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When you are thinking about quitting … its only the beginning …

Have you ever felt like packing it all in with your business and getting a “proper” job?  I know I have, many times.  It’s not easy running your own business, lets face it if it was everyone would be doing it!  My eyes have been opened on my self-employment journey, and although I know that I don’t fit in to the ‘corporate’ world anymore the regular pay cheque, paid sick and holiday leave sometimes seems attractive. However thinking about going back into corporate for too long drains my energy.

My WHY, is to continue to make my business work so I never have to work for anyone else ever again!  I know that I have much more to my tribe and know that I am here to serve them.  When I do have the odd wobble, I quickly give myself a kick up the butt to re-focus on my true purpose again.

I have a pull, from my heart and soul if you like.

I have learned to tell the difference between the “should’s” and my soul led instinct.

All of this has taught me a very valuable lesson, to trust my inner compass and voice, to dig deep and not give up easily, and to find a way to connect deeply with my own soul purpose and what I wanted to help my clients with.  This inner work is ongoing, as our lives and work shifts and evolves so does our purpose, message and business.

So what about you?

Are you really connected to your big why and purpose? Or are you following someone else’s path?

Are you able to bring your clients towards you with ease? Or are they confused about how you can help them?

Are you courageous and confident sharing your own ideas, voice and wisdom and able to show up online and off with clarity and ease? Or are you feeling like an imposter waiting to be found out and shot down?

You see from time to time I’ve felt and experienced all of these things, and I’ve worked on overcoming these scenarios myself and with my heart-centred clients. What I know is that it is all about connection and alignment.

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose” – says Dolly Parton

If you’re about to jack it all in for an “easier” job, take a moment to remember really why you started?
Dig deep, think about who you really are and what you’re about.  Listen in to what you heart is desperate for you to hear and then make your next decision from this point…… it may just change your future path for the better.
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