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Are you curious to discover, understand and hone the higher force than you within your business? Using numerology in business is truly transformational and magical and can change your business trajectory and results quickly and sustainably.   

what is numerology?

Numerology is as old as the hills.  Emperor Nero is associated with it.  The Egyptians used in in the Hieroglyphics.  The Ancient Greeks used it.  Pythagoras referenced it in terms of the religion of numbers.  It is quoted in the Bible (although this has been translated and we do not rely on this) and the Kabbalah is heavily influenced by it (although a different system).  Music uses numerology in relation to strings and tones.  

BUT it is as NEW as the next decision that you are going to make!

Maths deals with quantity – numbers are everywhere. Numerology deals with quality – numbers are everything.

Everything has a number associated with it, and every number tells a story.  For example, if we look at the number 4.

4 is about building of structures, systems, routine, control, order, processes and procedures. 

There are 4 directions, 4 points to a compass – North, South, East, West. There are 4 seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. We have 4 pairs of our DNA. We have 4 chambers of our heart. We have 4 chambers to our brain. We have 4 fingers on each hand. There are 4 gospels. There are 4 Archangels.

We have 4 roads to walk in life and numerology shows us what these 4 roads are …

Numerology is a method by which we recognise our divinity and connection.

Numerology gives us a key to freedom. Numerology helps us on a practical basis in daily situations. Numerology is a route to self-knowledge and self-understanding.

Numerology is a science which is based on something that is absolute and fundamental.

Numerology is about sensing the energy of the numbers – part information and part intuition. When we know the numbers in question we can connect with the main issue and feel our way out from here. Numerology helps us sense where we are on the spectrum of the number as numbers have spectrum’s. We work in the positive and negative, where we are on the spectrum depends on how we operate our number. Being aware of the negatives of the number is fundamental to growth, if we can concentrate on improving these, the positives flow.

There are always 2 questions – ‘What is going on?’ and ‘What is really going on?’ – Numerology shows us what is really going on.

Your number is your friend. When you let it into your life, there is an expansion of possibilities

You have chosen to take your number on, and the good news is you can totally cope with it and it is more than manageable.

Numerology helps us manage our ‘life-path’ and ‘destiny’ from a higher perspective.

What is Numerology NOT?

Numerology is not about accumulating lots of info about a number or going down rabbit holes.

Numerology is not a method of defining people in a fixed or limited way or a way of predicting the future.

Numerology does not work well by automated computer readings – e.g.: an online numerology report – as there is an intuitive element to it.

When we tune into the broad energy of a number the rest of the information will follow.

Using Numerology In Business

With any such modality like this, there is the tendency to go ‘down a rabbit hole’. We don’t want to do this! We want to keep everything top line and go from here.

With numerology the main 3 things we look at are:

1. YOUR LIFE PATH NUMBER – Otherwise known as the ‘Destiny Number’, which is what you are destined to do in your life and business. This number is taken from the date you were born. You cannot change your date of birth its impossible.

2. THE PERSONAL YEAR – We operate in 9-year cycles and as part of this cycle there are better times and years and easier times and years to do things. Understanding the personal year that you are currently in helps you understand what the soil is fertile for right NOW In your life and business.

3.THE FIRST LETTER OF YOUR FIRST NAME – This is how you appear to others, this is how others treat you, and because you are treated like this, this is how you behave. When someone gets to know you on a deeper level, then your true life path number kicks in.


So How Do We Use Numerology In Business?

A business is alive. It has its own name, character, style, brand, colour, flavour and much else besides.

Because it is alive it attracts and repels according to its nature. and its nature can be revealed through its numerology.

Although, in a solo-entrepreneur situation, the numbers of the person running the show will be very important, over time, as the business identity itself gains hold, the numbers of the business will start to operate independently of the numbers of the person. Then, when the business grows with a team, staff, employing contractors, moving to bigger premises, the energy of the business will step to the fore. Ultimately, this is where a business develops a life of its own and sustains itself almost regardless of what the business owner does.



7  6  6  7 3  5  =     34 = 3 + 4 = 7

7 = the seeker of wisdom = a search engine of information!

So, you can see from the example above that 'GOOGLE'; expresses itself as a number 7.  7 is The Seeker.  Google is a  search engine.


prime motivation



belief systems

Prime Motivation

What is the prime motivation that you are operating from in your business? Understanding this, harnessing this and working from this place enables us to really connect to the life path of our business.


The word vibration in numerology is important. The theory of numerology rests on it. Everything in the universe vibrates and by using numbers in the form of metaphysical arithmetic, we can apply these vibrations as numbers to our business and lives. What vibration are you here to master through your business?


When your numeric energies are in alignment doors open. Cosmic tumblers align and opportunities are presented. You and your business will attract opportunities that are in a vibrational match with your numeric energies. What opportunities are you here to attract?

Belief System

We operate from a set belief system, and numerology shows you this, when you take this on board, you can understand what you think you thought was true and why that matters in your life. What belief system are you operating from?

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My free interactive Face Book community, where I share Bizology hints and tips.

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