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3I have invited the gorgeous Sarah Cornforth to share about the powers of the moon and how we use it in our life and business … Over to you Sarah …

Why work with the Moon?

This is probably one of the most common questions I get asked. And it’s one I love to answer.

The Moon has long been a calendar to ancient civilisations. The ebb and flow of the seasons were measured in Moons, and farming, agriculture and celebration were, and still are, guided by the lunar cycles.

As our closest and fastest moving planetary body we feel the impact and energy of the Moon change daily. This is why we often notice how our moods and motivation change so frequently.

In astrology, the Moon is connected to our feelings and emotions. Our reactions to stress are symptoms of what is going on in our internal world. This is why Moon work is a powerful form of self-discovery.

The more we know about ourselves in life the more in tune we are with ourselves in business. 

So why work with the Moon?

Well, because it is a cyclic guide to our inner world, allowing us access to our energy, mood, emotions and feelings. 

By connecting with ourselves in this way, we embark on a journey of personal evolution and growth. The work we do to support ourselves has a knock on effect to the world around us. 

The more time we spend becoming better people the higher the vibrational frequency of the planet becomes, which in turn improves how we live our lives, take care of those around us and look after the planet we call home. 

Yes, it really is that big. 

How can this benefit your business?

Just as the lunar energies are cyclic, we go through cyclic energy periods in our businesses too. Knowing when to push, rest, plan or sell in line with the energies of the cosmos can be really beneficial. 

Tune into the Moon

The easiest place to get started is to tune into the energy of the new and full Moons as these are the energetic peaks of the lunar cycle. 

We can experience the energy of each new and full Moon from three days before and up to three days after the event. 

Make a note in your calendar of the date and time of the next new and full Moon and pay attention to how you feel before, during and after. 

If you journal, notice what you write about around this time. 


To find out the date and time of the next new and full Moon for your time zone, go to the below link, and make sure to enter where you live to get accurate information.



The Energy of the Phases

The Moon moves through eight phases of the lunar cycle in approximately 29.5 days, that’s around 3.5 days per phase. Each phase has a different and unique energy that takes us on a journey from inception to completion. 


The Waxing Moon

As the Moon goes from new to full, she is waxing. Her energy is increasing, she is getting brighter in the sky and her influence grows daily. 

During the waxing phases of the lunar cycle, the energy is external, and we focus on building, creating, attracting, manifesting and implementing. 

In our businesses this is where we build, attract and grow. 


The Waning Moon

As the Moon goes from full to new she is waning. Her energy is decreasing, and she gives away a bit more of her light each night.

During the waning phase of the lunar cycle, the energy is internal, and we focus on reflecting, finishing, completing and letting go. 

In our business this is where we listen, nurture and reflect. 


A Lunar Cycle Journey

Setting your intentions at the new Moon is incredibly powerful. But it doesn’t end there. We then take those intentions on a journey through the whole eight phase lunar cycle.

We have already mentioned that the Moon changes phase approximately every 3.5 days. Based on this timeline here’s what a lunar cycle journey could look like.

  • New Moon – Set Your Intentions
    •  My intention for the cycle ahead of me is ……………
  • Waxing Crescent – Take Action
    • The action steps I plan to take to support my intention are……………
  • First Quarter – Get Organised
    • My intention requires greater organisation here ………………
  • Waxing Gibbous – Hone Your Skills
    •  The skills needed to support my intention even further are…………..
  • Full Moon – Practice Gratitude
    • I am grateful for what has supported my intention ………………
  • Waning Gibbous – Release 
    • I release what is no longer supporting my intention …………….
  • Third Quarter – Acknowledge Your Success
    • The result of setting this intention has been ……………..
  • Waning Crescent – Rest and Recharge 
    • This is how I need to heal and rest before the next cycle…………

The Energy of the Signs

Every 2-2.5 days, the Moon enters a different sign of the zodiac and completes a cycle of all 12 signs in less than a calendar month. 

Each time the Moon enters a new sign, the energy and focus changes. 

One way to work with this energy is by element. 

There are four elements. Fire, earth, air and water. Each one brings forward a different vibe for us to work with. The signs then express this vibe in different ways.

Here’s an overview of the energy of the elements:

  • The element of fire is associated with action and movement. For Aries, this shows as drive, for Leo, creativity, and for Sagittarius, adventure. 
  • The element of earth is associated with strength and structure. For Taurus, this shows as stability, for Virgo, organisation, and for Capricorn, planning. 
  • The element of air is associated with ideas and conversations. For Gemini, this is social, for Libra, it’s diplomatic, and for Aquarius, it’s rebellious. 
  • The element of water is associated with feelings, emotions and intuition. For Cancer, this is connected to home life. For Scorpio, the energy is deep and transfomational and for Pisces, it is expansive and dreamy. 


Working with Moon signs

Moon signs change more frequently than the phases and can be challenging to work with on a daily basis. However, you can identify your Sun and Moon sign and explore how you feel when the Moon is in those signs.


These signs are prominent in your chart and are an energy that you know well as you were born into it. This can give you added comfort when the Moon is travelling through those signs. However, it does all depend on what is going on in your life right now as astrology meets you exactly where you are in that moment.

What was the Moon doing when you were born?

Check out ‘What was the Moon doing when you were born?’ over on my blog by clicking the link. I guide you through pulling your natal chart and working out your Moon sign. You can also sign up for my free Luna Moth Cosmic Community and get your free Moon Sign vibe guide.

Blog Link: 



Plan Your 2023 New & Full Moons 

Find out more about the new and full Moons of 2023 on my new and full Moon calendar. 

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During 2023, we have:

Thank you 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to the Magick of Working with the Moon. I feel blessed to share this with you. 

Sarah xx

Sarah Cornforth – The Magickal Creatrix

Sarah Cornforth is a UK artist, Astrologer, Moon mentor, and self-confessed Tarot and Oracle card hoarder.

Creating art and working with astrology and the Moon has been both a healing and a spiritual process for Sarah and has taken her on a Magickal journey of self-discovery.

As The Magickal Creatrix Sarah is able to share her art, spiritual journey and love of the Moon with her online community.

Sarah is the founder of The Moon Portal, an online membership club which guides people on their own lunar journey of self-discovery. She is also the creator of other online programmes exploring the Moon, Magick and Creativity.

For more information, free resources, artwork, online learning and events please visit  www.themagickalcreatrix.com

You can also connect with Sarah on Instagram @themagickalcreatrix https://www.instagram.com/themagickalcreatrix/