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 When l was looking for a house the number of it was very important to me.

I am a Life Path 1 so a number 1 house would have been perfect.  Innovation and independence energy. 

Also, an 8 house would have worked, as that is a key numeric energy in my chart – success, and professional energy. 

I avoided 4 as l have a lot of 4 already being born on the 4th of the 4th and 4 can be fixed as it’s about structure and work.  There were other numbers l avoided as they would not have worked for me.  I nearly bought a 7 house and that would have been place of solitude.

However, l ended up with a 6 house. 42 = 6. It is also plot 177 = 15 = 6. 

6 is about family, friendships, love and connection. For my business 6 means working deeply with my clients and really understanding what they need.  Actually, l have met more people locally in the week I moved in than in the whole 4 years that l lived in my last location! 

With so many of us working from home since the pandemic (at the time of writing this we are venturing into plan B and people are being asked to work from home again), more than ever it is important to understand how the number of your house supports you in your business – as this is the energy you are working under in the property.

As the number of the address speaks to the energy of the home – and how you can show up in business.

In this blog I will connect you to the energies of your house numbers and explain what this means to your business and life success.

It obviously goes a lot deeper depending on your personal chart and that is the work I carry out 121.

Take your home number and reduce to a single digit …

So if it is …

For example

12 = a 3 home

44 = an 8 home

101 = an 11 home (11 is a master number we do not reduce)

202 = a 22 home (22 is a master number we do not reduce)

11 / 22 = leave as these are master number

If it has a letter preceding it like – 23A, A is a 1 – so we would add 2 + 3 = 5 + 1 = 6

If you have office premises and they are Unit 50 and 51 = this would give you both a 5 and a 6 energy

If your property is a name not a number like my example below for Rose Cottage …


9 6 1 5 = 21 = 3


3  6 2 2 1 7 5 = 26 = 8

3 + 8 = 11 = The Spiritual Teacher

If you live in apartment number and the building has a number – then both energies will play out.

So, let’s start …

If you live in a …

House Number 1 / 10 / 19 / 28 / 100 ETC
The Leader

  • This will be an individual and independent home
  • You will need to spend some time on your own in this house
  • A great home to work for yourself and be self-employed
  • A place to start anew in business – a great place for new beginnings
  • A unique, innovative, and dynamic home for your business endeavours

House Number 2 / 20 / 200 ETC …
The Sensitive

  • This is a connection home – where harmony and balance are important
  • This home encourages intimacy and patience
  • The decoration and environment to work in will be important
  • Business partnership will flourish here in business
  • An intuitive home for business – trust your gut reaction at all times

House Number 3 / 12 / 21 / 300 ETC …
The Communicator

  • A great house to communicate your content through your marketing platforms
  • A lucky house
  • It will attract people to it and will be a social house – even a networking home!
  • Creativity will feature prominently – a good house for a home art studio
  • An imaginative and optimistic house for business

House Number 4 / 13 / 31 / 40 / 400 ETC …
The Builder

  • A great house to build structure, control, routine and systems into your business
  • This home will want you to create a safe and secure business
  • A solid investment
  • Expect to work hard and focus on building foundations in your business in this home
  • A house to get your ducks in a row and create order and structure in your business

House Number 5 / 14 / 23 / 32 / 50 / 500 ETC …
The Adventurer

  • You won’t be here long as a 5 house is about change
  • We can even go so far to say that you will travel away from this house or even rent it out
  • A 5 house will facilitate change in your business
  • A house where you can elevate your personal brand in your business as 5s are popular!
  • Growth, expansion and change in business will happen in this house

House Number 6 / 15 / 24 / 33 / 60 / 600 ETC …
The Nurturer

  • THE best house for love, family, and security. Relationships and responsibility will be the focus in this house …
  • 6 is also very creative so this an often beautifully decorated
  • A good home for animals and home schooling!
  • A good home number to create and build and grow your business community
  • In business the energy is there for serving your clients from your values

House Number 7 / 16 / 25 / 70 / 700 ETC …
The Seeker

  • This house is a good energy for you to be introspective about your business
  • You will seek space and time out
  • Create a good library – as 7 is a good home to learn and write
  • A 7 home is not really a social place, it is a place for thinking, seeking, wisdom and analyzing
  • In business this will be a learning and development home

House Number 8 / 17 / 26 / 44 / 80 / 800 ETC …

  • A great place for an investment as 8 is also about property
  • You will feel a sense of authority in this home
  • It will be good for business as will have a dynamic energy
  • Ultimately a success and wealth house
  • Money and business will thrive here – the perfect home to create strategy, goals and business plans AND to see them through

House Number 9 / 18 / 27 / 90 / 900 ETC …
The Humanitarian

9 is about helping people so this will be …

  • A warm compassionate home where all feel welcome
  • A house to really help people in business
  • A good place to start a charity or foundation that is part of your business

And 9 is also about completion so …

  • Can be a place of endings
  • And completion of projects – as 9 is about vision

House Number 11 / 29 = The Spiritual Teacher

  • 11 can be intense as is a master number– this house will have a special feel to it
  • A great house for both Personal and Spiritual growth
  • A house to be inspired and inspire
  • A home which will require connection to Spirit of some kind
  • As 11 can be intense you will need a direction and plan in business

House Number 22 = The Architect of Change

  • Strong energy as another master number
  • A home that will keep you see more, be more and do more
  • A transformational home
  • A home to help you create an empire and leave a legacy
  • Will also require an element of 4 = structure, control, routine and system as 2+2 = 4

What number is your house supporting you to do in business?

Houses have a heart and hold an energy. It is important to know the number of your home and what it is supporting you to create in business as this energy will hold a resonance for your business and what is does whilst you work there.

There are no mistakes you will get the house number that you need at this time for your business.

Copyright – Jo Soley – Bizology® – December 2021


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