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This week – (the first week of June 2023), I have been running my own business for 9 years. Below I have shared with you 90 things that I have learnt in my business over these past 9 years.  This list has evolved, developed and expanded, like we, as business owners do. 

By sharing these gems and nuggets that I have learnt, I hope to pass on some of the lessons that I have gained so that it may inspire other business owners.

1. All We Get Is Time And Choices
Be wise with both.

2. Community
It’s self-employment not ‘by-your-self’ employment. Find your tribe of people who will lift you higher. As you shift and evolve, so will your people and you know what? That’s OK.

3. Comparitinitis
Stay on your page. “Be yourself as everyone else is taken”, as Oscar Wilde says. Your journey is uniquely your journey.  The concept of numerology and Bizology is this very thing.  Uniqueness.  There is no cookie cutter approach in business.  What will work for you will not work for the next person.

4. Get a Message
If you speak to everyone you speak to no-one. Carve your message so your ideal client hears you.  Be so right for some people you are so wrong for others, as the right people will resonate with your message if it’s clear enough.

5. Solve Their Problem
People do not buy their way into something they buy their way out of something. It may feel an old paradigm, but your one job is to solve your ideal clients problems!

6. Take Inspired Action
‘Nothing works unless you do’ – Maya Angelou. You do not have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.  Taking action is like driving a car with a sat nav; the sat nav will not give you directions until you start.  This is just what running a business is like, just start and make your next move from there.

7. It IS All About The Money, Honey!
Sales do solve everything! (Well profit does), ask yourself the question, ‘Have I rung the till today?’ If not, then focus on IPA (income producing activity) to make sure you ring the till.

8. It’s Okay If Productivity Looks Different Everyday
As every day has a different numeric and planetary energy and there are better ‘days’ and easier ‘days’ to do things.  

9. The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!
85% of sales made are between the 5th and 8th point of 1-2-1 contact with someone. When you run your own business, you are also the sales force. Marketing alone is not enough a sales pipeline is vital too.  This is where a lot of small business owners fall short.

10. Facts Tell Stories Sell
Sales doesn’t have to be sticky; it’s literally having a conversation with someone about how you can help them and then inviting them to work with you.  The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It is about building relationships.

11. Your Book Is Your Hook
Add the letters ITY to the word author and you are an authority in your field, having a book is an easy yes for people to become part of your package staircase (this may also be an E-Book).  You will be able to purchase a copy of my book – Bizology 101 really soon!

12. You Are Not The Number Next To You
Like the phrase – at 6’s and 7’s!  Compatibility in Bizology is a real thing, this is why I created Bizology Teams.  Some numbers will naturally vibe better with others – when we appreciate this we can give other people a break.

13. Nothing Happens In Life Without Numbers
They are literally intrinsic to everything we do.  Mathematicians say numbers rule the world – and they are right!  Understanding yourself through the lens of numbers is so powerful.

14. You May Have Heard Phrases Like
‘Your days are numbered’, or ‘I have your number’. This is because numbers speak and their language is numerology.

15. Self-care Is Not Selfish
Fill yourself up first – you cannot pour from an empty cup.

16. Other People’s Opinions Do Not Pay Your Bills 

17. No Is A Full Sentence.

18. She Believed She Could So She Did
If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. End of. Mindset is everything and will need working on all the time as running a business brings up all your stuff.  Understanding your numbers helps with this as essentially we are the negative of our numbers.

19. Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe
Find your Soul clients and love them hard. Build a community with authenticity, integrity and credibility.

20. Perfection Keeps You Poor
Done is better than perfect, just get your message out there. People do not work with you if you have a nice logo!, they sign up to work with you as your products and services solve the problems that they have.

21. SYSTEMS – Save Yourself Time Energy and Money
Automation is the key to success.

22. It Wasn’t A Waste Of Time If You Learnt Something
When you lose – don’t lose the lesson.

23.  Is Your Networking Not Working?
Constantly review your channels to market and how they return an investment for you. I now choose one-off business networking events over regular networking groups as it suits my business model.

24. Once Kills Your Heart-Centred Business
I hear many business owners say, ‘I tried that once and it didn’t work’. Marketing needs to be applied consistently and persistently for continued growth.

25. If You Have A Number – You Have It For A Reason
Again if you do not have a number, you do not have it for a reason.  Your numeric energies show you what you are here to do or not do in business.

