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7-Month Mastermind

Connection & Commitment To Growing Your Business

With Jo


You have a business or maybe you’re in the process of starting one, you want it to be successful with all your heart, but there is that overwhelming and confusing thing called marketing.

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You have been trying different ways to get your business out there, but it all seems so time-consuming, with little return.

You are struggling to juggle everything, it all seems a priority and in the end, nothing gets done … and to be honest it’s all quite exhausting!

You want to concentrate working IN your business. You understand the importance of working ON your business, however marketing feels a full-time job … This isn’t what you felt you signed up for. If you wanted to work in marketing, you would!

I do understand.



You can build a successful business, and yes, the journey can be a pretty crazy one, and no, it isn’t a straight line from A to B and there are twists and turns along the way.  Let’s face it, if it was easy to run your own business everyone would be doing it!

As a female solo-preneur, it can feel as there is so much to do, so much to figure out, accounts, customer service, marketing, networking, social media management, exhibitions, webinars etc. etc…

It can also seem like you are on our own even though you work with clients and meet people at the occasional networking group.  Friends and family are supportive, but they don’t always have the time or the experience to help.  It can feel a lonely journey.

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Remember, it’s self-employment, not by yourself employment!

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As powerful as the internet and social media platforms are to grow your business, it can become too easy to compare ourselves with others social media’s highlight reel … and beat ourselves up for not being Business Super Woman of the year.

I have been there.

We are not designed to totally work alone, we are designed to be connected, and trust me it’s amazing what you can do when someone is watching, supporting and holding you accountable.

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And that’s why I started the 7-month online business coaching mastermind, an online marketing support program, helping you turn your amazing big, business dreams into reality.

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7 Step Mastermind

Connection and Commitment to Growing your Business with      Jo Soley


Work alongside other heart-centred female business owners (caring more about their businesses than their cash and the business follows).  Members support, hold each other’s feet to the fire with accountability and love to get stuff done to create results.


Over the 7 months, based on my 7 steps unique system we cover:




CONNECTION: How to carve your message so it carries impact and your ideal client hears you


Connection to your message – if you are not completely clear about your message, how do you expect your clients to find you?

You may be just starting out or have been in business a few years, but before we do anything else we need to be totally connected to our message.

After this module, you will be able to clearly and powerfully:

  1. Own and articulate what you do in such a way that your ideal client will hear you loud and clear and want to know more
  2. Get clear on your mission, vision and core values for your business
  3. Get clear on your monthly and annual income goals and plans and business expenses
  4. Get clear on your ideal working week and what this entails




How to identify your ideal CLIENTS and how this assists in the marketing process


The stark truth is that everyone is NOT your client. Fact. And to be honest that’s the best thing I could tell you. You want to be marmite. You want to stand out. You want to be sooooo right for some people that you are so wrong for others.

Then when you are speaking directly to your ideal client, they will resonate with you and feel that you hear them, see them and understand them – and because of that they will be inspired to work with you.

In this module, we explore:

  1. Why your business needs an ideal client
  2. How to identify your ideal client and get you really clear on them
  3. How knowing this vital information assists in the marketing process and look at ways you can bring these clients into your business
  4. How this fits into the relationship marketing piece
  5. How to start getting testimonials and making them work for you



How to get total CLARITY on the biggest problems your ideal clients face and the solutions you provide


People take action on emotion not logic. We need to show our ideal clients that we know how to solve their problems and that we have done this for others. Many people fail to identify their ideal client and fail to present the benefits they offer – people buy benefits first.

When we completely own and connect to the benefits and features of our products and services it makes selling our packages so much easier to do.

In this module, we get total clarity on:

  1. The biggest pains or problems your ideal clients face
  2. How this is affecting their lives and preventing them from moving forward
  3. The solution that addresses this – what is it about your business that keeps them coming back rather than going to your competitors? What do you give them that they can’t get elsewhere?
  4. Copywriting hints and tips to really speak to your ideal clients



How to CREATE a package staircase of products and services to get your clients results and reinvesting in you


Your package staircase: Your ideal client wants to test the water and get to know you to see if you are a fit for them, so our job is to provide opportunities at different steps of the staircase for your clients to work with you.

This module gives you clarity on your package staircase and pricing, putting you back in control of your business, looking at creating:

  1. Your irresistible freebie
  2. Your easy YES
  3. Your core programme
  4. Your VIP package


You may also choose to have a low risk option such as an online course or a continuity offer such as a membership site.

You don’t need to offer a package at every stage. Too much choice overwhelms, the idea is to have an easy entry, a low risk but committed level and a level that builds intimacy and trust.





How to create CONSISTENCY in your marketing and branding


Everything about your brand portrays you. Think about the fonts, colours, and your logo. Do they portray you? Does everything match and align? Is it recognisable?

A strong brand is the foundation for your business, helping you stand out from the competition, charge what you are worth and emotionally connect to your ideal clients

In this module we help you:

  1. Ensure that your brand is aligned to your positioning
  2. Ensure that your brand reflects what is unique about you and your key message through the key components of design and style
  3. Ensure your marketing collateral and website reflects your branding
  4. Identify your brand promise and ensure people know that this is what you stand for – so you will attract the right people for you – those that you can help



How to ensure the CONTENT you are sharing with the world adds value, is consistent and persistent and carries strong calls to action 


The consistent and persistent marketing approach.

