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Its not always about the number 8!

In this blog I discuss all things 8 energy. 

8 = The CEO / The Boss

8 is definitely about success, wealth and money there is no two ways about it.  One thing I do see is business owners trying to make their business fit to the number 8 and use it across their pricing, dates of events, products and services.  This will not necessarily work if you are personally not working with the energy of the number 8.  Your numbers will carry a target energy and it is important that you understand how to use 8 but also understand your numbers and what they mean in relation to what you are here to do in business.


8 is about …

  • Success
  • Abundance
  • Wealth
  • Money
  • Property
  • Integrity
  • Luxury
  • Style
  • Status

In terms of business 8 is about …

  • Professionalism
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Ambition
  • Organised
  • Dependable
  • Independent
  • Accomplishment

8 is THE Business number.

8 is a highly revered number.  It can represent the infinity symbol and in some countries, you can pay more to have the number 8 on your apartment door or in your car number plate.

Some titles I connect my clients alongside The CEO / The Boss to depict 8 it is …

  • Chief
  • Head Honcho
  • Director
  • Head
  • Big Cheese
  • Top Dog
  • Governor
  • Captain
  • Chair
  • Commander
  • Producer
  • It is definitely an executive energy rather than an entrepreneurial energy which is more 1.

There is no doubt that 8 is about …

  • Power and leadership
  • Authority and discipline
  • Abundance and ambition
  • So you can understand why people want to use 8 in business …

I see a lot of business owners use the number 8 in the following ways …

  • They use in pricing
  • They have events on an 8 day
  • They start events at 8pm
  • They start their businesses on an 8 day

We can use 8 in this way, however we need to be mindful, and understand what are your target energies are of your numbers and what you are here to do.

Some people energies may be working with may be …

  • Creative energies – Lots of 3 6 9
  • Adventurous energies – 5
  • Dynamic energies – 1 and 22
  • Spiritual energies – 2, 7. 11
  • Etc

If you are not working with the energy of the number 8 in …

  • Life Path number
  • Your deeper numbers
  • Name
  • Personal Year 8
  • Etc etc

Then we don’t want to chase 8 as there will be other numbers more aligned to energies.

If you ARE working with 8 – then the question is what is your relationship with these things and then how are you using this?  8’s nail it in business – they intuitively know what to do.

I speak on stage quite a lot and deliver online masterclasses and when I finish the masterclass I normally have a group of women (always women as 8 women are hyper critical of self and they say) – that’s not me! And my reply is ‘How is life working out for you?’

One of the ways I connect my client to 8 is the Tarot card, Strength which is the 8th Major Arcana card.  The card depicts a woman wearing some sort of a crown and she is holding a lion and the lion is under control.  8 is about being a strong woman.  The question is how are you wearing the crown? 8’s needs to be the Queen in their business, own their power and boss their life.

Similarity people can get over excited in their Personal year 8 – yes, it is a good year for business and success.  BUT it is not a given, there is a huge caveat here – it depends on if you have sewn anything in the past 7 years.  It is not your birth right to make money just because you are in an 8 year.

If you look at the 8 it has 2 zeros on top of each other.  Zero is all or nothing.  You often see lottery winners lose everything in their 8 year.  It is important to realise that if you disrespect money, it disrespects you.

Before you use the number 8 make sure you understand your energies first and if you have 8 anywhere in your energies.

Then use these numeric energies for your …

  • Pricing
  • Product
  • Services
  • Date you start business

So yes 8 is success, wealth and abundance.  When you meet and 8 you know about it.

Some 8 life paths are …

  • Giorgio Armani
  • Harry Redknapp
  • Usain Bolt
  • Nelson Mandela

8’s are here to make friends with the energy of money.  They are here to hold the reigns in business.  8’s are here to lead.  To manage.  To take charge.

Remember money is the means to the end not the end itself.  So we always need to maintain a sense of proportion about the energy of 8.

If you are wanting to use the energy of the number 8 just make sure you understand your target energies as your energies will have a flavour and a purpose to them and these numbers will be more in alignment for you to create success and wealth if you are missing 8.

If you are missing the energy of the number 8 then there are things we need to understand your relationship with money and success, and this is the work I do 121 – to book your free discovery call with me to understand how I work here