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This time last year I wrote about what it meant for my business going into a personal year 11.  There are cosmic currents and energies and vibrations all around us that affect the world we live in. These change on a daily basis, the main energies we work with are personal years and personal months.

We operate in 9-year cycles and as part of this cycle, there are better times and years and easier times and years to do things. Understanding the personal year that you are currently in helps you understand what the soil is fertile for right NOW In your life and business.

Personal years start from our birthday to birthday. Your personal year is related to what you are currently working on in your life and business.  Knowing which personal year you are currently in helps you work with the vibration of the year and its energies. Working in alignment with our personal years help us literally ‘go with the flow’ in our businesses.

One of the main realisations I have come to throughout my journey with Numerology is this … ‘If the cake is not ready, you do not want to take it out of the oven!’ The modern world has us running from the assumption that we can do anything at any time, however, this is not true as sometimes we are not ready for things to come into fruition. Timing is always paramount.

It was my birthday recently on the 4th April and I entered my personal year 3, which is all about Happiness and Joy.  Last year, birthday to birthday I was in a Personal Year 11, which is all about spirituality and inner guidance.

The theme of my personal year 11 was definitely about self-discovery and spiritual awareness, connecting deeper on all levels.  In a personal year 11 your intuitive and psychic capacity is at an all-time high.  As I was aware of this, I could ensure I harnessed this energy and brought it into my work, which also benefited my clients and the work we did together.

An 11 year can be emotional (11’s are always emotional) and it is not a very grounded energy, so practicality was required as everyday life goes on.  From time to time I did feel highly strung with nervous tension, but because I was aware of this, I was then able to create strategies to help me. Yes, it was a year to go deep spiritually, but it was also a year to ensure I had regular breaks, looked after myself, planned more exercise, meditation and self-care into my working day. As this isn’t my default, I know I had to implement these tools and techniques to help me.  I actually stopped drinking and eating sugar as I felt the energies so strongly. 

At times it was turbulent, and I had to ‘check myself before I wrecked myself’ but generally I came out unscathed!  More importantly the tide is out in a personal year 11, it is not about business growth (although I seeded in my 1 year and rode on this slip stream) – so understanding that there are better times and easier times to do things stops us going into panic and fear when things are not happening text book.

Knowledge is power. 

What is a personal year 3 about and what does this mean for me and my business this year?

 As I head towards the full energy of my personal year 3, I am optimistic as a personal year 3 is about …


  • After the ups and downs of an 11 year a personal year 3 is lighter and brighter


  • The essence of a 3 year is about happiness and joy (although you must actively pursue this)


  • 3 is The Communicator, so it is the year to put your word into the world in business, speaking from stage, upping your content game, running workshops and events etc.


  • What you have planted in a personal year 1 will start to grow, the tide is in again, a busy and developmental year for business projects.


  • It is a year to enjoy yourself – entertain and socialise.


  • It is a year to watch expenses – as 3 energy like to spend money.


  • Business creativity, imagination and inspiration are at an all-time high.

Every year gives you a chance to be another number, this year in my business is related to all things 3.  Working smarter not harder, being the life and soul, leading from the front, putting my word into the world and getting myself and my business out there.

Personal year 3 I am ready for you.  Bring it on 😊

If you would like to speak to me about the personal year and what this means for your business – email me jo@josoley.com or call 07718123229 to book your discovery call.

To your success

Jo x