Engaging content is a critical element in your marketing and works well when targeted, planned and engaging. A plan around your content creation is critical. What are you producing to share with your online market? How are you nurturing your list? How often are you blogging? What are you adding of value? Where are you meeting your offline community? How are you rewarding your tribe for referral business?

In this module we will be looking at content specifically designed for:

New prospective ideal clients

Current clients

Growing a community

And not forgetting the important “Call To Actions” – inviting people to work with you!




How to CONVERT all of this into a steady flow of ideal clients to achieve the financial results that you desire for your business


Converting all of this into a steady flow of ideal clients and the financial results that you desire for your business.

There are two parts for the conversion piece – Sales and Passive income

Sales – This is where you invite people to speak with you about what you are offering. You may have discovery calls, it may be from an online link. It’s the sales part. And the good news is it doesn’t need to be sticky. Selling doesn’t have to make you super uncomfortable.

Selling is simply you offering people an opportunity to purchase something from you or to work with you.

In this module we ensure in your calls you are:

  1. Leading from the front
  2. Developing trust and rapport with your prospects
  3. Deeply exploring their problems
  4. Investigating the aggravation that would be experienced if nothing were to change
  5. Presenting your solution and the benefits
  6. Sharing proof that you have helped others
  7. Handling objections with ease
  8. Making a clear invitation to work with you

We also look at passive income streams in this module:

  1. What products can you create once to sell time and time again to create leverage?
  2. What is the biggest problem your audience has right now?
  3. Can you bring together a product that would solve that problem?
  4. If you are solving their biggest problem, it’s bound to be a hit!

You will learn about the key principles of marketing to gain clarity on:


➸ Your business

➸ Your message

➸ Your clients

➸ Your marketing



This Mastermind is right for you if…

➸You are a heart-based female business owner and you want to get to grips with your marketing and message

➸ You want to work in a simple yet strategic way – not pray and spray marketing

➸ You want manageable bite-size chunks that make sense and get results

➸ You want to stop wasting time and money on marketing books, courses and shiny objects that are just sitting there

➸ You need someone to hold you accountable and work with other women as a collective business support group

➸ You are looking for a structured approach to plan and focus on your business and marketing

➸ You are looking for a flow of ideal clients into your business

My Mastermind Is Starting In FEBRUARY 2018


I am offering this Online Business Coaching, so it’s easy for you:

We meet using Zoom the second Thursday of the month from 9.30am ’til 12.00pm


I will share my slides with you, have interaction and question time.


Also included for the Online Business Coaching Mastermind…


  1. I provide you with notes to take away based on the step covered each month.
  2. There are 2 activities to complete each month – one that we do together during the session and another that you dive deeper into after the meetings.
  3. There is a private Facebook group where we share insights and AHA’s and keep connection during the month.
Read the fabulous feedback from these gorgeous women …

The mastermind course gave me the knowledge and foundation to start my business; also the learning, skills and a mindset that I would never have acquired otherwise.  Jo is very practical, professional and understands marketing inside out.  She is definitely my number 1 go to person if I ever need advice or direction; and has also become a good friend!  I really enjoyed being in the company of the group; such lovely ladies who continue to inspire me, it is comforting to know that there will be continued support as we embark on this amazing journey which has opened so many doors. Thanks again for this marvellous opportunity to engage and work with like minded women. I would highly recommend doing this course whether you have some experience or are an absolute beginner; this will be your best investment!”

Lorren Kenny

“As a creative person I have a tendency to start a new business venture before I have really given the first one a chance. During the 7 Month Mastermind I was able to discover how I could use my creativity within the one idea and therefore stay on track. For the first time I am on a path I know I will continue to follow.  Jo has an abundance of knowledge and experience which she shares in a no added jargon manner. The information is clear, simple to follow, and actionable. I left each meeting looking forward to implementing the ideas. I know that the Mastermind will continue to serve me in Months to come as I refer to the material. I feel clear and ready to upgrade my business’.  Thank you Jo.  Kama

Kama J Frankling

Joanna’s Mastermind Group was a mixture of squirming in my seat (but in a good way of making me realise what I should be doing but wasn’t prioritising highly enough), aha moments and nodding sagely. The combination of being able to share successes, celebrate other women’s break through’s and work through the obstacles that we put in our own own way was inspiring. The power of working with a group of like-minded women who all share a passion to grow their business and are open to learning and helping each other, should never be underestimated. Jo‘s excellent structure ensured we explored and dived deeper into the key areas of marketing our businesses with input from everyone in the room – the value of different perspectives and fresh eyes. Thoroughly recommend Jo for her common sense, caring approach, giving nature and professionalism.

Carol Hanson

I would like to invite you to join my 7-Month Business Angel Mastermind to support you as you focus on your marketing to help you take your business to the next level.


The investment for the mastermind is £997 if you pay in full pay using the link below.



Or I can invoice you direct. If you wish to pay in instalments for the duration of the mastermind its £162 per month (so pay in full and get 1-month FOC).

To speak to me to see if you are a fit for the mastermind or to ask any question’s please email jo@josoley.com or call 07718123229.


To your entrepreneurial success!


Jo x
Images by Kama Frankling Photography

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