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What Life Path number are you working with? 

I have provided an overview of the numbers below, their titles and a brief description. 

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Numerology Number 1
Numerology number 2
Numerology Number 1

Life Path 1 = The Leader

1 is about innovation, individuality and entrepreneurship.

Life Path 1’s are born to run their own businesses and really struggle being employed!

As a Life Path 1 you need to make your life and business about you, and from that place help others.

In business 1’s need positively and constantly to innovate and do new things in an original way.

Your nemesis can be that you can lack self-esteem which holds you back.

Numerology number 2

Life Path 2 = The Sensitive

2 is about flow, harmony, balance and intuition.

2 is connected to divine feminine energy and sacred knowledge.

With the 2 vibration, quiet persuasion is required instead of force. 2’s are good at seeing both sides of a situation.

In business you work well in groups and teams as it is about co-operation.  You work patiently and intuitively with a natural knowing.

Worrying about your business can be your nemesis.

** You may have thought you were an 11 Life Path – this is quite common but using whole numbers in the calculation you are a Life Path 2

Numerology Number 1

Life Path 3 = The Communicator 

3 is about creativity, communication, enthusiasm, optimism and self-expression.

Natural born communicators, 3’s are people persons who have the gift of divine self-expression.

As a 3 you are here to put your word into the world. You are here to achieve success through development of your creative talents.

In business Life Path 3’s lead from the front, giving workshops and talks, as you have a talent with words. 3’s are the numbers with books in them. 

The nemesis for a 3 is that you can take too seriously what others think of you.

Numerology 4
Numerology 5
Numerology 6
Numerology 4

Life Path 4 = The Builder

4 is all about structure, systems, order, control, rules and routine.

Life Path 4’s are very practical and good organisers – you pay attention to detail.

4’s are very hands on and love a strategy, a plan and systems.

4’s can be gate-keepers with a rigid approach, so saying no can be your nemesis!

** – You may have thought you were a Life Path 22 – but using whole numbers in the calculation you are a Life Path 4

Numerology 5

Life Path 5 = The Adventurer

5 is about adventure, change, freedom, growth and expansion.

As a 5 you can do anything that you are interested in.  However, you cannot go through the motions if your heart is not in it. Yes, 5’s can do anything, but what should you do?

In business 5 is about all things NEW – new places, new faces and new spaces. 5’s love change and can also change your mind a lot!

Freedom is key for a 5, your life truly is about the journey, not the destination.

The trick for 5 is not to become too scattered in the process – that can be your nemesis. 

Numerology 6

Life Path 6 = The Nurturer

6 is THE relationship and responsibility number and all about love, togetherness, and connection.

6 is the family number, the number of politics, teams, public service, doctors and nurses, teachers and carers.

In business 6’s are deeply invested in connection, you need to feel at the heart of something, be it the business community or the family business.

As a Life Path 6 you are here to give help, service and support when needed.

During this process it is important that as a 6 you do not lose sense of self.

Numerology 7 meaning
Numerology 8 meaning
Numerology 9 meaning
Numerology 7 meaning

Life Path 7 = The Seeker

7 is about thinking, questioning, seeking, analysing, asking and learning.

7 is the number of the mind – half mysticism and half science.

The goal for a 7 in business is to use knowledge and wisdom to guide others.

Life Path 7’s are the odd ones out, you do not fit in, and you are not meant to.

In business 7’s need alone time, time to switch off the noise of the world to retreat and withdraw.

The trick with 7 is not to over-think and procrastinate.

Numerology 8 meaning

Life Path 8 = The CEO

8 is about success, wealth, property, business, commerce and economics.

8 is THE money number, about making friends with the energy of money, as money gives you freedom of choice.

Life Path 8’s nail it in business as you intuitively know what to do 😊

You are here to lead by example, by being professional and having high standards.

The nemesis of 8 is being hyper-critical of self.


Numerology 9 meaning

Life Path 9 = The Humanitarian

9 is about philanthropy, love, compassion and kindness.

As a Life Path 9 you are an old soul; you have been here before. You intuitively know stuff!

In business the essence is ‘service over success’ and from that place you create the success.

The nemesis of 9 is boundaries, the last thing a 9 should do is give up on people but you need to make sure you put that oxygen mask on too!


Numerology 11 meaning
Numerology 22 meaning
Numerology 11 meaning

Life Path 11 =  The Spiritual Teacher

11 is cosmically connected and about all things Spiritual – God, Magic, Space, Theorems and The Cosmos.

11 is a master number, and master numbers are supercharged.  11 is about thoughts and ideas and they are here to be inspired and to inspire others.  11 has the energy of the sensitive and emotional Life Path 2 but on steroids with added edge and energy.

In business as a Life Path 11 you will need to have a direction and a plan.

Life Path 11’s can overreact and be extreme when caught up in negativity, so the need for grounding is important.

** – You may have thought you were a Life Path 2 – this is quite common but using whole numbers in the calculation you are a Life Path 11.


Numerology 22 meaning

Life Path 22 = The Architect of Change

Being a Life Path 22 is about changing the world one person at a time in a powerful and successful way.

22 is a master number, you can see more, do more and be more.  11 is about the inner world. 22 is about the outer world.

You are here to create massive change and transform the visible world.

In business you are capable of so much with huge potential.  As a Life Path 22 you are here to make things happen; you are here to build mega structures with huge energy.

The trick is not to work in 4 – which often happens with a Life Path 22 as your mindset is everything.

** – You may have thought you were a Life Path 4 – this is quite common but using whole numbers in the calculation you are a Life Path 22.


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