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Are you taking persistent and consistent action in your heart-centred business?

One of my favourite Maya Angelou quotes is nothing works unless you do.   The one thing that will move us forward in our business is good old fashioned action.

We are now living in an immediate world.  We want everything yesterday and unfortunately, we expect our businesses to happen overnight.  The truth is rarely anyone or anything ever an overnight success.  Tony Robbins talks about practice making permanence and what you practice in private you are rewarded for in public.

Business success is by design and we need to act to realise this by taking persistent and consistent action.

I see the action that you take in your business split into 2 parts.

  1. Working IN your business

  2. Working ON your business

Working IN your business

This is your day to day action – working with clients, your support team, emails, finances, the day to day running of your business.

This is the immediate work – the to do list that you need to action and get through.

Working ON your business

This is the longer-term planning in your business and marketing.  It consists of getting visible, social media management, website development, running workshops, speaking at events, PR activity etc.

This is the 30-90 day action that you take in your business – it’s the relationship building piece.  However, it’s the part that we put off because sometimes we do not see immediate results so we say it doesn’t work and we prioritise the day to day to do list.

People do business with you if they know you, like you and trust you.  You will hear me say this a lot and relationship marketing is critical for these times.  The 4 p’s of marketing of product, price, promotion and place have been replaced with the 4C’s of creating, curating, connecting and culture.  It’s all about the impact you make in the world.

So it’s a slower burn.  Understanding this means that our results come down to persistent and consistent work.  You need to keep going.  An acorn doesn’t grow into a forest overnight and you don’t lose 2 stone by eating healthily for one week.  Likewise eating one McDonalds isn’t going to make you obese or reading one chapter of one book isn’t going to make you well read.

Marketing is a lot more inexpensive than it used to be but it costs us in time.  We need to invest our time into our marketing.  Organic marketing blogging, video, social media management, Facebook lives, webinars, podcasts – you can’t just show up once – it takes time to build a tribe who connect.

I have clients who come to me 2 years down the line as they remember something I said at a networking group or a newsletter I sent or a Facebook post I created.  I equate this to SW SW SW SW SW – which stands for some will, some won’t, so what, someone is watching and someone is waiting.  As ultimately someone is interested in your message and it’s your job to get in front of people and give them the opportunity to see you.

Understanding this means that our results come down to persistent and consistent work.  You need to keep going.  Its playing the long game.  You need plans and goals and you need to take the action to create the results.

So are you taking marketing action in your business every day?

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