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Its not easy to run a business.

When you start and grow your business, you wear many hats. 

To wear these hats, you need to develop your skill set – until you are making enough money to pay someone else with those skills (and even then, it is important to have a handle on what is going on in your business).

This business skill set may be related to …

  • Business planning
  • Branding
  • Offer creation – product and services
  • Funnel building
  • Content creation
  • Social media management
  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversion skills
  • Mindset and Personal Development
  • Etc, etc …

As you look around, you see others in the online space that are doing these things.  Coaches and service providers are constantly sharing with you the different ways they can help with their related products, services, programs and events. 

When you run a business, it is easy to doubt yourself.  You can suffer with FOMO, imposter syndrome and inferiority complex.  As you seek to find a solution to these side effects, it can result in a buying frenzy – buying all the courses, working with all the coaches and attending all the events.

This can result in spinning your wheels and not actually getting anywhere with regards to building your business, as you are stuck in the learning, being part of groups and not taking any action.

My best advice?  Stay in your lane.

I am not saying go without a coach / mentor to support you, not to sign up to the courses you need and not to go to the events which will get you introduced to your ideal client.  I do these things and they are important.

What I am saying is do these all of things in alignment with your numeric energies …

Let’s take a look …

Are you working with …


  • This is the most stay in your lane number! As Life Path 1’s need to run their business their way.
  • So ‘mind’ your own business and put your head down and …
  • Create a plan – the more innovative the better! 
  • 1’s have a good sense of timing – so be guided by this.
  • When you do sign up to something to help you grow your business – be super discerning – only let into your inner circle those you trust.


  • 2 is the most sensitive number – a very intuitive number.  In the negative 2 is very fearful.
  • Watch making decisions from a place of extreme emotions or from fear of not being included.
  • Gather the facts before you sign up to a new program or mentor, and carefully weigh these up.
  • Pay attention to the details of whatever you learn and ensure these are implemented in your business.
  • Create an environment within your business that you feel supported in.


  • This number cares what people think more than any other number – so much so that this can impact you signing up to courses etc.
  • Invest in anything that will help you put your word into the world as you are here to communicate.
  • Watch style over substance with what you sign up to – as 3’s are impressed by shiny new objects.
  • Make sure you walk the walk as well as talk the talk, taking action to implement what you have purchased.
  • Watch your business pennies – as 3’s like to spend spend spend.

4 Energy = BUILDING

  • 4 is the most hard-working number – you will want a plan that you can implement.
  • Make sure what you do can be applied in your business.
  • Watch being too stubborn thinking you don’t need help.
  • OR trying to do everything from a place of scarcity and lack.
  • Life Path 22 will also benefit from taking note of the above.

5 Energy = ADVENTURE

  • This is the shiniest objects number – so make sure you don’t buy all the things and never sign in or turn up!
  • Will adapt well to new environments and situations.
  • Travel and movement natural part of your business – so international opportunities work well.
  • Will need to do things your way.
  • Keep things fresh but make sure you are not too scattered.

6 Energy = NURTURE

  • This number will be drawn to groups the most.
  • As are keen observer of human nature – good at reading the emotional needs of others.
  • Naturally want to help others – make sure you get what you need from the process.
  • Good at absorbing facts and gathering information.
  • Be clear on your values and that the programs and mentors you sign up to / work with are in alignment with these.

7 Energy = SEEKING

  • This number will be most inclined to learn any easily absorb information.
  • Make sure you do something with what you learn, not just being a perpetual student in your business.
  • Create opportunities to use your new knowledge.
  • Won’t love being in groups, so this may not be the best way for you to develop.
  • You have an instinct for seeing through BS! And this will save yourself time.

8 Energy = CEO

  • This is the most discerning of numbers – quality over quantity.
  • Make sure you are not too judgemental or hyper critical of what you purchase.
  • 8’s are brilliant in business when they get out there own way so ask yourself do I really need this X Y Z thing I am signing up to.
  • Will want to give your best to everything you do – so less is more.
  • 8 is about money – but 8’s can oscillate from high level earning and money concerns.


  • This is the most helpful of numbers, but make sure that you are helping yourself in the process.
  • Like to see the best in everything and everyone, so due diligence is even more important.
  • Be careful with who you surround yourself with.
  • Will experience separations and endings in life as a Life Path 9.
  • Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into, use your intuition here.


  • This is the most inspirational number, but you will need to be inspired first.
  • Will have very high expectations of what you sign up to – so make sure it matches your expectations.
  • Anything you learn needs to be connected in some way to source.
  • A very intense and extreme energy – so look after your energy.
  • Check out 2 energies as 11 can work in 2 – which we don’t want!


  • If you are working in your 22 you will be transforming lives (many work in the energy of 4).
  • Anything that will help you help others on a large scale is important.
  • This will be related to helping you bring all your talents together.
  • So that you can find new ways to create a better world.
  • Check out 4 energies as 22 can work in 4 – which we don’t want.

I have used the terminology ‘energy’ – instead of Life Path number in this blog, as we are made up of a cocktail of numbers – and it is this delicate balance of numbers that makes us all unique.

Understanding these energies and how they uniquely play out in your business – is the work that I do 121 with my clients.

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I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Jo x