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I remember always being fascinated by numerology from a young age. Every time I saw an article in a magazine (or in latter years) a blog post, I would make a beeline for it. From following instructions in one of these posts I worked out my destiny number and was under the impression that I was a 28 10 1 (keep reading!)

On the 8th March 2016, my good friend Amy held a Trying Holistic event and Richard Abbot was the guest speaker. He spoke for a few hours about numerology, its impact on the world (he said forget International Women’s day it’s International Women’s Millennium,) and showed us how to work out our numbers and explained top level the specific energies of the numbers.

Over the years I have done a lot of ‘work’ on me and studied different modalities, some resonating more than others. Every single word that said that evening created light bulb moments for me. So, over the next few months I bought lots of numerology books, and immersed myself in the subject.

I realised I wasn’t a 28 10 1 – I was a 19 10 1, which is a totally different ball game and I was embarking on a personal year 9 – which again has implications.

Over the next year read more about the subject.  At this time, I was in a personal year 9 so it wasn’t the right time for me to embark on something ‘new’, as when I went into my 1 year it would have the energy of the ‘old’. So, in May 2018 when I was in a Personal Year 1 I went and studied a numerology course at the London College of Physic Studies.

Numerology IS …

Based on the fact that numbers are energy. Maths deals with quantity – numbers are everywhere and Numerology deals with quality – numbers are everything related to sensing the energy of the numbers – part information and part intuition – a route to self-knowledge and self-understanding

Numerology ISN’T …

Accumulating lots of info about a number. Numerology is not a method of defining people in a fixed or limited way or solely a way of predicting the future and does not work well by automated computer readings – e.g.: an online numerology report – as there is an intuitive element to it.

Why do I connect with it so much and how has it helped me?

Ok. So, I have lived in 23 houses across 12 countries and had 11 relationships – I am 45.

Society says – this is not OK. Society says – this is flaky. Society does not support this.

So consequently, I have always felt my life was a little disjointed related to other people’s life experience. However, 19 10 1 does ‘understand’ living in 23 houses, across 12 countries and 11 relationship. 19 says – I am the Sun, the heat, the lightworker, the healer. The holistic piece. 10 says – I am the Wheel of fortune, stopping and starting, new beginnings, starting over. 1 says – I am the magician, my comfort zone is huge, I can do this and this and this AND the magic happens outside the comfort zone.

Hence my light bulb moments.

As society says live in a semi detached 2 up and 2 down with 2.4 children.

And 19 10 1 says independence – be solo be a lone ranger.

Society says work for the man.

19 10 1 says work for yourself – be self-employed.

Society says family is important and it is everything.

19 10 1 says embrace family your way (if at all).

Society says you need a loving relationship to feel complete.

19 10 1 says you can have a loving relationship if you want one, however you do not need one (some of the other numbers do need more connection with others) – no judgement – just the way it is.

Understanding and connecting to my 19 10 1 ness (which is continuing), has been pivotal to my journey of with numerology – really appreciating that my ‘DESTINY’ number is just that! Very much part of my life my life story and life experience.

1 is about directness, leadership, innovation and individuality.

If we were to meditate on one word it would be the word independence.

1 wants to go from A to Z – its all about the results.

1 need’s to positively and constantly innovate and do new things in a new way.

1 needs to be about themselves – if it’s about others it does not work.

Its not a case of I am a 1 – it is a case of – I am working with the energy of the number 1.

Numbers are spectrums. At one end of the spectrum 1 can be selfish and at the other end – selfless. The ideal balance for a 1 is to sit in the middle and put our heads down and get on with it – not worrying about what others do.

If 1 was an element it would be fire. If fire is not built on strong foundations it would burn out, and I have a habit of doing this – so the emphasis when we have this understanding needs to be related to balance.

Those who know me will really resonate with the above, and those who don’t can see how this information can be so useful – we can stop trying to put square pegs in round holes!

So where is my numerology journey taking me now? Knowing how powerful understanding your numbers are can be game changing with constant light bulb moments.

Since I have embarked on my journey with numerology I ‘get’ myself. I understand why what society says is different to what I am experiencing. It has literally given me permission to be myself because everyone else is taken!

I have a lot of ‘1’ energy in my chart. My destiny number is a 1, the first initial of my first name is a 1, there is a lot of frequency of 1 in my name and I am in a personal year 1. That is a lot of 1! And that is a lot of Fire. So, there is potential for burn out if not monitored.

We work in 9-year cycles. Last year I was in a personal year 9. A 9 year is about letting go, shedding, purging and releasing. I am now in a personal year 1. This is a year to seed and plant the new, to take a lot of new inspired action and reap the rewards over the next 9 years. This is very evident for me this year but more importantly as I am aware of this I have the insight and awareness to make it happen.

As numerology has helped me so much I am going to be bringing in numerology into my business to help others understand their life path numbers and personal years to help them on their business journey.

I called my business ‘Your Brilliant Business Angel’ and I help heart-centred entrepreneurs build their businesses and take it to the next level of success – so my focus with numerology will be how it can help you in your business. How your destiny number relates to how you operate in your business, and how by understanding the personal year you are in helps us work with the vibration of the year and its energies.

I am offering ‘Your Brilliance In Numbers’ sessions where by how understanding your destiny number, the meaning of the first initial of your first name and which personal year you are in – can help you understand and empower you and understand how you can do the right thing at the right time in your business.

Your Brilliance In Numbers sessions are £97 – you send me your date of birth and your full name on your passport. I will then plan the session and carry out on Zoom taking you through a power point presentation of your report. The session is recorded and you will receive the recording and presentation after the session. Sessions last one hour.

To Book ‘Your Brilliance In Numbers’ session – Using the powers of numerology to elevate your business – email jo@josoley.com or call 07718123229

To your success

Jo x