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On a Friday at 11am in my paid membership – The Bizology Magic Circle, I answer the members questions on a live stream.  A question that came up was recently was …  What ONE thing each Life Path number can do daily to move forward in business?

What a great question! I loved it, so much so that I am created a blog for you on the subject.  I have created lots of content around the visibility of your Life Path number, the resilience of your Life Path number, the go-to Business strategy of your Life Path number etc etc.  And I also remind you to watch the negatives of your numbers, the challenges and nemesis of your numbers – as when you stop hanging out in the lower vibration of your number and mindfully move into the positives – the results happen in your business.

So, let’s go what ONE thing can you do daily, related to your Life Path number to move forward in your business …

Life Path 1 – The Leader

At the top of the day look at your diary and check in with the tasks and meetings you have and ask yourself – how are these innovative in energy?  As 1 is about ideas, originality, innovation and uniqueness, it is dynamic in energy.  The best way to ensure a Life Path 1 is bringing this energy into business is to ensure that there is space to brainstorm, have new and exciting people to meet so that the entrepreneurial flair that runs through your bones is given a platform.  If its Groundhog Day every day, then you will not have the creative energy you need to step forward on the stones into your ‘never-done-before’ projects.

Life Path 2 – The Sensitive

At the top of the day take the space to organise and plan your day, your breaks and pay attention to the details required to manage your time.  Super busy? Well, then this is even more important, as Life Path 2’s are inherently emotional; positively you thrive on emotional connection with others and need to feel emotionally connected to your business.  However, on the flipside you can feel easily overwhelmed so taking the time to ensure that you are supported by your environment (flowers, an organised desk etc) and that you have the space to breathe throughout the day give you the balance in business that you need to succeed.

Life Path 3 – The Communicator

At the top of the day look at your diary and ask yourself – ‘How am I communicating today in my business?’ Being a Life Path 3 is all about putting your word into the world and it is important that the space is created for this.  Be it a blog, a podcast, social posts, lives, writing a couple of pages of your book, leading a masterclass … just say something! As it is your birth right.  Remember if it brings joy to you, Life Path 3, it will bring joy to others.  Just watch you are sharing content of value and not ranting for the sake of it 😊

Life Path 4 – The Builder

As a Life Path 4 you will naturally have a plan, systems, structure, order and routines in place to ensure that you execute your business strategy.  This is not the issue for a Life Path 4’s who are born workaholics, the issue is being too hyper focused with your head in the to-do list that you miss opportunities.  Likewise, it is easy to be rigid and focused on what you ‘must’ do and say ‘No’ when opportunities do come along – so awareness is required here.

Life Path 5 – The Adventurer

I often say you are not the number next to you, 4 is about order and 5 is all about change.  Life Path 5’s need freedom in business, you do not want to have everything planned to the n’th degree as this will not work.  At the top of the day Life Path 5’s needs to ensure there is space in the diary to be reactive instead of proactive! to what is going on.  Keeping plans loose, so you can respond accordingly as 5’s are faced with more opportunity in business than any other number.  The issue with this is that you can feel scattered with so many things happening at once, not finish anything and literally throw the business baby out with the business bath water.

Life Path 6 – The Nurturer

At the top of the day look at your diary and ask yourself – ‘How am I connecting with others today?’ as Life Path 6’s need to gather people in some way in business.  Days on end working alone is not where the juice happens for a 6 – there needs to be collaboration, connection and relationship building in your business.  Anything that resembles like a group, team, community and tribe will where 6’s flourish in business (even if it is online).

Life Path 7 – The Seeker

Life Path 7 needs to reflect how your diary is set up to learn in some shape or form.  As 7 is about seeking, thinking, questioning, asking and analysing. For a 7 Life Path the more you earn, the more you earn.  Simples!  Short on time? Treat yourself like a client and block an hour or two to read and gen up on hot topics and the latest news in your industry – this approach will really oil your business wheels. 

Life Path 8 – The CEO

At the top of the day a Life Path 8 needs to ask the question – ‘How am I ringing the till today in my business?’ – shouldn’t every Life Path number ask this? Well yes of course, but especially for a Life Path 8, as 8 is all about success, wealth and making money.  You are ninjas at goal setting, and this drives your business forward.  Plan those IPA’s Goals! – income producing activities.

Life Path 9 – The Nurturer

At the top of the day a Life Path 9 should ask the question – how am I helping people today? We all help people daily as we are all in the business of solving problems.  But for a Life Path 9 your MO needs to be ‘impact over income’ and ‘service over success’.  It is not about the money; you can be as successful as the next person, but you need to go about it in a different direction.

Life Path 11 – The Spiritual Teacher

At the top of the day a Life Path 11 needs to ask, ‘How am I being inspired today?’ as Life Path 11’s are here to inspire other people but you need to be inspired first!  As a master number you have a telephone line to Source, Spirit, God, The Divine – and using this connection will provide the inspiration needed to share through your businesses. 

Life Path 22 – The Architect of Change

You know the phrase ‘Aim for the moon if you miss you may hit a star’? This sums up the ability for a Life Path 22 (if you are working with the energy of 22 and not 4 – lots tend to stay in the energy of 4).  At the top of the day a Life Path 22 needs to ask, ‘How can I hit the moon today?’.  As a master number you have all the tools in the toolbox to be able to do this.  As master numbers can see more, be more and do more.  You are here to change the world one person at a time and take the world by the scruff of the neck and make it better for the rest of us.  What are you waiting for Life Path 22’s …!

Don’t remember what your Life Path number is? Or want to learn a little more about it and how to use the energy of it in your business?

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