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How to work out your personal year in business

Numerology in business

Running a business is not easy – but we make it more difficult.

There is a lot of noise out there …

There may be other people in your market doing what you do, BUT there is only one of you.

So this is where we use Bizology®, to cut through the clutter and noise to become and remain visible and relevant in line with your numeric energies.

But how do you do this?  Through understanding your numeric energies.

By consulting your numeric energies and which Personal Year you are in you can align to another way of doing things, and connect to a clearer path to which to head.


As numerology guides you and Bizology® helps you understand yourself as a business owner at a deeper level.

How you show up in your business is much more powerful if done in alignment with your Life Path number, especially when the waters seem more difficult to navigate.

Numbers are a universal language

Numerology is as old as the hills.

Emperor Nero is associated with it.

The Egyptians and Ancient Greeks used it. Pythagoras is The Godfather of numerology.

It is quoted in the Bible; the Kabbalah is heavily influenced by it (although a different system). Music even uses numerology in relation to strings and tones.

BUT it is as NEW as the next decision that you are going to make!

Maths deals with quantity.

Numerology deals with stories – numbers tell us everything.

Everything has a number associated with it, lets take the number 4.  In numeric terms 4 is about structure, control, routine and systems.

In life we have 4 directions, 4 elements, there are 4 seasons. There are 4 pairs to our DNA. There are 4 chambers to our heart. There are 4 parts to our brain. There are 4 fingers on each hand. There are 4 wheels on a car.  4 walls to our house. There are 4 gospels. There are 4 major Archangels. Etc.

In life 4 keeps us organised.


Every number has a job to do. 

What job are your numbers showing you that you are here to do?

Numerology is about sensing the energy of the numbers, part information and part intuition.

Numerology helps us sense where we are on the spectrum of the number (as we work in the positive and negative of the number), where we are on the spectrum depends on how we operate our number.

Being aware of the negatives of the number is fundamental to growth, if we can concentrate on improving these, the positives flow.

Enabling you to lean on and access a source that is higher than you.

Ensuring that you are prepared to operate in your business from the natural flow of quantum movement.

what is numerology not?

Numerology is not about accumulating lots of info about a number or going down rabbit holes (trust me – we really want to avoid this).

Numerology is not a method of defining people in a fixed or limited way or a way of predicting the future.

Numerology does not work well by automated computer readings – e.g. an online numerology report, as there is an intuitive element to it.

business numerology

As explained with numerology, there is the tendency to go ‘down a rabbit hole’. We don’t want to do this as we want to keep everything top line and go from here.

So How Do We Use Numerology in Business?

A business is alive. It has its own name, character, style, brand, colour, flavour and much else besides.

Because it is alive it attracts and repels according to its nature and its nature can be revealed through its business numerology.

In a solo-entrepreneur situation, the numbers of the person running the show will be very important.  Over time, as the business identity itself gains hold, the numbers of the business will start to operate independently of the numbers of the person. Then, when the business grows with more of an online presence, increases its team, gains more clients, takes premises, etc, the energy of the business will step to the fore. Ultimately, this is where a business develops a life of its own and sustains itself almost regardless of what the business owner does.



7  6  6  7 3  5  =     34 = 3 + 4 = 7

7 = the seeker of wisdom = a search engine of information!

So, you can see from the example above that 'GOOGLE'; expresses itself as a number 7.  7 is The Seeker.  Google is a  search engine.


“I like Jo’s approach to numerology and how she gives great examples of how your Life Path number impacts your business and personal decisions. She’s educating you on numerology, but also helping you understand how to use your numbers to work for you for the best possible business outcomes. If you’re curious and want to learn more about your numbers, I definitely recommend working with Jo!


“I had some Bizology sessions with Jo whilst we were in lockdown as I wanted to gain some clarity in my business. It was a really powerful & thought provoking experience. It cleared some past self-limiting beliefs and really showed me that I already have all the tools I need to succeed. Numerology gave me an appreciation of how I can work with my numbers.

Jo is so incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about numerology and a pleasure to work with.”

– FT



You have chosen to take your number on, and the good news is that you can totally cope with it and it is more than manageable.

Numerology helps us manage our ‘Life Path’ and ‘destiny’ in business from a higher perspective.

To run your business at its optimum level, you need to activate and work with your numbers.


Your Life Path number (also known as the Destiny number) is THE single most important number in numerology. It is created from the numbers in your date of birth. You cannot change this – it is impossible!

Your Life Path is the path to follow that accords with your essential nature. It is your initiation into what you came to do and become, what you are destined to do here on earth.

Your Life Path number relates to how you operate in your life and business!

Understanding your Life Path number really helps you connect to what is possible for you and your business.

Through strengthening your connection with yourself and identifying and recognising your purpose, you can smooth your business path.

When your Life Path is explained to you, it will resonate and feel right, as you already know it. The question is, are you working with or against it? And if against, how is this working out for you?

If you are working in the negative of your Life Path number, you will know about it! Your business will not work, and you will not feel in flow. Instead, you will feel stuck.  This is the starting point in Bizology®, to appreciate your Life Path number.  You can work yours out HERE


YOUR approach and 4 roads

How are you personally getting to grips with your life to achieve your true Life Path? Understanding your deeper numeric chart shows you how you can uniquely go about this. Some numbers are easier to navigate, although the trick is really to master your Life path number.  When you have, there is another key number to work towards.  This is all shown in your 4 Roads.


There are energies and vibrations that affect the world we live in on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The best way to map these is to tune into the energies of the month and year.

The modern world has us assuming that we can have everything now; alas this is not true. Sometimes we are not ready for things to come to fruition.  Remember, the day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.

Timing is always paramount, we need literally to ‘go with the flow …’.


We work in 9-year cycles. Personal Years start on your birthday and end on your birthday and are related to what you are currently working on. Knowing which Personal Year you are currently in helps you work with the vibration of the year and its energies. There are better years and easier years to do things.


Nature does not get stressed out, she knows when to bloom and she knows when to shed and release. Mother Earth operates cycles within cycles. We can too. There is a monthly rhythm that we can use to help the business ebb and flow. Aligning with the personal months will help you to get things done – like a monthly forecast!

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What’s in a name?

Your name is not who you are, it is who you look like you are.  It reveals some of your skills, talents and abilities and how you interact with others. You cannot change your date of birth BUT you can, and you do, change your name and when you do, you change your life. You have frequencies of energies within your name and likewise you can be missing energies within your name. Appreciating the superpowers and gaps helps you use your innate gifts and work to fill what you do not have, so the negatives become positives. There are no mistakes, only lessons. If you have something, you have it for a reason.


What is your prime motivating factor in your life and business? Your soul urge number is what it says on the tin. It shows you what your soul really wants from your life and business. How are you currently acting to align with this? Identifying your soul urge shows you this.

We are all unique, we are meant to be. We can do things and act in a way that no-one else can. When we understand this, connect to this and optimise this, we can make changes to co-create, change and improve our experience in business.

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