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I have been on a deep and fulfilling journey studying, working with and understanding numerology for over 5 years now. I bought the modality into my business, carried out many Bizology sessions with clients who know that there is a force higher than them and who are  interested in finding out more to help align with their true path. I launched Bizology when I was in my personal year 1, which is an innovative, unique and creative time to launch.  I am also a Life Path 1, so that year I was in my element!

Some people are naturally curious and sign up for a session. After the session they know that they are a Life Path 3 or a Life Path 5 or a Life Path 9, what this means for them, their lives, their business and how to harness the energy of their number to move forward. They know that the energy of 3 is communication, or that the energy of 5 is adventure or that the energy of the 9 is about humanity. They have a Bizology recording and a report and a plan of how to move forward.

Some will keep it at this, and feel that this is all they need. Some will want to go forward, and as I know how transformational understanding your energies are, my wish is that they continue. Why?

As this is just the beginning.

Understanding your numbers is a journey. The more we learn and apply the learning, the more we understand the subtleties of the numbers. The more we understand the subtleties of the numbers the more we can really connect to:

  • Who we are in business
  • How we tick
  • What we came to do

The main number in numerology that we really want to connect to is the Life Path Number, also known as the Destiny number. 75% of what is going on in your life and business is related to this number.

There are no mistakes. You are here because you chose to be. There is a supreme destiny over our lives. You came here to ‘do’ something and you have the resources and energies to deal with just that within your 4 roads.

Your Life Path number…

  • Is created from the numbers in your date of birth. You cannot change this. You cannot physically be reborn in this lifetime, we speak about spiritual rebirth, but you cannot change your date of birth – it is impossible! Everything we need is within these numbers.
  • Is the path to follow that accords with your essential nature. It is your initiation into what you came to do and become – your destiny.  What you are destined to do here on earth. When we align to this – life and business works out!


  • Is the direction we must take to achieve our long-term fulfilment. Pursuing this path helps us work in harmony with who we are at soul level. It enables us to capitalise on our strengths and be aware of our weaknesses. It gives us an innate understanding of self from which to move forward.
  • Relates to how you operate in your life and business.  Honestly – there is not much outside our control. Everything we need is inside us.

I am working with the energy of the number 1 – The Leader – this is my Life path number.

To put this into context the 1 energy is about:

  • Individuality, independence, innovation – this is the vibration that I need to bring into my business – hence Bizology – as it is original and different.
  • To be concerned first with oneself – and from this place serve others.
  • Does not like advice but must learn to listen to others – This is so me! I have really worked on this as I dislike being told what to do.
  • Must work to obtain, and then keep, independence – It is about the lone ranger. I can be in a loving relationship, but I do not need to be in one and since I have realised this my relationship with others and myself has improved drastically.
  • In relationships must never sacrifice that independence, for that’s the fastest way to kill the relationship.  So, carving out space for me within all my relationships has been game changing.
  • Good leader – Owning this and not following has opened many doors for me.
  • Hates being bossed about – Ha-ha – yes … completely.
  • Must run own business – I have had some amazing jobs overseas and, in the UK, but I was never happy, as ultimately the 1 energy is about self-employment and doing things your way.
  • Direct and to the point.

Potential Negative:

  • Wilful, headstrong, impatient, self-absorbed and selfish (as 1 is all about self) – So balance is needed as its not always about me …
  • Seeks speed – Slowing down enables the magic to happen in the gaps.
  • Not good at seeing the bigger picture as at times only sees what is in front on them – Being too result driven can mean that I don’t stop to smell the roses or look at the bigger picture, but as I am aware of this, I can work on it.

Since I have embraced my Life Path 1 I have:

  • Understood what I am here to do and how to do it
  • Literally been given the keys to freedom in my life and business
  • Connected to what I am here to do – in essence, the path of my life
  • Connected to what is possible for me and my business.

Through strengthening your connection with yourself – and identifying and recognising your
purpose – you can smooth your life’s path. It doesn’t need to be difficult!

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To Your Success