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Why does your business need an ideal client?

As a marketing coach one of the first thing I ask my clients is ‘Who is your ideal client?’ and time after time I am shocked at the reply that I hear.  ‘Everyone!’

The stark truth is that everyone is not your client.  Fact.  And to be honest that’s the best thing I could tell you.

You want to be marmite.  You want to stand out.  You want to be sooooo right for some people that you are so wrong for others.  You want to put your head above the parapet – why? Because you need to make a splash you need to make an impact.

Vanilla doesn’t work anymore.  We are subjected to literally thousands of pieces of information every day.  You need to stand up and be counted and make your message heard.

How do you do this? By knowing who your ideal client is.

Why? Because of this.  When you know your ideal client you have information.  Information is Queen ladies.

You know gender, (and for the purpose of this blog I will use her – as that’s my ideal client!) – her age, her location, her occupation, her family status, where she hangs out online, where she ventures offline.  You know what keeps her up at 3am, you know what language she uses, you know where she shops and what magazines she reads. You know how to save her money and how to make her money.

You have information.  This information assists us in the marketing process to her.  You know how to focus your message so it carries impact.

You know the saying sell them what they want and give them what they need?

Well by knowing your ideal client, you will be able to understand what she wants and needs.  Her goals and desires.  You know what makes her tick.  You know her challenges and problems.  You know how her pain points and you know what solutions to offer.

You know where to find her on and offline.  You know your competitors and who she follows.  You know which books and magazines she reads, which blogs and websites she digs, which social platforms she favours.  You know her role in the purchase process and her objections.

Why do we need this?

When you know this level of information you are able to create a message that she will hear as you are speaking to her directly in her language.  You are known in your community as the “Go to Expert” for your area of expertise – she then becomes your best advocate as she promotes you!

In short – you find it easier to get more clients with less activity as you are focused on your niche and use marketing platforms that work with her in mind. With total clarity on your message and who you are speaking to your ‘tribe’ will hear you.

Without clarity – your message is mixed, your marketing is poor and ineffective, you end up adopting the ‘spray and pray’ approach marketing as your efforts are not targeted and these do not yield results.  Your marketing ends up costing more than it should.  You attract clients that are not energetically a fit for you, your business or your message.

It doesn’t mean you won’t ever attract different types of people to you – it just means that your ideal client becomes your main client base that you will be known to work with and will become an authority in your field.

A saying I love and say a lot is – ‘People do business with you if they like you, know you and trust you’.  Business is about building relationships.  Your ideal client will tell their friends, family and colleagues about you and referral marketing is worth its weight in gold!  She waxes lyrical about you and actually offers to give you testimonials!  You feel confident sharing what you do and becoming visible as you know she is listening and wants to hear more.

Your business grows with more ease when you know your ideal client as you tailor your products and services around her needs.  You save time as you develop a strategy to reach her.  You save money as your marketing is targeted.  You are focused as you know what to say and she knows you are talking directly to her every time!

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