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I wrote a blog the other day about what running my business for 7 years had taught me …

In terms of Marketing Strategy the key points would be ..

Be Marmite

Be so right for some people you are so wrong for others. The right people will resonate with your message if it’s clear enough.

You Do Need an Ideal Client

A lot of people fear of niching so …

Get Big, Get Niche or Get Out!

See above …

One. One. One. One.

Focus on ONE product, ONE route to market, ONE avatar and ONE platform – at ONCE.

Get a Message

If you speak to everyone you speak to no-one. Carve your message so your ideal client hears you.

Solve Their Problem

People do not buy their way into something they buy their way out of something. It may feel an old paradigm, but who doesn’t want their problems solved?

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up!

85% of sales made are between the 5th and 8th point of 1-2-1 contact with someone. When you run your own business, you are also the sales force. Marketing alone is not enough a sales pipeline is vital too.

Facts Tell Stories Sell

Sales doesn’t have to be sticky; it’s literally having a conversation with someone about how you can help. The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It is about building relationships.

I wanted to follow this blog up with a blog based around marketing strategy – as I always say – there is no cookie cutter approach in business and what works for some numeric energies will not work for the next. 

Some numbers are very entrepreneurial and some numbers and very creative so below I have given you some insight on what your marketing strategy should look like based on your Life path number.

Life Path 1… The Leader

The marketing strategy for a 1 Life path is very high quick start.

1 energy is always the first out of the gate.  Life Path 1’s do well when launching as 1 is all about action.  Anything a 1 does needs to be based around things that are unique or new.  Any content related to their marketing strategy will be short form with sales pages being shorter in length.  Create limited time offers and fast action bonuses work well too as 1 is about speed – ‘Click Now to Buy’!

Be careful not to be hyper focused – look up a bit!

Life Path 2… The Sensitive

The marketing strategy for a 2 Life Path is about balance.

 2 is all about collaboration, so a strategy that encourages connection will work well.  Any services based around 121 work are ideal.  Think about the support you will provide to others.  Create the space to listen to what you market wants and give them the opportunity to ask a lot of questions.  Take the time to think things through and see things from both sides of coin.

Be careful not to worry too much about the minor details!

Life Path 3… The Communicator

The marketing strategy for a 3 Life Path is about creative expression. 

3 is about working smart not hard – so a light-hearted approach works well for 3. Create a fun challenge as part of the funnel where people can be creative.  Group programs also work well as 3 is about communication! Or an event where people can connect, as you can use the social aspect as a selling point. 

Be careful not to worry about what others think!

Life Path 4… The Builder

The marketing strategy for a 4 Life Path is about having a plan.

4 is about structure, control, routine and systems.  So, anything related to creating order in business will work. Any plans would be watertight having strong funnels and systems.  Paying attention to all the detail involved. Write a list of everything involved and work through it!

Be careful not to be too rigid if things need changing!

Life Path 5… The Adventurer

The marketing strategy for a 5 Life Path is about creating change.

As 5 is about change, freedom, expansion and movement.  Anything that is different and helps people with growth.  Mix things up a bit and create something unexpected which is out of the blue.  Travel works well with 5 as about movement and adventure (overseas when we can). 

Be careful not to start things and then change direction so nothing gets finished! 

Life Path 6… The Nurturer

The marketing strategy for a 6 Life Path is about connection.

6 is all about community, groups and tribe.  A marketing strategy for a 6 Life Path would involve spending time upfront to create a warm audience and going deeper with those who already love, know and trust you.  Ensure you use proof from your existing clients in the form of testimonials and referral videos.  Set up a strong affiliate program – using your trusted connections to help you spread the word.

Be careful not to take on too much responsibility and then fail to deliver by taking shortcuts!

Life Path 7… The Seeker

The marketing strategy for a 7 Life Path is about the thought process involved.

7 is all about asking, thinking, questioning and analysing. Review the sales process. Is every possible question that your ideal client may answered?  Get under the bonnet of the car and make sure no stone is unturned when creating and delivering the strategy.

Be careful not to overthink and not deliver – perfection keeps you poor!

Life Path 8… The CEO

The marketing strategy for an 8 Life Path is about being professional.

8 is about success and wealth, having high standards and goal setting.  All elements of the marketing strategy should be connected to positioning you as an expert.  Branding, copy, sales emails – everything should look professional and be on point.  Anything high ticket works very well with 8 energy.  Project manage everything to an executive level.

Be careful not to be hyper critical of self if things do not go according to plan!

Life Path 9… The Humanitarian

The marketing strategy for a 9 Life Path is about service over success.

9 is all about helping other people. Impact over income. When a 9 Life Path can really connect to how their campaign benefits others this is where the results happen.  9’s are also amazing at seeing the bigger picture – the vision – so communicate the transformation you provide.

Be careful not to undercharge and overdeliver!

Life Path 11… The Spiritual Teacher

The marketing strategy for a 11 Life Path is about inspiring others.

11 is about God, spirit, theorems, the divine. AND it is also about inspiring and illuminating others.  11’s always need a plan in business – they need a direction.  So get clear on how you are going to inspire others through your wisdom and then ensure you have the capacity to deliver – also managing your energy in the process.

Be careful not to overreact if things do not go to plan!

Life Path 22… The Architect of Change

The marketing strategy for a 22 Life Path is about creating transformation.

22 is all about changing the world one person at a time.  22 like 11 is a master number and they can see more, be more and do more. 22’s are here to create an empire and leave a legacy – so when it comes to marketing strategy the idea is to help people grow and see things they haven’t before to step outside their comfort zone and create change.  Go big or go home with your claims and make sure you deliver – as we know you can!

Be careful not to take a sledgehammer to situations if things do not go your way!

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