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Stacey Dooley is known for her investigative documentaries, and her brand of raw, gutsy and compassionate reporting. The nation fell in love with her when she won Strictly Come Dancing in 2018 with her partner Kevin Clifton.

10 things you may not know about Stacey …

1. She finds it hard to call herself a journalist
2. She left school at 15
3. When she was asked to appear on Newsnight she didn’t know what it was
4. She was working at Luton airport when she got her first TV series
5. She doesn’t want to be “vanilla”
6. She hates watching her early material
7. BBC correspondent Orla Guerin is her “queen”
8. She doesn’t think she’s brave
9. Her biggest passion is making foreign documentaries
10. She believes there’s a place for feelings in news

In her numbers …

Stacy is working with the energy of the Life path 1 – A leader, innovative, independent direct and focused on results.

She says – “I’m absolutely loving foreign documentaries. That’s where my heart is… that’s my genuine passion.I do love being out there, on the ground. I love being in people’s houses. I love watching it when it’s all unfolding.”

This is very 1 energy!

Her approach is 9 – The Humanitarian – service over success. We can see that when she speaks about her approach to journalism.

“As a journalist, I think it’s ok to feel – I think there’s space for it.” Stacey believes that it’s unrealistic to expect reporters to go to areas of conflict, witness the most appalling crimes, and not be moved. “It’s how you react to those feelings that’s important,” “you’ve got to show people that you care… that’s why you’re there.”

Her ultimate goal is communication – The 3. She says It’s only in the last couple of years that she’s become happy with the tone and feel of her pieces. She has been referred to as Marmite – due to the style of her reporting and says, ‘I’d much rather that, you know, than be vanilla,

Her link number is 4 – which is organisation and structure and routine and systems. This is the glue that holds everything together. Well she needs this to have a handle on current affairs and to remember all the stats!



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