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If you have read one of my blogs, heard an episode of my podcast or seen a post I often speak about Personal Year cycles, that we work in 9-year cycles and there are better years and easier years to do things.

The personal years run from year 1 through to year 9, we can also experience an 11 and 22 year within this timeframe. When we enter a Personal Year 1, it is like a brand-new phase of our life, forget a new page, or a new book it is like a new bookcase!

We need ebb and flow in our lives and business and sometimes the tide is in and sometimes the tide is out. We grow, we consolidate and then we grow and consolidate. It is not feasible to expect record months every month as we require the space for our business to expand and then bed down. As the saying goes, ‘the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit’.

Knowing which personal year you are in is very powerful, as it means you can work with instead of against the tide in your business.

You can work out which Personal Year you are in using my free Personal Year Calculator here …https://josoley.com/personal-years-app/

Are you in a …

Personal Year 1       This is a year to start the New in your business – go for it!

Personal Year 11     This is a year for all things Spiritual in energy in your business

Personal Year 3       This is a year for all things Communication in your business

Personal Year 4/22  This is a year for all things Structure in your business – a year to get your ducks in a row. 22 – This is a year for huge Transformation in your business that will impact others.

Personal Year 5       This is a year for all things Expansion, growth and change in your business

Personal Year 6       This is a year for all things Relationships and responsibility in your business

Personal Year 7       This is a year for all things Learning and introspection in business

Personal Year 8       This is a year for all things Success and wealth and goal setting in business

Personal Year 9       This is a year to let go of everything that does not serve so you can kick start your business in a 1 year

What I wanted to share with you today is the process of transitioning between these years. I offer a complimentary discovery call if you are Bizology Curious, as you may know your Life Path number – but ‘So what … – what does this mean for you and your business RIGHT NOW.  And I put RIGHT NOW in capital letters, as part of the Discovery call, I ask you to give me a stream of consciousness about what is going on for you in business – the goals, the wins, the challenges – tell me everything whilst I crunch the numbers!

Very early into the call I can work out, if you are in a year where the soil is fertile for growth or consolidation, as often or not you will be trying to push a cart up a hill instead of relaxing into the energy of the year. When you are aware of your personal year it gives you permission to do this and work with the energy of the year.

However, if you have been in a go, go, go year and everything is flowing and the emphasis is on growth and then you hit a year that the universe wants you to release, shed and let go then this can feel confusing – you may think ‘what have I done wrong?’ – ‘why are things suddenly not working?’. It is not that it is not working, it is that there are certain aspects of your business that you need to be focusing on right now.

Let’s take the Personal Year 4 for example. This is the personal year that I am currently in at the time of writing this blog. 4 is about – structure, control, routine and system. So, a 4 year wants you to get your ducks in a row and the universe shines a light on anything that is weak in structure that you can fix – so that you can create structure, control, routine and systems in your business. A 4 year is not a light and optimistic year, where you can put your word into the world – that is a 3 year. And is it not an adventure, change and expansion year where you have opportunity at every turn that is a 5 year.

A lot of my clients reach the end of their 3 year (having had a great time and spent loads of money as 3’s like to spend money 😊) saying to me – I really feel the need for systems and operational structure in my business. And yes – you feel it, this is happening anyway, we are just shining a conscious light on it. It is needed and welcomed.

Some of the years, like the 4 year, can feel a lot, nothing happens quickly and the emphasis is about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s – so when you suddenly get to your 5 year and the focus is on freedom and movement, it is easy to stay stuck in the energy of the 4 year. If you haven’t done what you need to do as you head into the new personal year – the universe will ramp up the energy of the year – so that you do!

This is where I come in, as it is my job to show you which personal year you are in and make sure you are ‘doing’ the energy of that year in business so that you can work in alignment with the years and make the most of the optimal growth year.

So, if you feel that you are spinning your business wheels, and nothing is really happening compared to previous years – there is a reason. If you feel your business is taking off exponentially – there will be an energy of the personal year behind this (and of course the work you are doing in your business in the years leading up to this).

You can check the personal year you are in hereBizology Services App June – Bizology with Jo Soley

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