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Are you picture perfect?

When my ideal clients and tribe connect with me through my website, among the positive feedback I receive is that they like the photographs of me that I have used.  Now this may sound a bit self-important but hear me out …

Many people do not like having their photo taken or using pictures of them in their business, so much so, you may find a small hidden picture of them on the About page if you are lucky!  The thing is people buy people and therefore emotionally connect with photographs.  We are visual beings – so imagery (especially of you) is so important.  That is why Facebook posts with images get more engagement than those without – it’s about being the pattern interrupt!

Having a portfolio of pictures to use in your business is a critical part of your marketing arsenal, especially a decent profile head shot.  You will need them for:

*  Website banner and imagery
*  Social media posts
*  Facebook, Twitter and Linked in profile
*  Marketing collateral – including business cards (people are less likely to throw away a photo of you!)
*  Blog posts
*  Interviews
*  Press releases
Etc, etc

It is a good idea to invest in a photo shoot so you have a few images to use for different occasions.  I chose to have my shoot at a local hotel who accommodated me for the day and didn’t charge me as I gave them my photos to use in their portfolio if they wished.  The benefit of using the hotel was that there was different settings and lighting and I took along a few outfits for the session.  The result was lots of photos that I can use of me in my business across various platforms and profiles.

When you book your session, make sure you choose a photographer that you resonate with and who ‘get’s’ you.  It is quite an intimate process, especially if you are camera shy!  Speak to the photographer and explain where you will be using the photos and the end result you are looking for.

How do you want to come across?  
Do you want to visit the hairdresser before the shoot or get your makeup professionally done?  
What are you going to wear? 
Think about your business ethos and choose outfits that represent who you are and your message.  
Be mindful of your brand and branding colours and ensure these are also complemented with the backgrounds and outfits you choose.

We change and evolve over time so make sure you regularly update your pictures, you may want some taken in a studio and some on location – areas that reflect you and your energy.

If you want to speak to me about using your branding to best portray you and your heart centred business – email me today to book in a call – jo@josoley.com or call 07718123229