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What is Bizology?

what is Bizology?

You + Numerology = Bizology = Business Success

Bizology is my unique method to help you understand who you are as a businesswoman/man so you can …

1. REVIVE your enthusiasm for your life and business.

2. RENEW your commitment to your life and business.

3. RECONNECT to your purpose in your life a business.

A ‘3 in 1’ action method – like a power pod!

Bizology helps you piece together who you are and with this knowledge, embrace business from this place.

Giving you a new understanding of how to approach your business, to accomplish your business goals.  Bizology gives YOU clarity on YOUR personal business direction, not trying to fit in with paths prescribed by others.   

Bizology opens up your eyes to operating your business in a unique way that suits you!

Bizology shows you a part of you that has felt missing.  Understanding the emotions that you can’t quite put your finger on.  Understanding how your personality works when marketing your business.  So you can show up and be visible without feeling vulnerable, always feeling supported by your numeric energies.

Bizology enables you to do business at your pace.

There are better years and easier years to do things.  Giving you the gift of knowledge that there are better times to take on and produce new projects, helping you to feel less rushed in certain years.  Enabling you to focus and direct your energies by planning for the upcoming months and years to maximise your business impact.  Becoming more strategic in how to proceed in the future using the energies of the year and the month to align to better business decisions.  It also helps you understand the decisions and directions taken over the years – there will be no mistakes!

Bizology helps you channel your strengths.

Confidently moving forward in your business with knowledge and insight as you completely understand yourself.  And from this happy and fulfilled place you can  choose your business direction  enabling your personal business superpowers to shine.

Bizology is an enlightening experience.

It is incredible what our numbers can uncover about us and how we do business.

Bizology helps you optimise your business success and build it to its full capacity.

Creating a plan from the place of self-appreciation and self-acceptance, working with your strengths and becoming aware of personal challenges.

Bizology helps you find the missing piece in your business.

Enabling you to build stronger business foundations, giving you deep insights into yourself and providing clear ideas to take your business forward.  Helping you understand more about yourself and how you work as a businessperson to achieve success.

Getting you super clear on your business message

Getting you super clear on what you share in your marketing content.

Getting you super clear on your business direction.

Bizology is for you if …

You are setting up your business.

You are reshuffling your business.

You are up levelling in your business.

What is Bizology?

Bizology helps you make better decisions in business

Assisting you to develop a clear business plan, showing you a clear approach to business communication, helping you understand yourself and your life’s path with awareness.

Bizology guides you, so you feel more connected to your business helping you put all the pieces of the business jigsaw together. Then you can play to your strengths and understand why some approaches do not work so well for you. 

Bizology provides you with light bulb moments helping you understand that there are greater forces at play.

Bizology helps you highlight your strengths and identify the areas for growth.

Giving you a clearer vision for future direction by helping you feel re-energised and more motivated to run your business.

Bizology is revolutionary – helping you activate your numbers so you can work at optimum performance.

Bizology shows you the best way to manage your business and get the most out of it.

Bizology is a high-performance tool in your business toolbox aimed to help you achieve goals.

Bizology helps you understand that the ‘business cookie cutter approach doesn’t work – you have your own unique business blueprint and Bizology shows you how to play to your strengths and these qualities are in your numbers.

Bizology shows YOU how to appeal to ideal clients / collaborators – by being your authentic true self, giving you permission to be who you truly are in business.


bizology provides mindblowing insights

So that you can …

  • Make bold decisions instead of procrastinating in your business.
  • Understanding yourself / co-workers / collaborators / team and family (as life is also business) on a deeper level.
  • Follow your true business path confidently and with more ease.
  •  Perform at peak performance (at the right time).

  • Strengthen your business intuition.
  • Identify what is important / what is missing and how and when to move forward.
  • Gain clarity and perspective on how you manage your business.

  •  Move forward in business confidently aligned.

You + Numerology = Bizology = Business Success

Are you ready to …

  • Own and articulate your key message so your ideal client will hear you.

  • Get clear on your mission, vision and core values.
  • Get clear on your ideal working week and what this entails.

  • Create and stand by your business offerings.
  • Understanding what you bring to the table.

  • Being clear on the benefits you offer.

  • Have a clear vision for your life and business.
  • Understand your unique approach to relationship marketing.

  • Create products and services that are right for you.

  • Make sure that your brand is aligned to your numeric positioning.
  • Ensure that your brand reflects about you and your key numbers.
  • Identifying your brand promise.

What is Bizology?
  • Understand what on and offline marketing works for you in line with your numbers.

  • Lead from the front in your sales calls.

  • Develop trust and rapport with your prospects and handle objections with ease.

  • Making clear invitation to work with you as you understand who you are.

  • Staying completely in your business lane intuitively knowing what works for your business and saying NO to everything that is not in alignment with that.

  • And so much more …

In 4 sessions I learnt more about me than 48 years on this planet AND how it impacts my business!’

To understand how powerful Bizology can be for your business email jo@josoley.com to book in your discovery call or book it here …

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My free interactive Face Book community, where I share Bizology hints and tips.

Join below to find out more about using numerology in business.