26. Words Are Spells That Is Why We Call It Spelling
Your name is not who you are, it is who you look like you are, so it is important to understand how you are seen in business.

27. Align Don’t Hustle
Pushing doesn’t work, work hard by all means but choose your path and align your numeric energies to take action to pursue your goals.

28. Steal With Pride
Who are the top 5 people in your industry that you admire? What are they doing? Go and do it in your way! Copying is not cool by the way.

29. All Knowledge is Infinite
There is nothing new out there. Everything has been said or done in one way, you are the difference in your business, it is how you show up and share information that counts (and did I say that copying is not cool 😊).

30. People Will Love You.  People Will Hate You
And none of it will have anything to do with you!

31. There Is No Magic Wand
Yes, you can spend a shed load of cash on online ads, but if you do not have strong business foundations they will not amount to much. Anything of worth does not come easily.  Work consistently and persistently towards your goals.

32. You Do Need an Ideal Client
A lot of people fear of niching so …

33. Get Big, Get Niche or Get Out!
See above.

34. One. One. One. One.
Focus on ONE product, ONE route to market, ONE avatar (ideal client) and ONE platform – at ONCE.

35. Retreat
Take time out to reflect, refocus and replenish. The magic happens in the gaps.

36. Conversion Rate’s & KPI’s
How much money do you want your business to bring in a month? How much does your core product cost? How many do you need to sell to bring in your desired monthly income? How many people do you need to speak to sell these products? What is your conversion rate? What activity do you need to do to get in front of these people? – know your numbers – in every sense of the word.

37. Marketing Monday
Create the space and time to work ON your business instead of IN your business in relation to your sales strategy and conversion rate KPI’s. Mondays are good for this as Monday’s are Moon days – Lundi, Lunar – they can be intense so a good day to work ON the business.

38. If You Treat Your Business Like a Business, It Pays You Like a Business
If you treat your business like a hobby, it costs you like a hobby. Which one are you choosing?

39. Sell The Sizzle Not The Sausage
People buy results. Communicate the transformation that you provide.

40. When People Show You Who They Are – Believe Them
Don’t wait for them to show you twice!

41. You Always Get Tested The Most …
Before you progress to the next level!

42. Boundaries
One of the most important things when it comes to running a business is effectively managing your boundaries. It is paramount that you communicate to others how to treat you by clearing showing what is acceptable or not.  Yes, Life Path 9’s I am speaking to you.

43. The Power Of T.E.A.M work = Together Everyone Achieves More.
Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

What can you STOP doing in your business that you don’t need to do?
What do you need to SURRENDER – pull up your big knickers and get on with it?
What do you need to delegate and get SUPPORT with?
So that you can work in your zone of genius and focus on your numeric energies, hiring others to focus on theirs.

45. The Passive Piece
If your business can’t make money without you, you haven’t got a business, you have got a J.O.B! What can you make once and sell over and over?  Passive income needs work up front, but it is a thing.

46. Numerology Is As Old As The Hills
The Ancient Greeks used it, The Egyptians used it, Pythagoras is the God Father of numerology, it is in the Bible, it is in the Kabbalah – but it is new as the next decision that you are going to make.

47. Thank You Internet
Thank you google. Thank you social media. We are running business at such a developed time and so lucky to have these tools at our fingertips. Embrace them for the highest good of your business, seeing them for what they are – this includes when they can trigger imposter syndrome or comparitinitis.

48. But also make sure you have an email list …
Zuckerberg owns Facebook.  You own your email list.

49. The Magic Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone
If it’s uncomfortable, it’s stretching you. If you are squeezing your bum cheeks a bit, you are being brave. From these places you will see results.

50. Celebrate Your Successes
Give yourself space to acknowledge what you have created before rushing headlong into the next new thing to accomplish.  Yes, Life Path 1s I am speaking to you.

51. Goal Setting
A dream without a plan is just a wish. Write it down, chunk it down, put action steps to it and make it happen.  I personally like to physically write it on a piece of paper.  This activates your reticular activation system. Writing things down is literally biblical.

52. Invest in YOU and Your Business
How do you expect others to invest in you if you are not investing in you?  It’s amazing what you do when someone is watching. Accountability is powerful!

53. Vision
Allow yourself to dream bigger darling. If you aim for the moon you will fall amongst the stars.  Although a Life Path 22 will hit the moon 😊 (if they can get out of the energy of 4).

