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Sara Cox was born in 1974 in Bolton, England. After leaving school she pursued a career in modelling, before finding her niche in radio and television broadcasting.

She joined Radio 1 in 1999 and stayed there in a variety of roles for 14 years. In 2014, Sara Cox switched to BBC Radio 2 were she became host of the Sounds Of The 80s show. In January 2019, she became the new host of Radio 2’s Drivetime show.

Her television credits include presenting Top Of The Pops and The Big Breakfast, Love in the Countryside, and Back in Time for Tea. In 2019, ITV commisioned a new weekend programme called The Sara Cox Show.

She has a Maltese terrier called Beano.

I am actually listening to her radio show whilst I compile her numbers and laughing out loud at her anecdotal style.

Sara is working with the life path 1, 1 is about innovation and individualism. They do not like standing still and they need to do things their way. Sarah shows us her dynamic energy on her shows, that she is a force to be reckoned with – a whirlwind of thought and activity.

Her approach is 4. This is the number of work. Sara works hard for what she gets. If you listen to her stories, she is very practical and likes the country and horses and dogs – 4 is of the earth. 4 is about detail, which Sara in her humorous ways is an expert in her tales.

Her ultimate goal is an 7 – which is complex, enigmatic and interesting … 7 is what she is working towards – seeking and knowledge. Learning and inspiring with what she has learnt.

Her link is 8 – the glue number, this number represents success, wealth, power and status. Wearing the crown and ruling – but not lording over others – bringing other people up to her level.

I think she nails it!

Jo x.

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