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I often speak in my blogs, social posts and podcasts about Personal Years.  I discuss that we work in 9-year cycles and as part of this cycle, there are better times and years and easier times and years to do things. 

Understanding the Personal Year that you are currently in helps you understand what the soil is fertile for right NOW In your life and business.

The operative phrase here is – better times and easier times to do things.  Sometimes the soil is not fertile for our plans, understanding what the soil is fertile for can help us move forward from this place.

Your Personal Years start on your birthday and end on your birthday, they take about a month to kick in and peak mid-year.  Knowing which Personal Year, you are currently in helps you work with the vibration of the year and its energies.

When I have discovery calls with my prospective clients – I ask them to share with me what is currently going on in their life and business whilst I work out the numeric energies top line.  Literally after a few sentences I know if they are in a ‘the tide is in year’ or a ‘the tide is out year’.

If they are full of the joys and excited about their business and its growth and development, they will be in a Personal Year where the energy is favourable for growth.  If they are struggling, feel like they are pushing a cart up a hill and trying to put square pegs into round holes then they will be in a Personal Year where the energy is more about introspection, planning and getting their ducks in a row.

Timing is always paramount and working in alignment with our Personal Years help us to literally ‘go with the flow …’.

It is my birthday coming up soon and I am going into a Personal Year 4.  A Personal year 4 is a ‘Down to Earth year’ – and because I know this I can work with instead of against this energy.

I am coming out of my Personal Year 3 – which is all about Communication.  Even though the sky fell down in 2020 I definitely have had a very communicative year in business. 

A Personal Year 3 is the year to put your word into the world, speaking from stage, upping your content game, running workshops and events etc.  What I planted in my Personal Year 1 started to grow, a busy and developmental year for business projects.  This was very evident for me with the continued growth of my business.  Business creativity, imagination and inspiration were at an all-time high.  This played out in many ways with the launching of The Bizology soundbites Podcast and saw me being featured on many Podcasts and delivering guest masterclasses in many other business groups.

So, what is a Personal Year 4 about?


This year is all about …

  • Ensuring you have strong foundations
  • All opportunities come through hard work
  • Practicality, order, routine & patience
  • Take a fine toothcomb and go through all systems and structures
  • Attention to detail, organisation and practicality is required in business

In a Personal Year 4 – the universe shines a light on the areas that are weak in structure, so you have a chance to get your house in order.  It is not a get yourself out there year, it is a ‘get yourself some systems and automation’ year.  It is a year to put your head down and crack on. 

I am aware that this year will be a year to make sure that anything in my business and life that is not strong needs strengthening.  Basically anything not built upon solid ground will wobble and will need to go or need reinforcements.

Much information available about a Personal Year 4 can be a bit scary about how difficult it can be but because I am aware of this, I have strategies to help me. Yes, it can be a year that can be a bit slower and where hard work is required.  It will just require me to stay focused and be dedicated to my business by taking care of the details and being careful not to procrastinate. 

Will all things knowledge is power.  The more structure I can implement this year the higher I can fly next year! 


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To your success Jo x

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