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The little blog of Master Numbers in business

No number is better than any other numbers, but some numbers can see more, be more and do more and these are master numbers.

11 and 22 and 33 are master numbers.  Well, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 are also master numbers.

But only 11 and 22 can be Life Path numbers, which is the main number we use in Bizology to understand your uniqueness as a business owner.


Life Path 11 = The Spiritual Teacher.  Life Path 22 = The Architect of Change.

33 can be found as an energy in the name, but not as a Life Path number.  Some people do tell me that they think they are a Life path 33, but they are a 6 Life Path = The Nurturer.

If you are working with a Life Path 11 or Life Path 22 you are working with master number energy.

Master numbers are change makers.

Master numbers are like other numbers on steroids.  This is HUGE energy, these people should not be underestimated, if you are working with a master number it is like 5000 volts is running through you.

In this blog I am calling them master numbers, sometimes repeated numbers are also referred to as Angel numbers.

A lot of people fall at the feet of master numbers, they literally worship them! They use them in their pricing, they jump up and down if they see 11.11, they use them as a sales tool.  This is because they do not understand their power, they see what they want to see with the numbers and sometimes this ventures into wishful thinking territory.

Using a master number in your life and business is not to be underestimated, they need to be understood, respected and then activated.

Master numbers are on one hand a blessing, and on the other hand a burden.  Master numbers come with extra gifts and talents, which come with harder lessons and bigger expectations.  People with these Life Path numbers are here to manage this energy to overcome big obstacles in their life.  Conversely, they can sometimes self-sabotage in their life and business.

If you have a master number anywhere in your numeric chart you can totally deal with it BUT understanding how to manage it is part of your Life’s Path, part of your destiny.

Bird on a feather flock together, so those with master Life Path numbers will have an instant understanding of one another on a deep vibrational level.

Life Path master numbers in business …

  • Have high aspirations
  • Will be determined
  • Are altruistic

A lot of master numbers struggle to embrace their master number energy, feeling as though they are not living up to the expectation of the energy.  Instead, they work in the root of their number.

Life Path 11 – The Spiritual Teacher, many work in the energy of 2 as 1+1 = 2 = The Sensitive.


Life Path 22 – The Architect of Change, many work in the energy of 4 as 2+2= 4 = The Builder.

The trick is to get past this and activate the energy of the master numbers, which is not an easy task.

Master number energy …

  • Is like rocket fuel
  • Is not a case of confidence; their engine has already been upgraded
  • A superpower is inside of the person
  • Positive and negative, they can be destructive or can make an impact, the choice is theirs!
  • Hard number to be, they will experience highs and lows
  • Capable of doing big things, they have it in them to be able to do these things
  • They sense they have special powers – different, not ordinary!

Master number Life Paths can literally do whatever they want, but these people don’t normally get ‘on it’ until their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, later in their life, they can be late bloomers.

Master number Life Paths are …

  • Aware people
  • Here to experience full polarity in life and business
  • Here to do something different
  • Here to change the world, one person at a time
  • Old souls – cosmically plugged in to the universe, they carry a higher vibration, as they have chosen to come back in this lifetime to make a difference
  • Here to do something big in business and they have all the tools to do this

They have greater potential for impacting the whole of humanity in business.  They are here to do something big in business and have all the tools to do this.

The person working with master number energy becomes subject to fate; bigger things happen through them, there are higher forces at work directing them on their Life’s path.

When Simon Cowell was looking for the X factor, he needed to look for Life Path 11’s and 22’s 😊


Life Path 11 – The Spiritual Teacher

11 is a higher vibration of 2, we do not reduce 11 to 2 (as it is a master number), 11 incorporates everything that the energy of 2 represents, 2 is about emotion, partnership, flow and balance.

Then we add the steroids piece, the master number energy resulting in 11, which has the ability to uplift and inspire others.

11 is also made up of 2 x 1’s, so it can harness the strength of the 1 energy = innovation and originality within the spirit of the energy of 2.

Life Path 11 is a demanding number to be, a testing number to be.  11’s feel things on a deep level, they have acute feelings and extreme energies.

They have deep talents and extraordinary insights.  They are here to use their intuition / psychic abilities to deliver exceptional performance.


Life Path 22

22 is a higher vibration of 4, we do not reduce 22 to 4 (as it is a master number), 22 incorporates everything that 4 represents – 4 is about hard work, control, structure and order.

22 is also made up of 2 x 2’s, so it can harness the femininity of the 2 energy = deep intuition and aesthetic gifts within the spirit of the energy of 4.

22 can change the world one person at a time. They are here to create an empire and leave a legacy.  It is a powerful energy, very capable, high achievers.  They know how to create change and make things happen and leave their mark.

We all have free will, so it is possible that Life Path 11 choose not to work in the 11 energy and stay in 2.  And that Life Path 22 chooses not to work in 22 energy and stay in 4.

Essentially, we are the negatives of our numbers, so it is important to understand these and work through these.

You are also working with master number energy in your business if …

  • You are born on the 11th of the month
  • You are born on the 22nd of the month
  • The initial of you first name is K – the 11th letter of the alphabet
  • If the initial of you first name is V – the 22nd letter of the alphabet
  • If you are in a Personal Year 11 – An intense Spiritual Year
  • If you are in a Personal Year 22 – A transformational year (that not everyone experiences)
  • Etc …

33 as an energy

33 is often described as Christ consciousness.

Used in life … Adam and Eve had 33 sons.  Jesus was crucified at 33.  In Islam there are 33 dwellers in heaven.

Like I have explained, you cannot reach 33 as a Life Path number, but this can be found in your name.

As an energy, 33 recognises a deep need for humanitarian service with acute sensitivity, tending to feel disheartened by the problems and imperfections in the world.  33 is an exaggerated form of 6, understanding empathetically the pain life can subject people to.  It can become too self-sacrificing.


Repetitive numbers and their meanings

111         New Beginnings – act, start something new

222         Harmony, relationships, patience – sensitivity required

333         Communication, creativity – good times!

444         Support, structure, routine, systems – have a plan

555         Change, movement, shift, travel – mix things up

666        Love, relationships, family, community – connect to others

777         Spirit, investigation, expertise – learn

888         Money, success, wealth – goal set / professional

999         Healing, helping, service, compassion – healing

11.11     Master number – messages from Spirit – like seeing a Robin or a feather

22.22     Time to step up – ready for next level / transformation


If you are interested in learning if you have master number energy in your chart and if so how to  ‘master your master number’ energy, then book a call to work with Jo here –

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