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How to Love Your Business as Your Life Path Number …

Last August I took a trip to Spain and on the last day had an amazing day with one of my business besties in Malaga – Jo Bendle – founder of ‘Meant for More Method’. 

During the day she asked me a fabulous question …

“Do you love your life?”

Wow – what a question.

That was over 9 months ago, and I still think about it!

So, I wanted to create some content – a series – ‘How to love your business in alignment with your Life Path number’.

Because, let’s face it, we don’t always love everything we have to do in our business.

Let’s look at how to fall in love with those innate parts of you that are shown through in your numeric chart.

Life Path 1 – The Leader

A Life Path 1 loves their business by diving headfirst into their vision creating fresh ideas, guiding the way with clear leadership, with and an unwavering dedication to their quest and vision for creating innovation. 

Their entrepreneurial spirit drives them to take bold risks and overcome obstacles, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Life Path 2 – The Sensitive

A Life Path 2 nurturer loves their business by fostering strong relationships, promoting cooperation and balance, and nurturing a harmonious environment for growth. 

They excel in creating a supportive culture where everyone feels valued and heard, leading to increased productivity and collaboration.

Life Path 3 – The Communicator

A Life Path 3 loves their business with passion, enthusiasm, and joy, using their communication skills to inspire and engage both clients and their wider audience. 

Their knack for creativity and innovation brings a unique flair to their ventures, making them stand out in crowded markets and captivate audiences.

Life Path 4 – The Builder

A Life Path 4 loves their business by establishing solid foundations, implementing structure and organisation, and ensuring long-term stability and reliability. 

They thrive in optimising processes and systems, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and prosperity.

Life Path 5 – The Adventurer

A Life Path 5 loves their business by embracing change, seeking new opportunities, and keeping their business ventures dynamic and exciting. 

They have a natural curiosity and adaptability that allows them to navigate shifting landscapes with ease, always staying ahead of the curve.

Life Path 6 – The Nurturer

A Life Path 6 loves their business by prioritizing the well-being of their employees and community, adopting a sense of responsibility and duty in all endeavors. 

They lead with compassion and integrity, creating a positive impact on both the bottom line and the lives of those they serve.

Life Path 7 – The Seeker

A Life Path 7 seeker loves their business by pursuing knowledge, wisdom, and innovation, constantly exploring new ideas and approaches for growth. 

They are lifelong learners who thrive on intellectual challenges, using their analytical minds to uncover insights and opportunities that others may overlook.

Life Path 8 – The CEO

A Life Path 8 loves their business by pursuing abundance and success, confidently leading with authority and ambition to reach their goals. 

They are natural leaders who command respect and inspire others to achieve greatness, driving their businesses to new heights of prosperity and influence.

Life Path 9 – The Humanitarian

A Life Path 9 loves their business by serving a higher purpose, using their platform to make a positive impact on the world and leaving a meaningful legacy. 

They are driven by a deep sense of empathy and compassion, leveraging their resources and influence to create lasting change for our wider society.

Life Path 11 – The Spiritual Teacher

A Life Path 11 loves their business by harnessing their intuition and spiritual awareness to inspire others, creating a business that reflects their higher purpose and facilitates transformation. 

They possess a deep understanding of human nature and strive to create meaningful connections with their customers and employees, creating an environment of authenticity.

Life Path 22 – The Architect of Change

A Life Path 22 loves their business by manifesting their grand visions into reality, combining practicality with visionary thinking to create a business that makes a lasting impact. 

They have the ability to see the bigger picture and execute complex strategies with precision, leveraging their leadership skills to and achieve extraordinary results.

 The unique way this plays out for you will be in relation to your deeper numeric chart.


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