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Every year I write a blog for my community about the transition between my Personal Years.  Why do I do this every year?  Because the energy of each year is different, so the transition is different depending on what you were working on and what you are heading towards.

Understanding the Personal Year that you are currently in helps you understand what the soil is fertile for right NOW In your life and business.  As you would have heard me say time and time again, ‘There are better times and easier times to do things.’ 

Sometimes the soil is not fertile for our plans, so understanding what the soil is fertile for can help us make better business decisions.  Personal Years start on your birthday and end on your birthday, they take about a full month to kick in and peak mid-year. 

You are not the number next to you, this also applies to the Personal Year cycle. As we travel through the 9-year cycle, the years are very different from one year to the next.  Sometimes the tide is in and sometimes the tide is out.

At the time of writing this blog I am days away from my new Personal Year, a 5 year.  I am leaving behind my Personal Year 4.  A year where the tide is out.  Nothing happened quickly, the universe shone a light on everything that was weak in structure.  It was a year for me to get my ducks in a row. It was a year to get structure, order, routine and systems into my life and business.  A down to earth year.

Because this is what 4 is about …

Work and application

So last year for me (birthday to birthday) was all about …

  • Ensuring I had strong foundations in my life and business
  • Appreciating opportunities came to me through working and applying myself
  • Practicality, order, routine & patience was needed in all that I did in my business
  • It was a year to take a fine toothcomb and go through all systems and structures making sure no stone was left unturned
  • Attention to detail and organisation and was required in my business

As I said in a Personal Year 4 – ‘the universe shines a light on the areas that are weak in structure’ in your life and business, so that you have a chance to get your ‘house and business in order’ and mend the cracks.  It is not a get yourself out there year, it is a ‘get yourself some systems and automation’ year.  It is a year to put your head down and create more structure in your business so you can hit your Personal year 5 running from a place of stability.

As I was aware of this, I spent the year making sure that anything in my business and life that was not strong was strengthened, be it business systems, pricing, strategies, client onboarding processes, CRM systems, finances etc etc.  I knew that anything that was not built upon solid ground would wobble and would either need to go or need reinforcing. 

A lot of the information available about a Personal Year 4 can be a bit gloom and doom, but forewarned is forearmed, so knowing this information meant that I was able to make sure I developed strategies to help me as it can be a tricky year.  And yes, it was a slower year at times, a technical year, a year where every day can feel like Mercury Retrograde is in action!  You can in fact make a lot of money in a 4 year if you put your head down and crack on.  My Personal Year 4 required me to stay focused and be dedicated to my business by taking care of the details, writing a list and working through it.  Not making it up as I went along.

My energy is actually quite 4 as I am born on the 4th of the 4th, so I do resonate with the energy of 4.  Although my Life Path 1 which has the energy of jumping over a mountain and then looking behind me found it super frustrating at times! 

With all things, with knowledge comes power.  The more structure I implemented this year the higher I can fly next year! 

As a Personal Year 5 is about …


Hence my earlier comment related to ‘you are not the number next to you’.  The operative words for a Personal Year 5 are Change and Opportunity.  A 5 year is a good year to shake the business bag, to mix things up a bit, to take off in a different direction having created some systems and structure in your life over the past year.  You move forward with stronger foundations knowing you can roll the dice a bit in business.

So, with my Personal Year 5 imminent I am sense checking the 4 types of things that still may need sorting.  I’m pretty happy that I worked with instead of against the vibration of my 4 year.  I am also landscaping my Personal Year 5, taking notice of the areas that are starting to shift, taking note of the opportunities that are coming in, especially the ones that require travelling.  I am conscious not to take every opportunity that comes my way, making sure I leave room for the ones that are totally in alignment with the Bizology strategy and branding. 

A time for change a time to embrace the new and a time to create more freedom in my life and business through balance.

Timing is always paramount and working in alignment with our Personal Years help us to literally ‘go with the flow.


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To your success Jo x

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