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What will 2022 mean for your business?

This blog is NOT about predictions and certainty in relation to the events of 2022 because I cannot do that. However, what I can do is talk about the energetic and numeric quality of 2022 in relation to business.

2 years ago, at the beginning of 2020 I wrote a blog – ‘A Bizology viewpoint – What 2020 is really asking of us?’ 

The essence of the blog was to give direction for you to manage the huge energy of 2020. 2+0+2+0 = 22.  As 0 is basically God so we gently move it out of the way and we have 22.  22 is a master number, and to work with the energy of 2020 we needed to use the energy of 4 (2+0+2+0 = 4). 4 is about structure, control, routine and systems, and that is what was needed in order to navigate 2020.  Now I do not want my 22 Life Path clients to work in 4!  I want them to activate their 22’ness, however 22 is such a huge energy that if you are not working with a master number – you would have needed support in order to navigate 2022.

We can safely say that 2020 was a powerful year, an unprecedented year, energetically it was a karmic year.  The 20th Major Arcana card is Judgement – 2020 = double judgement – one judgement is enough!  The side effects and the fall out of 2020 will last for a long time, as a clean-up operation is still taking place, operationally and emotionally.

My comments about using 4 in 2020 were … (an extract from the blog)

If your foundations are not solid in a master number 22 year, there is more chance of wobbling. More structure, less chance of wobbling. The more structure you have with your foundations this year the less problems you will have.  We are being called to get our foundations sorted. Get your shiz together! We need firm foundations to move forward in a 22 year.

Last year I wrote a blog – What does 2021 require of us? – What will 2021 mean for your business?

2+0+2+1 = 5.  5 is all about change, freedom, growth and expansion.

The 5th major Arcana card in the tarot = The Hierophant.  This card is all about, Teaching, Spiritual Advancement, Unity, Divine Inspiration – the detail of everyday life, sanctuary of community, education, studying in groups etc.

The Hierophant (also called The Pope) balances the energies between above and below and offers spiritual counsel, it also represents the nature of our own faith and the quest for oneness.

After 2020 many people did (and some were forced to) look at themselves, their lives and businesses.  The 5/Hierophant energy in 2021 assisted and shone a light on …

  • Spiritual advancement – what were the next steps for you? This is not separated from your business growth but an integral part of it.
  • Teaching – what did you teach others through your business that is needed in these times?
  • Study group / masterminds / mentoring – how did you integrate this into your business? Be it delivering them or taking part in them?

How did you use the energy of 2021?

Yes 5 is about change and change is always not that easy to navigate (we can say that again) – but it was also about Spiritual Advancement, teaching and study, in order to take ownership of the change that has been taking place.

Now we are heading into 2022 = 2+0+2+2 = 6 = The Nurturer.

6 is all about relationships and responsibility.

In the Tarot the 6 is The Lovers – which is about love, intuition and duality but also about choices.  It can represent an opportunity to move on, letting go in order to go for what you want with a commitment to love itself and to yourself.

This is no doubt a Universal Year where all things 6 play out – relationships, love and family.

Your personal relationships – your home and family will be a focal point for this year.  Your business relationships – your community, groups, tribes will play a pivotal role this year.

It will be easy to take on more responsibility than usual, so be careful not to bite off more than you can chew.

In order to move your business forward the focus will be on community, relationship marketing, audience building and serving your tribe.

It will be a good year to review your business values and look at your Corporate Social Responsibility.

With the 6 energies as a universal year, we can safely say that our tribe and community will need us more than ever in these times.


What is also very important is the 22 in 2022, not as potent as 2020 – but we still have the 22 numeric energy in the year.

22 is the Architect of Change – a master number. It can see more, be more and do more than any other number.  It can be the equivalent to 5000 volts and with any master number we need a plan.  2022 will have a nod to 22, and wherever we have 22 we have a STRONG energy.

Looking at these energies, with the 6 – we will be offered opportunities to reconnect with our relationships with others and ourselves.  Together with the 22 energy, this will give us the ability to create change and transformation within these areas.

Think about the decisions you are making with regards to your long-term happiness. This is a turning point and the choices made can have a profound and positive impact on the future.

It is our job and our responsibility to engage and do the best we can with our numeric energies and our personal year as everything starts with the self.  Opportunities will be there with all thing’s relationships, choice and transformation – but it is of course up to us whether we take them or not.

Are you ready?

If you are ready – book your call to find out what your personal numeric energies mean for your business in 2022.