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The Resilience of Your Numbers

During these intense and uncertain times, it is very important that we understand ourselves more than ever.  I show you how to use numerology as a modality to help you understand who you are.

Knowing your numbers can assist you during a crisis, helping you to be more resilient, helping you strive in times of stress and understand how to manage stress.

In this article, I am going to show you how to use numerology to work out your Life Path number, (the main number we use in numerology) and what it means in these current times.

Your Life Path number is created from your date of birth – you cannot change this, it is impossible.

Take your date of birth: (I will use mine as an example for you to follow)

4/4/1973 – add up the whole numbers. 4+4+1973 = 1981. 

Then add the 1+9+8+1 = 19.
Then keep going until you reach a single number – 1+9 = 10 and 1+0 = 1. 

I am working with the life path number 1. 

If you get to an 11 or 22 for the last number stop there – as they are master numbers.

Use the information below to guide you through the current climate

If you are working with the energy of the number …

1              The Leader – use your innovative ability.  You are very independent and will have unique coping strategies.  Use your inner strength to help others. 

2              The Sensitive – reach out to others.  You need connection, even if it is virtual, as this will help you move forward.  Use your intuition at this time to help you create balance. 

3              The Communicator – keep talking.  Reach out to others, 3’s need to communicate, so put your word into the world.  Stay connected.

4              The Builder – have a plan.  You are very practical and like structure and systems.  During these times you will need a routine to keep you on track.

5              The Adventurer – mix things up.  5’s need freedom,expansion and change.  Get outside when you can, even if all you do is  open the window!  Create a journal of all the places you can visit when this is over. 

6              The Nurturer – keep connecting.  If family are  in a crisis then 6’s are  in a crisis.  Keep in touch and keep calm.  Take responsibility for others at this time.

7              The Seeker – retreat.  7’s need space and time out.  If you are living with others, you will need to create some ‘me’ time.  Use this time to learn and study.

8              The CEO – strength.  8’s are strong characters, so you will be called upon at this time to lead others and be the voice of reason.  Lead from the front and help others to rise.

9              The Humanitarian – serve.  9’s are old souls.  Energetically you will be feeling this situation very deeply.  You are here to serve others, but make sure you fill your cup up too and implement self-care.   

11           The Spiritual Teacher – 11 is a strong energy, a master number.  You are incredibly intuitive but can be very emotional.  You will need a plan to cope in these times.  Don’t forget to use your incredible insight. (11 energy is quite rare)

22           The Architect of Change – 22 is a big deal, another master number.  You are here to change the world one person at a time.  What are you doing to create change in your community at this time?

To help you further, I have a Free App – Life Path App – Bizology with Jo Soley that you can use to find out your number. 

Jo Soley is the founder of Bizology
 Ltd – She is a business coach who uses the Powers of Numerology to help her clients build their business and reach their next level of success.

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