – ‘Why Once is killing your heart centred business’. 

It was written based on the premise that marketing works when its consistent and persistent.  When you get your message in front of people to ensure visibility time after time after time.  That marketing does not work once.  Once is not enough.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of female business owners to help them get clarity in their marketing to create the results they desire.  Imagine this scenario.  I am with a client, drinking coffee, in a nice hotel, and they are excited to have a second pair of eyes on their business to get some fresh input and ideas.  We discuss their current marketing activity, the marketing activity that they have done to date and the marketing activity that they could do going forward.  When we go through each marketing options, they often say to me ‘I tried that once, but it didn’t work’.

And I’m thinking.  You tried it once??  So, you went to a network group once? You created a Facebook ad once? You sent a press release to a publication that is perfect for your ideal clients once? You sent a tweet once? You sent an email to your invaluable list once? You wrote a blog once.  You spoke at an event once? You carried out a direct reach out campaign once?

Exaggeration? No.  Let’s put this into context.  Think about your house, maintaining a house takes work, that’s why it’s called housework.  We need to change the beds, clean the bathroom, hoover the carpets, go shopping for food, clean the car – you get the picture.

Can you imagine if these tasks were done once? The sheets be walking off the bed, the bathroom be a health hazard, nobody in your family would eat ever again and
you would die.

Bear with me here.

Since then my business has taken a different direction, I am still coaching business owners to build their businesses, but I am now using the modality of numerology.  You + Numerology = Business Success.

So, I wanted to repurpose this blog as the concept is very similar.

 Numerology helps us by …

  • Giving another way of doing things
  • Providing a clearer path in which to head
  • Guiding us by helping understand ourselves at a deeper level
  • Bringing Aha! Moments related to what is going on in our business and assists to opening doors to possibilities
  • Showing us not only personality analysis but how we can make better business decisions
  • Providing spiritual empowerment into business aligning our vision for our business with our personality

 Recently I have heard comments business owners are saying to me things like …

“‘I know I am Life Path number X Y Z’” – as if that’s it! or  “You told me my numbers” – (I said they were a number – this is literally only the beginning!) or  “I don’t need to do your sessions now as I know I am X number.”  Or they have gone through my sessions and the report gets lost in the inbox and is never opened again (the majority do though as they can see how life changing the information is 😊).

Here’s the thing, it’s not a case of knowing your numbers then that’s it.

Knowing your numbers is not a ‘One and Done’. It’s a lifetimes work.

Knowing your life path number, your approach number, your ultimate-goal, your link number, your power number, your expression number, your soul urge, what personal year and month you are in – is only the beginning.  The real work starts after the information is given to you. 

Nearly 3 years on, I am still learning every day about my numbers and how they interact with each other and the impact they have on my life.  My mentor who has been learning numerology for 30 years is still learning about his numbers.  He often says ‘You are the negative of your numbers’, meaning work on the issues and the positives will come naturally.

When we understand our numbers in full polarity, the good and the bad, the negatives and the positives, the strengths and the weaknesses – this is where the journey begins, and the real results can be seen.  Where the magic happens.  To experience even the smallest amount of magic you need to live and work through your numbers on a daily basis, experiencing the rough and the smooth.

Yes, the rewards are great – however the work needs to be done.  By work I mean understanding our numbers is a muscle we need to exercise.  ‘Knowing’ is not enough the results come through understanding the subtlety of the numbers and how this plays out in our life.

This is serious stuff.  I get the fact that you don’t want to be put into a box (especially if you are a life path 5) 😊, but it’s not about labelling, it’s about understanding energies.  Its about understanding the numbers we have been given in order to move forward in our lives to do the job we are here to do are really for.  The whole picture.  The full polarity.  The complete spectrum.  

Because …

  • Numerology is a tool – the means to an end – not the end itself.
  • The understanding s part of a deeper journey with self.
  • The more we work on our numbers the more we connect to what we desire in our life and business
  • By tailoring my Bizology approach to your unique needs you can discover how you can be on-point and work with your vibration and attune to cosmic currents
  • From this place the right paths are taken, the right doors open, and the right opportunities will be shown to you

Numerology and in turn Bizology is not a ‘One and Done’ – it’s a spiritual and personal journey. 

It’s not meant to be easy BUT we make it more difficult.

Numerology helps you understand who you are at a deeper level and from this place business success follows as the approach that you take is authentic to you and ultimately you make a more significant impact in the world.


For help understanding your numbers on a deeper level and how they relate to your business email jo@josoley.com to book your discovery call.