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Anita Denise – The Journey


If you know my work, you know I work with numerology, where I help my clients use the powers of numerology to help them elevate their business success. You may also know that I help my clients with their marketing and business strategy.


However, something that I rarely share (and for the life of me I don’t know why I haven’t …), is the Complete Business Branding and Marketing Package that I help implement for my clients. With my partner in crime Claire Smith of The Brand Illuminator, who I have worked with helping my clients create stunning websites and business IP for the past 5 years.


The best way to show you how Claire and I work together is to share you a visual representation of how Claire and I work, so let me tell you a story.

Meet Anita

Anita Denise


Anita is an intuitive, a medium, a physic and an animal communicator. And a very very good one. 16 months ago, Anita was referred to me because she wanted help with her marketing and business to showcase what she did.


Anita had spent years studying at The Arthur Findlay College, is an approved Healer and a member of the SNU (Spiritual National Union). She trained with Lisa Williams and has a CSNU (Certification Spiritual National Union) accreditation. Working with the spirit world is Anita’s true passion and she worked as a professional Psychic Medium, Healer for over 15 years.


Anita is amazing at what she does, no disrespect – but there are a lot of intuitive businesses out there so we needed to ensure that Anita had the edge.


Numerically – Anita is working with the energy of the number 6 – The Nurturer.  She is invested in community and collaboration.  Anita’s approach to life is 3 – which is about communication and creativity.  At the time she was in a Personal Year 1 which is a great year to start a business.  As I knew this I could ensure that we built her business and brand with this at the forefront.

Anita Denise Card Readings

Here is the thing, our clients rarely approach us because they need a website. You think you need a website, you want a website, but what you really need is …


  • A strong message – a strapline communicating what do you do? Real clarity on this is super important.
  • A logo and brand identity – encompassing who you are and what you stand for
  • Branding photography – showcasing who you are and how you work – connecting your client to your essence
  • Clarity for the look and feel of the website – including menu navigation and web pages
  • Web copy for each of the pages – ensuring that your uniqueness and how you help people jumps off the pages
  • Clarity on your services – packaging up your offerings and pricing
  • Testimonials – what people say about you is 100x’s more powerful than what you say about yourself


These are the things that can hold you back because you know you need all these elements, but you are unsure how to connect them all together.


Anita worked with me on my 3-month Marketing Clarity Program and during a VIP day we worked on her…

  • Message
  • Ideal client and their problems and pain points – what is really going on in their lives and how Anita helps them
  • Products and services and prices


I could see that Anita was professional and glam we didn’t want a me-too visa print look and feel of lotus and stones piled on top of each other. No offense but Anita’s brand had to be much more unique and bigger than this.

 Over The Next 5 Sessions We Created…


  • web copy for all the pages
  • clarity on her branding
  • a marketing strategy


Enter stage right Claire Smith – The Brand Illuminator…


Once Anita and I had nailed her message and positioning, we passed this to Claire – she asked Anita a few critical web design questions, and what websites does Anita like and not like.


Whilst Anita and I worked on the web copy and chose the images from her photoshoot – Claire worked on the branding and look and feel of the website for Anita Denise. When Claire got the website to a stage that she is happy, Anita and I then go through everything and send Claire the amends.


The web banner is a critical element and from this place we create social media banners and memes…

Anitas Denise Website
Anita Denise Logo Design

You can see the branding visually above at …

Website: HERE

Facebook: HERE

Animal Communication Group Members: HERE


The results in terms of growth is …

Strong branding presence 
Elevated business positioning
Income goal hit and increase YOY by 200%


Anita says …

“I was introduced to Jo and Claire, after seeing the work they both did on a friend’s website. Jo & Claire are an awesome team. Jo is so knowledgeable with her marketing skills and has a dynamic energy, that gets the absolute best for her clients. Claire is so very artistically creative in her web designing and a master with her technical skill’s. People remark on the quality of my website to me all the time.

With their support – I was never stuck because I always had someone to ask. Jo showed me business areas related to the website that I did not know I needed, which added to the impact of my site. I think of them as the dynamic duo.”

Anita Denise


Claire says …

“Working with Jo is like being part of a dream team. Jo works with each client to get to the very core of who they are and how they want to be seen in the world thorugh using numerology in her business coaching. We are great at bouncing ideas off each other and my job is to create the visual branding and gorgeous website that absolutely nails it for each of our wonderful clients.

My passion for web design is enhanced through my years of experience as a personal branding coach and direct response copywriter, so our clients can be sure they are in safe hands as we create their engaging, stunning and (of course) brilliantly branded website!”

Claire Smith – The Brand Illuminator

Claire Smith The Brand Illuminator

For more information about our Complete Business Branding and Marketing Package – CLICK HERE