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What will 2023 mean for your business?

2+0+2+3 = 7 = The Seeker. 2023 will be a 7 Universal Year.

This blog is NOT about predictions and certainty in relation to the events of 2023 because I cannot do that. What I can do is however is talk about the energetic and numeric quality of 2023 in relation to business.

At the beginning of 2020 I wrote a blog, what is 2020 really asking of us?

The essence of the blog was to give a ‘heads up’ of the huge energy that was coming, 2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 22. In numerology, 0 represents the energy of God, so we gently move it out of the way, leaving us with 22. 22 = The Architect of Change, a master number, meaning that there are HUGE forces at play.

To work with the energy of 2020, we needed to use the energy of 4, as 2+0+2+0 = 22 and 2+2 = 4. 4 is about structure, control, routine and systems, and that is the energy we needed to navigate 2020. Now, I do not want my Life Path 22 clients to work in 4! I actively encourage them to activate their 22’ness, however as 22 is such a huge energy, as a nation, universally we needed support to navigate 2022, which was found in the 4.

We can safely say that 2020 was a powerful year, an unprecedented year, energetically it was a karmic year. In the Tarot, the 20th Major Arcana card is Judgement, and with 2020 we were looking at double Judgement, one Judgement is enough! The side effects and the fall out of 2020 will last for a long time, a clean-up operation is still taking place a few years later both operationally and emotionally as we are experiencing.

My comments about using 4 in 2020 were … (an extract from the blog) …

‘If your foundations are not solid in a master number 22 year, there is more chance of wobbling. More structure, less chance of wobbling. The more structure you have with your foundations this year the less problems you will have. We are being called to get our foundations sorted. Get your shiz together! We need firm foundations to move forward in a 22 year.’

Then I wrote a blog ‘What does 2021 require of us? – What will 2021 mean for your business?’

2+0+2+1 = 5. 5 is all about change, freedom, growth and expansion.
The 5th Major Arcana card in the tarot = The Hierophant. This card is all about teaching, Spiritual Advancement, unity, divine inspiration, looking at the detail of everyday life, sanctuary of community, education, studying in groups etc.

The Hierophant (also called The Pope) balances the energies between above and below and offers spiritual counsel, it also represents the nature of our own faith and the quest for oneness.

After 2020 many people did (and some were forced to) look at themselves, their lives and businesses. The 5 / Hierophant energy in 2021 assisted and shone a light on …

• Spiritual advancement – what were the next steps for you? This is not separated from your business growth but an integral part of it.
• Teaching – what did you teach others through your business that is needed in these times?
5 is about change and change is always not that easy to navigate, but it was also about Spiritual Advancement, teaching and study, taking ownership of the change that has been taking place.

Then we headed into 2022 = 2+0+2+2 = 6 = The Nurturer, and yes you guessed it I wrote a blog 😊 – What will 2022 mean for your business?

6 is all about relationships and responsibility.

In the Tarot the 6th Major Arcana card is ‘The Lovers’ – which is about love but also about choice.

2022 was no doubt a Universal Year where all things 6 played out, relationships, responsibility, love and family. Personal relationships, home and family were a focal point for this year. Our business relationships, communities, groups, tribes and our support systems played a pivotal role this year.

2022 – What was also particularly important is the 22 in 2022, not as potent as 2020 – but we still have the 22 energy in the Universal year. 22 can be the equivalent to 5000 volts and with any master number we need a plan and a direction. 2022 had a nod to 22, and wherever we have 22 we have a STRONG energy.

22 combined with the 6, gave us the choice to reconnect with our relationships with others and ourselves, giving us the ability to create change and transformation within these areas. Which was critical when the world around us was very uncertain.

So, what will 2023 mean for your business?

2+0+2+3 = 7 = The Seeker.

In the Tarot the 7th Major Arcana card is The Chariot – this card is about

will power, progress, personal strength, action, determination and moving forward.

The image of The Chariot card depicts a man standing by a chariot, pulled by 2 lions, one black and one white. He holds and spear and a shield, he is calm and in control and appears to be steering the chariot using the strength of his willpower alone.

The Charioteer (in 2023 = YOU) will need good inner stillness. Inner determination and focus will be required in business this year, if you have a good ‘inner connection,’ then the energy of the Chariot can be used.

What helps with having a good ‘inner connection’? Introspection and personal growth. Seek to know yourself more! Have faith in yourself and do not give up or try to take shortcuts in business. We can overcome any obstacle if we have faith in ourselves. Alongside this achievement through personal effort will be required.

Life is not easy; we make it more difficult. We can overcome difficulties in our life and navigate what is going on in the world through appreciating our own personal strengths, our weaknesses our opportunities and our threats. We then have the chance to take control, succeed and break down barriers to move forward in business. What we need to make sure of is that we do not find ourselves being pulled off course through lack of focus.

A 7 Universal year will be about all things 7 – seeking, learning, questioning, asking, knowledge and wisdom. Be conscious of a desire to know more and specialise your knowledge and talents in your life and business.

A key word for 7 is introspection, you will be called to do some inner searching. If life gets too busy it will feel confusing. Take time to think things through, get some rest, take time out to creating balance and then act.

Knowing your numeric energies can help you navigate all of this (and more) as it helps you understand yourself on a deeper level, helping us be more in control of what is happening inside ourselves when life outside ourselves may seem unpredictable and certain.

Are you ready for 2023?

The above blog looks at the Universal Energies – you will also have a Personal Year to navigate – you can book in your session here …


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