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A bit of fun …  I did watch I’m a Celeb this year.  And as per last year – this post is a little about each camp mate in numbers in the order they left the jungle. 

Although last year the Jungle was full of life path 3 energy, so this year I was surprised about the lack of 3 energy in the room.  I use this analogy a lot with my clients, that you find 3 energy in abundance in reality TV shows, as 3 is The Entertainer, The Communicator. 3 wants to get publicity on the life of stage (however sometimes does not care what that publicity is!)

And again, this year compared to last year’s winner King Harry – there wasn’t a clear front runner to win.  I enjoyed it this year, the characters and their stories, they brought home the bacon in terms of stars and let’s be honest its light relief during the election!

So, in the order they left the jungle here is an overview of the ‘energies’ of the numbers that they are working with, looking at their life path number and approach number ….

ADELE ROBERTS – is working with the energy of the number 2 – 2 is THE SENSITIVE and in the positive is about feelings, co-operation, working in groups and being a team player, which we saw in the way she worked in the trials and the dingo dollar challenges.  Adele is born on the 9th so her approach is the 9 energy – The Humanitarian focused on loving and giving and putting others before herself.  I personally didn’t expect her to leave first!


ANDREW MAXWELL is working with the energy of the number 9 – THE HUMANITIARIAN – 9’s are heavily focused on others but are also quirky and eccentric.  Being a comedian is a very 9.  We saw the comedian aspect of Andy accentuated as being born on the 3rd his approach is The Communicator.  The jungle obviously amplifies situations and we saw him being triggered and triggering others considering this number combination in this situation.


CLIFF PARISI is also working with the number 9 – THE HUMANITARIAN. However, Cliff’s approach is 6 – which as an approach number is all about connection and connectivity.  It would have been challenging for him to go straight into the Jail and not connect with the others in the camp.  When he did enter the main camp, he was quite reserved, and it took him a while to integrate into the group due to some of the bigger characters.  When he did find his flow, he was an integral member.


JAMES HASKELL is working with the energy of the number 2 – THE SENSITIVE.  Male 2’s can tend to try to hide this aspect of themselves internally and use external forces to hide behind… like rugby!  Although we did see 2 energy with James – 2 is focused on attention to detail and team.  At times he was very sensitive, he is born on the 2nd so this aspect of him is even more amplified!


IAN WRIGHT MBE is working with the energy of the number 6 – THE NURTURER.  6’s are heavily invested in family.  As a 6 not only would he have felt an important part of the camp family he would have also missed his family.  If family is in crisis 6 is in crisis.  So, he would have been very invested in dealing with conflict.  Ian’s approach is 3 – communication and we saw this with him expressing and discussing his anger management!


MYLES STEPHENSON is working with the energy of the number 22.  Now master numbers tend not to kick in until later in life, 40’s onwards.  BUT Myles approach is an 11 – another master number.  Myles is a perfect example of double master number energy.  He can swim, he can cook, he can sing, he nailed trials, he can play pool – anything they gave him to do he did.  Master numbers have the ability to go beyond.  And he is only 28 … one to watch …


CAITLYN JENNER is working with the energy of the number 7 – THE SEEKER.  7’s are meant to be different and quirky and have fine minds and intellect.  Caitlyn had many stories to keep all camp mates occupied from her athletic days and Kardashian connections.  Caitlyn’s approach is 1 which is about uniqueness.  We saw how she enjoyed being the camp leader and daily calls of ‘It’s a great day to excel!’  1 approach comes with much inner strength and leadership ability, her approach is also to say it how it is.


NADINE COLE is working with the energy of the number 8 – THE CEO. 8’s is about success and wealth and make very good business owners.  In a camp situation Nadine would have liked to be in control, in camp life almost everything is outside your control.  Nadine nailed her challenges and jobs quietly but efficiently – in her words ‘embracing the craziness’.  Nadine was a loving and warm camp mate close to many in the camp – this is reflected in her 6 approach – The Nurturer.


KATE GARRAWAY is also working with the energy of the number 5. THE ADVENTURER.  5’s can literally do anything. but it is one of the hardest numbers to be as yes, they can do anything, but they can easily freeze and sometimes don’t do anything!  We see Kate working with her 5 energy through saying she is unable to do the tasks but doing them anyway! Her approach is the 4 energy – The Builder which is about structure and routine ensuring everything in the camp is grounded so they can all move forward.   


ROMAN KEMP is working with the energy of the number 5.  THE ADVENTUER.  He is being dubbed the heartthrob of the camp – very 5!  5 energy is all about freedom and expansion.  The more ‘out there’ for a 5 the better, and we saw this in the questions that he asked and references to Zombie acropolis.  His approach is the 1 energy which is about leadership, innovation and uniqueness and he uses this to keep things fresh in camp and to keep himself and his camp mates entertained.


ANDY WHYMENT is working with the energy of the number 7.  THE SEEKER.  7’s are meant to be the odd ones out and different! Andy was being Andy in his own way, and we loved him for it.  7’s can be overthinkers and you can see this to the answers he gives to some of Romans questions!  Born on the 2nd he is using the energy of the 2 – The Sensitive to be a great team player and showing an understanding to the needs of others.


JACQUELINE JOSSA is working with the energy of the number 6.  THE NURTURER.  Although Jacqueline has been very strong during her time in camp, we saw instances where being away from her children has really tested her.  Her luxury item was a pillow with her children’s faces and hearing from her husband Dan really affected her – as 6’s main motivation in life is family.   With Jacqueline there is the ability to switch it up if she needs to, this is due to her 11 approach.  This master number gives her the ability to dig deep and take things to the next level. There was no stopping her in the tasks, she was extremely capable and determined, and ended up as taking the crown as ‘Queen of the Jungle’!


ANT MCPARTLIN is working with the energy of the number 6.  THE NURTURER.  This explains a lot of the issues that he had in the past.  If anything in the family is out of balance 6’s are also out of balance.  We have seen him come back strong and on top form this season.  When camp mates leave the jungle or at a trial, we see Ant interact and he is invested in how they are, this is related to his approach number – The 9 – the Humanitarian.


DEC DONNELLY is working with the energy of the number 11.  THE SPIRITUAL TEACHER.  11 is actually a very rare life path number.  It brings a light energy.  The love that Dec has for Ant is almost palatable, the way he has supported him over the last few years.  His approach is 7 – which is all about wisdom and knowledge, however in this situation Dec brings the quirky fun energy.

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