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 Networking – do you or don’t you?

In the world of online connections, news on the street may be that networking is no longer necessary as takes too long and can be expensive.  Why look to reach prospective clients with one small fishing net when you can use a drift net?

Personally I do network and this is why.  People do business with you if they like, know and trust you.

Online connection is so easy nowadays and we are blessed to have tools available to us that we can reach so many of our tribes and communities with ease.  However, I still feel strongly that there is a place for 121 and face to face connection as in the world of relationship marketing where real life people connect with real life people – magic happens!  This is because, you have a chance to get in front of your ideal client and share your message, your benefits, your solution and invite them to work with you.  You can do this on a regular basis, and as people like people like themselves the referral piece plays a very important part here

5 top tips to get the best from your networking

1. Have a Plan

Why are you going to the meeting? Think about your aims and objectives in your business.  Think about your challenges.  Where are you going and what is your bigger plan in your business? If your aim is to write a book or offer an online course – is there anyone in the room that offers copywriting or help with creating membership sites?  Are you bogged down in administration or book keeping?  Is there anyone in the room that can help you with this?  Tell the group who you are looking for.

2.    Nail your captivating introduction

You will invariably have 60 seconds to deliver your pitch.  In these 60 seconds you want to be able to tell the room, that

You help … (who you help and their problem)
By (the solution you bring to the table)
To (the results and transformation you deliver)

3.  Get clear on the benefits you offer to your clients

People buy benefits.  When you speak to people 1 2 1 and you have more of a chance to go deeper sharing your message,  be clear to share the transformation that you bring to your clients.  Share testimonials and case studies that are relevant to people in the room.

4.  What do you want people to do? Give them a call to action – sign up to your lead magnet which will give them a flavour of your expertise and then they are on your list so you can nurture them.

5.  Fortune is in the follow up

Be organised – use a free business card app to organise your contacts, e.g. card keeper

Follow up connections – who would you like to connect with? Book in a 1 2 1 to connect deeper with them

Connect people with others – who would benefit from speaking to each other in your network?

Which groups?

THE main thing is to find a group that suits you, your business and your offering, so when you are researching networking groups in your area, look at the ones on offer, see if your ideal client is hanging out there and look at the fit for your business.  Energies and group dynamics will differ within networks too so I recommend trying them out so you can see how they feel.  If needs be travel a little further afield to your largest city to leverage opportunities within networking.

·         Some are very formal and corporate

·         Some are very informal and relaxed BUT business does get done

·         Some slant towards the personal development side

·         Some slant towards the business development side

·         Some will just be payment for one meeting at a time

·         Some will be a membership fee

·         Some will offer a guest speaker slot

·         Some with have block outs (only one member per Industry)

·         Some will have private Facebook groups for further connection opportunities

·         Some offer conferences

·         Some offer Expo opportunities

·         Some offer award opportunities.

You usually get the opportunity to go along at least once for free or low cost before you commit to membership, if there is a membership.

Have a look at the networking groups around you
Go further afield to a larger city
Go to female only / mixed / informal / formal / morning / lunch time / evening

Try them out! Follow up.  Which one’s work for you?

What have you got to lose?  At worst – you may enjoy it, come away with a handful of contacts and make some business :)


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