I will show you how you can create a business model that works for you so that you can serve those you want to serve, offer products and services that your ideal target market wants to buy, and hitting the income targets you want to hit – by running your business in a way that is about your personal idea of freedom!

Most of us set up a business as we are seeking freedom. End of.


The first question I ask women when I work with them is – What is your Why? They say … their family and their children. And I don’t doubt it, but it goes deeper.

It is all about the freedom …

* Freedom from the 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton wasn’t that realistic – OK freedom from the 8-7 ..

* Freedom from the long commute, planes, trains and automobiles

* Freedom from being the wage slave

* Freedom from being stifled in an environment that is not in alignment

* Freedom from office politics

* Freedom from being treated like a number – just another employee

* Freedom from not spending time with your family


So, what is your freedom TO?

* To spend more time with your family?

* To get your gifts out in the world?

* To be your own boss?

* To create something new?

* To work the hours you want to work, where you want to work?

* To take time off when you want to take it?

* To make the key decisions yourself?

What I witness repeatedly is a grey area, a gap between – the freedom from and the freedom to …as looking at the above lists, the power of the stick seems bigger than the carrot …

What I mean here is that our WHY NOT to work for anyone else ever again is strong – but the FREEDOM TO piece must be sustainable in order to be successful. WHAT are you doing? And HOW are you doing it?

And the gap is about …





CLARITY of WHAT you are doing in your business – we need to run our businesses like businesses! For them to pay us like businesses! – this needs structure and systems. Clarity on who you are helping, how you help them and the result you get them …

CONFIDENCE to pull it off – knowledge is power. When you feel on track, that you have clarity and a plan you feel confident in your business, you show up confidently, your ideal clients can feel you are confident and from this place you ..

COMPETENCY (the how) create the action steps to take you from where you are to where you want to be in your business.



8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn.

And that is because they do not set goals and have a plan …

It doesn’t need to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be all singing and all dancing thousand-page business plans (uurrgghh)! You just need to know where you are going. And it’s a lot easier to make it happen when you work with someone to keep you accountable. As it’s amazing what you do when someone is watching!


This Is For You If...

* You feel your business is running you and you are not running it (or it has stopped running all together as you are feeling overwhelmed) – what to do next?

* You know you are trading time for money and there is a ceiling to this and this current model will not create your desired monthly income …

* You understand that if your business can not make money without you – you haven’t got a business you have got a job … and now you are your own worst boss

* You understand that the passive piece is important … but what do you do to create residual? And more importantly how do you do it?

* Your desired monthly income feels a long way off – the current way you are running your business, and you know that a few of the fundamentals need to change …

* You understand the concept of ‘zone of genius’ and ‘do what you do best and outsource the rest’ – and have started to do this – but more of this needs to happen, however you are still doing most of the ‘admin’ due to cash flow and because you can?

* You know you need a ‘plan’ but don’t know where to start as its all in your head and you need to get it down and you just haven’t got the time to look at the vision piece as the thing that is in front of you gets attention…

* You feel you are doing the things you should be doing, but feel as you are too close to your business – so are these really the right things to take you to the next level?

My VIP Days Are Designed To...


* Get you clear on your freedom TO! (you’ll be amazed at what it really is!)

* Really nail what you do and how you help people – so people hear you loud and clear

* Have a clear understanding of the solution that you solve, because people buy their way out of something not into something!

* Have something to offer at every step of the package staircase – so you can take your clients on a journey with you

* Package up your goods and services! Cleaners and dog walkers charge by the hour!

* Get clear on how to create a marketing content plan and have an easy process to cascade content throughout social platforms that only work for you

* Understand the next steps required to take you to the next desired level in your business



You may have signed up for business coaching before or be thinking that this is just like any other VIP coaching day, or, you may be thinking that this may work for others, but it won’t work for me. I understand. I’ve been on many VIP days… some were amazing, and some were average – so that is why I have built mine based on the below criteria so you get the most from your day with me …

I have taken everything I’ve learnt from the huge range of clients I’ve had the privilege of working with – and asked them what works for them – not just taken what works for me. I have incorporated these learnings and then I build your VIP day to fit your own destiny number and personal year, ensuring you will be in complete energetic alignment with the actions and strategy we go on to create. This is what you can look forward to…

We start the day looking into your numerology

  •  You will receive a numerology report –
  • When we understand the energy of our Destiny number this is the energy of where we should be directing our business, so a 1 is all about leadership, a 3 is all about communication, a 4 is all about planning, 5 is about expansion etc.
  • When we understand what personal year, we are in understand that there are better times to be doing things. We work in 9-year cycles and understanding the year you are in helps understand what you and your business need this year.

    When we understand the above it really helps you tune into what your business needs and how you operate.

    So, when we create the ‘marketing plan’ if has the essence of these elements interwoven.

    I will personally look at your current strategy and help you map out the best action plan going forward based on above. Working with you personally 1:1 enables us to take a deep dive and determine exactly what’s not working. Not all strategies are good for where you are now. So, let’s determine what is!

    After the day you will have a customized 90-day marketing plan that is completely personalized to you and your business energy and needs.

The Details...


* The VIP days take place in a hotel near your home

* The day is from 9.30am until 4.30pm

* Refreshments throughout the day and lunch is included

* Investment £997 for the day

So, if you know you need another pair of eyes on your business, I offer full VIP day’s where we dive deep into the WHY to work out the HOW and create the WHAT of the next steps, so you get clarity on your business and marketing to take it to the next level!


If you are ready to up-level your success whilst feeling in complete alignment with your energy and destiny, then book today to make 2019 a year of business transformation!

To book a 20-minute discovery call with me to discuss whether a Marketing Clarity VIP day is for you please

Email, call 07718123229, or click below!

Jo Soley is absolutely amazing. She is brilliant at taking the confusion, frustration, and lack of knowledge I experience in business and wrapping these feelings in a step by step process that leads to a desired outcome. She is very intuitive, inspiring, patient and supportive. I highly recommend Jo Soley.

Teresa B

September 2018

Jo has really helped me gain clarity in where I want to be in my business and personal life; set clear goals, breakdown how I can get want I really want from life. Thank you. 

Angela G

November 2018

I worked with Jo as a small business owner, looking for a way to create my marketing message in a very crowded marketplace. I needed to connect better with my message, so that when I was creating content or pitching I was speaking directly and concisely to my target audience.

Jo will not do the work for you. She will coach you to create your message and encourage you with ways to effectively market without the usual ‘hit and miss’ avenues. My work with Jo has set me up for years of content, all from within my own self. That is priceless!

Following our work together, my social media hit rate increased by double. This is because I was streamlining my message to immediately grab my target client. Less money spent on ads, more impact. Also, I was able to pitch for an award, which I won recognising my achievements after just 5 months of trading. The bulk of my application for the award came from the messaging Jo and I created together.

If you want clarity, you are a heart centred business – meaning what you offer comes from your core values, and you want someone to support and co-create a message with you, Jo is exactly what you are looking for! I have been delighted with the results, the accountability and the support Jo has offered. 

Kathy S

August 2018

As a Business Mentor and Trainer people are often surprised to learn that I need to use the expertise of other business mentors or coaches – but I do.

I can see what’s going on in other people’s businesses; but it’s really hard to get that clarity on my own business. That’s where Jo Soley came in.

After a few changes in my business I needed help to clarify my key message so that there was true alignment with my target audience. Spending time with Jo – answering her searching questions and digging deep into the ‘why’ of my business – gave me the clarity I needed. This has led to greater customer engagement and more focus in the direction of my business. 

Kathy E

October 2018