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Are you ready to burst through your perceived limitations, realise your potential and rocket your business to the next level?

Yes? Then I want to tell you how this Brilliant Business Angel is going to share her wings and show you how to fly!

You deserve financial reward and you have a huge vision to make a difference in the world, and my mission is to support, teach and empower you towards powerful financial and heart-driven success.

As a competent, action-taker, you’re ready – it’s time to engage and up-level in your business through holistic marketing and become the person you know you can be.

So Let's Start Today!


In my Marketing Clarity Programme we use my 7-Step Holistic Marketing Success Formula on YOUR business. We will gain marketing clarity and focus. We will go deep and flush out beliefs that are holding you back and purpose that will drive you forward. We will cover:


  • How to identify your ideal CLIENTS and how this assists in the marketing process
  • How to get total CLARITY on the biggest problems your ideal clients face and the solutions you provide
  • How to carve your message so it CONNECTS and carries impact (so that your ideal client finds it hard to resist you!)
  • How to ensure the CONTENT you are sharing with the world adds value, is consistent and persistent and carries strong calls to action
  • How to create CONSISTENCY in your marketing and branding
  • How to CREATE a package staircase of products and services to get your clients results and reinvesting in you
  • How to CONVERT all of this into a steady flow of ideal clients to achieve the financial results that you desire!

We Will Get Complete Clarity On...





If you feel at a crossroads, and are unsure which way to turn, instead let me show you how to  feel clarity and complete confidence in your next steps, ensuring you KNOW how to create your own success. Now is the time to invest in yourself so that in return, you can become the incredible business success story you know you can be!

What Will I Get?


Before we commence, you will complete my 7 step checklist, ensuring I am appraised and enabling me to plan the holistic marketing programme around your specific needs.

Your Marketing Clarity Programme then begins with a full VIP day, one-to-one, where we begin to analyse your business. . I will start to understand your skills, abilities and strengths and we focus upon the first 3 steps of my 7-Step System, where we will gain clarity upon your ideal clients, their biggest problems and your core message to them.

This process is incredibly powerful and alone can make all the difference to your business success.

However, I offer more. After this, you will receive 5 x 1-hour sessions either face to face or over zoom covering the remaining 4 essential marketing steps and a conclusion session, gifting you the exact formula required so you can go forward with confidence and market your brand with renewed and exciting success!

Not only that, during the time I spend with you, not only will you receive knowledgeable support every step of the way, I ensure you are accountable through ongoing phone and email communication in between, ensuring you gain clarity upon exactly HOW you will achieve your financial goals and the motivation to take action. You will get things done – from lead magnets to web copy & social media plans –  we create it together. My aim is also for you to feel your own empowerment so that you can continue to enjoy confidence and success, after our work together is done.

So don’t wait another moment to experience renewed and powerful purpose-driven success!


Enrol NOW, and get the fantastic price of just £2,000!

(Monthly instalments available) 


To see how Holistic Marketing and the Marketing Clarity Programme can help you and your business, book a DISCOVERY CALL with me today, and let’s talk about your business and how I can help you rocket towards even greater heights!

Simply email or call me today at or on 07718123229.

I very much look forward to working with you!

I recently signed up to a Marketing Clarity Package with Jo and all I can say is what an amazing experience. She really makes you think about how you want to present yourself and your business.

Her marketing knowledge is exactly what is required for someone who needs as much help in this area as I do. When we train in something we love with a notion of setting up in business to help people, no one tells us that we will also need the marketing skills to make it all work and to promote ourselves in the best light.

Jo will have you thinking in a completely different way about your business, a way that will clarify exactly who your audience is and how to draw that audience to you.

Thank you Jo for all you have done for me.


I have found Jo to be passionate, very valuable and extremely positive.

My first impressions were good, but once we had a full days 121, I can hand on heart say that she has already provided me with what I had hoped for and so much more.

I now have a very clear direction for my business and even though I struggled to articulate certain points, she understood my message and what I wanted to achieve.

For me, I think the thing that makes her so valuable- is all the ‘extra’ info and knowledge she has and shares.

I am looking forward to strengthening our relationship and working with you further and I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone. Thank you.