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As one of the United Kingdom’s most inspirational Entrepreneurs, Lady Michelle Mone is a shining example of how flair and true grit can lead to global success.

Highly respected for her direct, no-nonsense approach, she has gone from humble bra-designer (as the Founder of Ultimo Lingerie), to global entrepreneur with ventures reaching as wide as interiors, jewellery, property, tech and more.

In numeric terms her 4 roads are:

9 Life path
8 Approach
9 Ultimate Goal
9 Link

That is a lot of 9 energy!

We can see this play out …

“I live my life by one simple rule; work hard, play hard and always give something back.” Michelle Mone

9 is her life path, The Humanitarian, fundamentally its service over success. 9’s can be very very successful but they need to go about it from a different direction.

Michelle’s approach is the 8 – which is success and wealth – and this is evident with the portfolio and empire she has built up. However she did not stay in this energy.

Working the 9 in her ultimate goal and link, Michelle moved on to become a speaker, coach and heavily involved in charity. Motivating, inspiring and teaching individuals on how they can improve not only their businesses, but their lives.Key areas of focus being on Business success, Entrepreneurship and start ups, Motivation, Leadership, Female empowerment, The power of marketing and PR, Overcoming life hurdles, Stating from the bottom, Diversifying your career, Work/Life balance
Dressing for success.

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