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What do I do if I do not feel like my Life Path number?

Your Life Path number (also known as the Destiny number) is THE single most important number in numerology. It is created from the numbers in your date of birth. You cannot change this – it is impossible!

You may have used my free app – ‘Discover Your Life Path number’ – https://josoley.com/LIFE-PATH-APP/ or watched my masterclass or heard my podcast or just googled ‘How do I work out my Life Path number!’ (Be careful with this as the calculations vary considerably).

And you found out your number AND ….

It didn’t resonate.  It really did not feel like you at all!

So, you check again, and it looks as though you got it right, you reach out to me, and I confirm that it is correct that you are X number, but you are still not feeling it, and to be honest you feel a lot more like the other numbers that I explained in my guides, podcast or masterclass.

So you have discounted it or ignored it – but you are seeing other people getting results by understanding their energies …

So, what can you do?

To confirm that you are a certain Life Path number – is the most important place to start as the calculation to work out your Life Path number is not complicated but it needs to be done in a certain way to ensure the master numbers are not miscalculated.

The next point of call is to look at the day of the month that you are born on.  It is very easy to be this number, it comes very naturally – this is the number that we start our life working in, this is the number we are as children, and this is the number that is very easy to pick up in someone’s energies.

And most people stay here and do not actually engage with their Life Path number.

However, 75% of what is going on is your Life Path number.

Your life path is the path to follow that accords with your essential nature. It is your initiation into what you came to do and become – what you are destined to do here on earth.

And in business this is where we can connect deeper to ourselves, to move forward, to be ourselves.  This is where we get all of our results, this is where the juice is, and the real magic happens!

Understanding your life path number really helps you connect to what is possible for you and your business.

How can you connect deeper?

In my Bizology sessions with my clients I show them their Life Path number and then the real work starts …

I connect them to …

The Symbology of the Number

I often say I am born on the 4th of the 4th – and 4 is about structure, routine, control and system.  Life gives us 4 to keep organised.  We have 4 fingers, 4 seasons, 4 directions, 4 elements, 4 fingers, 4 chambers of our heart, 4 parts of our brain, 4 wheels to the car, 4 walls to a house – 4 keeps us organised.

Connecting you to the symbology of the numbers helps appreciate how we use the number in life, it brings the number to life.

I show you other ‘abstract information’ about your number – helping you connect deeper to the energy.

We always check in to where you are ‘on the spectrum’ of the number.  It is a work in process to be your number – its not a one and done! Some of the information may resonate more than others and this is what is important to understand.

Characteristics and Goals of the Life Path number in Business

I connect you to how the number can play out in business and what to be mindful of.  We look at prime interests, motivation and vibrations of the number and this is useful as again you can check in and monitor if you are working with these energies and appreciate the ultimate plans.

Lessons of the Life Path number

We are all here to learn. Life is not easy, but we make it more difficult. There are certain times when these lessons play out – understanding these lessons help us work with our number instead of against it.

Challenges and Potential Negatives of the Life Path number

We are the negatives of our numbers – anything else is just guidance.  When we understand the negatives of the numbers we can stop ‘doing’ these and pull them up like weeds in a garden and then the positives naturally flow.  Again, it is not a one and done – it is a life times work and always another level is available to us.

Direction of the Life Path number in Business

Here is where we look at the potential of the number, where you can ultimately go and what is possible.  For example, I am a 1 Life Path.  I must be self-employed, there is no two ways about it. Life Path 1 has to bring in innovation into its life and business – hence bringing numerology into my work and creating Bizology.  This is very 1 in energy and going deeper it is very 1 Life Path with a 4 approach.

Using your Life Path number in business

This is where I bring everything together for you and show you what is possible for each Life path number in business.  There are no mistakes – if you have a number – you have it for a reason, so you are here to use it and not lose it!

Way forward

What is next? What is possible? Well so much – but this part is about taking everything I have shown you and making sure you do not miss the opportunities that are available to you.

Well Known People

This is a fun but important exercise – I show you ‘well known’ people with those Life path numbers.  Connecting the number to people that we know in ‘real life’ helps us see how the different attributes of the numbers play out – in the positive and the negative. Light bulbs go off here as you can see the number IRL (in real life if you are not down with the kids – I had to google it the first time I saw it 😊)


So by this point – you will really have an understanding of the Life Path number and how it plays out in business. And last but not least – I show you the compatibility of the numbers, as this is a real thing.  you can have compatibility/conflict within your own numbers – and this is the next piece of work we do together.

Your 4 roads in Business.  As we are not just 1 number we are made up of a tapestry of numbers and this is where the real you lies.

Work yours out by using my Life Path App here … Life Path App – Bizology with Jo Soley

To understand your Life Path number on a deeper level and how it is impacting your business book a call with me here


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