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Some Life Path numbers lend themselves more to running a business than others. Life Path 1’s are born to be entrepreneurs, Life Path 5’s are great at conducting global business. Life Path 8’s intuitively know what to do in business (and they nail it) and Life Path 22’s are here to create large scale businesses that change the world one person at a time.

Every Life path number can run/be part of a successful enterprise. It is about being aware of and tuning into your specific numeric energies when it comes to running a business.

When I work with my client’s we look at the negatives of our numbers, as when we understand these, and they stop playing out we can work at the positives of our numbers. Another way of looking at this is that each Life Path number will have a business nemesis to deal with 😊

I have explained these below for each Life Path number …

Life Path 1 = The Leader – dynamic and exciting, the word impossibility does not exist!

Business Nemesis = Lack of self-esteem.

You are a born pioneer and are here to act with courage to take calculated risks.

Solution = Step into your power and face roadblocks and detours head on.


Life Path 2 = The Sensitive – co-operative soul who is a great listener

Business Nemesis = Over giving to the point of resentment.

You are born to be the power behind the throne, the glue that holds everything and everyone together. You are a lover not a fighter.

Solution = Life Path 2’s thrives where there is an emotional connection, so ensure you really love what you are doing.

Life Path 3 = The Communicator = charming – the life and soul of the party.

Business Nemesis = Self-doubt.

You are born to shine bright – you will be the business itself.

Solution = Add an inspiring and uplifting angle to your enterprise and stay clear of comparitinitis!

Life Path 4 = The Builder = solid, honest and reliable

Business Nemesis = Rigid thinking.

You are born to be the systems person who understands the exact steps it takes to get from A to Z.

Solution = Don’t forget the need to be flexible and change course when necessary.

Life Path 5 = The Adventurer = dynamic freedom seeker

Business Nemesis = Finding your niche as you can do anything you set your mind to.

You are born to work in exciting and intriguing enterprises.

Solution = Reign in the tendency to scatter your energies and flit from one project to the next without grounding anything.

Life Path 6 = The Nurturer = dutiful and loyal

Business Nemesis = Know it all attitude.

You are born a natural nurturer and take responsibility for everything you do.

Solution = To be of service to others without thinking you know what is best for others all the time.


Life Path 7 = The Seeker = refined and intelligent mind

Business Nemesis = Isolation (not just during a pandemic).

You are born a fountain of wisdom.

Solution = Focus on anything you can develop and specialise in.


Life Path 8 = The CEO = self-disciplined – the crème de la crème

Business Nemesis = Fear of success.

You are born the ultimate manager and organiser.

Solution = Develop a super high level of integrity.


Life Path 9 = The Humanitarian = wise, kind and good at seeing the bigger picture

Business Nemesis = Being a rebel without a cause.

You are born a creative humanitarian.

Solution = Express emotions with clarity and consistency


Life Path 11 = The Spiritual Teacher = inspirational and intuitive

Business Nemesis = Over emotional.

You are born to be the spiritual illuminator.

Solution = Balance heart-centred business with an accelerated level of drive and ambition


Life Path 22 = The Architect of Change = able to see, be and do more than anyone else

Business Nemesis = Controlling everything and everyone = micromanagement.

You are born to implement structures that create lasting change for others.

Solution = Get out of your own way and manage your own enterprise, that is here for the long run.


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