54. Leave a Legacy
What do you want people to say about you? Be that person.

55. Package It Up
How are you inviting your clients to reinvest with you?  Take them on a journey of products and services, it costs x100 times more to get a new client than to keep an old client one.

56. Give Your Best Stuff For Free
Share your wisdom with the world by sharing your amazingness.  If you are giving such value away for free – just imaging what your clients will think they are going to get if they pay you.

57. 75% of what is going on in your business is related to your Life Path number
There are numbers that are easy for you to be, there are numbers that you want to aspire and align to, there are even numbers that you were in a previous life.  However, the main number we need to work with in Bizology is The Life Path number – the path you are here to walk this lifetime.

58. Change Your Name Change Your life
You cannot change your date of birth – but you can change your name and when you do you change your life.

59. Let Go
As you rise the universe will remove the things that are no longer in alignment. Don’t fight it, let it go to create the space for that which is more of an energetic fit.  Especially in a Personal Year 9 or a Personal Year 4 …. 

60. Strive For Progress
Not perfection.

61. Expect The Bullshit
But never accept it.

62. Be Willing To Bet On One Thing

63. It Always Seems Impossible …
Until its done.

64. There Are Better Times AND Easier Times To Do Things.
Numerology show us this in the cosmic 9-year cycles.  Which Personal Year are you in?

65. Your Life Path Number Is Your Friend
Let it into your life, because when you do there are an expansive amount of possibilities available to you.  It is literally the path you are here to walk this lifetime – it is also called Your Destiny number.  What you are destined to do in life.

66. Don’t Match Your Shoes To Your Bag …
Match your action to your words.

67. Find Business BFF’s
You know, those that have your back and lift you higher, who are on the same path as you? Support, collaborate and hang out with them.

68. Everything We Need Is Right In Front Of Us Just when we need it!
Trust the journey and make sure you know the Personal Year that you are currently in and what this means for your business RIGHT NOW.

69. You Don’t Have To Tell Everyone Everything
Speech is silver, silence is golden.

70. People Want You To Be Successful…
But not too successful, you will trigger others as you rise, but that is not your problem.

71. Not Seeing Results? Feel like Giving Up?
Consider this … the last thing to grow on the tree is the fruit.

72. The Big Leap
Reached a new level? There will be a new devil! And you know what? That’s ok. Because what got you here will not get you there.

73. SW. SW. SW. SW. SW.
Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone’s Watching and Someone’s Waiting.

74. Your Business is Alive!
It has its own Akashic records.It has its own colour, flavour, brand and style.  It attracts and repels like we do.  In a solo-preneur situation your numbers are running the show but as your business gains hold its numbers run the show.

75. People Do Business With You If They Like, Know and Trust You
And Bizology helps you like, know and trust yourself.

76. The Day Of The Month You Are Born On Is Called The Approach Number
It is how you navigate your Life Path number.  What day of the month are you born on?

77. There Are Better Years And Easier Years To Do Things
Sometimes the tide is in and sometimes the tide is out in relation to the Personal 9 Year cycle.

78. No Number Is Better Than Any Other Number
But some numbers can do more, see more and be more and these are master numbers.

79. It Is Not Always About The Number 8 …
Work out if you have 8 energy in your numeric chart before you use it all over your business.

80. Life Is Not Easy – We Make It More Difficult
Essentially, we are here to learn, and these lessons can be found in your numbers.

81. A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilled Sailor
Our lessons mould us to who we are today and that is where our growth lies.  Your numbers show you your lessons.

82. Keep Your Inner Circle Tight
Literally count them on one hand.

83. Don’t Compare Your Chapter 3 With Someone Else’s Chapter 23
Comparitinitis is a real thing, especially with the online space – remember to stay in your lane and keep your side of the road clean.

84. Prada Doesn’t Worry About Primark

85. The Day You Plant the Seed is Not The Day You Eat The Fruit
Things take time, so watch your impatience!

86. Either You Run The Day …
Or the day runs you.

87. Anything that starts with ‘I don’t want them to think … 
Will end up in you not standing as your fully expressed self.

88.  Some Call Me Crazy …
Others call me for advice.

89.  Bizology Helps You Make Better Business Decisions

90.  As Knowing Your Numbers Increases Your Numbers 🙂

If you want to take your business to the next level of success – please book a call with me HERE to see how I can help you, by getting clarity on your numeric energies to then move you forward in all areas of your business and marketing to get results.

Jo x


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