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Do you want to revive the spark for your business?

When you run a business there are so many boxes to tick and it is very easy to get lost in the details of the to-do list.

You can feel that you are constantly trying to nail the delicate balance of …

• Client attraction creating a marketing strategy that aligns with you … so you can …
• Be visible to people genuinely interested in what you do … to create …
• Sustainable lead generation and list building – resulting in …
• Signing and serving clients and being financially profitable – all the while …
• Managing your mindset and keeping procrastination and perfectionism at bay!

So quite a lot to do then.

The pressure of achieving the above can create friction in your business as you feel as though you need to do all the things all the time, and this can result in …

• Lack of clarity due to the inability to make decisions and sticking to them.
• Fear of shining your light too brightly – you know you need to be visible, but it can feel very uncomfortable.
• You then look outside of yourself for support and inspiration, but this can mean you suffer from imposter syndrome with you trying to do more and more which results in …
• Lack of energy and burn out.

It is super important knowing where to focus your energy so that you can …

• Have clear business goals – that do not move every 5 minutes!
• Avoid feeling completely overwhelmed.
• Stay the course – it’s a business marathon not a sprint!

So, let’s look at the key ways you can stay far away from burning out and manage your sacred energy in your business in relation to your numeric energies.

Working with 1 energy (in your chart or in a Personal Year 1)

• 1 is the number that has the most ’high quick start energy’ – it is so focused on results that it will just want to go go go …
• This is a curse and a blessing, it’s a business superpower as it gets things done – but this number has to watch exhaustion so …
• Ensure you delegate, you can’t do everything yourself – you will need a team. 1 energy needs support.

Working with 2 energy – (in your chart)

• 2 can be fearful – you will worry about the mechanics of your business more than any other number and this will prevent them from acting.
• You are great at dealing with details and seeing both sides of the story … but this can result in feeling totally overwhelmed.
• Ensure you feel supported by your environment and business – eat the elephant with a teaspoon by working in bite size chunks.

Working with 3 energy – (in your chart or in a Personal Year 3)

• 3s are here to shine bright and put your word into the world, but conversely, 3 is also the number that worries the most about what people think of them.
• This can result in 3s creating a business that you think you ‘should’ create – and not one that is necessarily in alignment, resulting in confusion and misalignment.
• To counteract this, 3s need to connect with others – speak about your plans and work smart not hard – by working in short bursts with lots of breaks.

Working with 4 energy (in your chart or in a Personal Year 4)

• 4 is the most hard-working number. It is not afraid of hard work. 4 enjoys working hard. It needs to work and apply itself in a grounded way.
• This therein lies the problem – as you can work and work and work … and all work and no play make a Life Path 4 a dull business owner (and a super tired one ☹)
• This is THE number that will put your head down and crack on for hours – so you will need to take regular breaks from all the toiling and lighten up a little!

Working with 5 energy – (in your chart or in a Personal Year 5)

• 5s can go around the world and back before you get up in the morning. You love and need change, freedom, expansion and growth and cannot sit still in your business.
• You are not meant to sit still, you are meant to be busy taking advantage of all the exciting opportunities in your business – however, this can be exhausting in and of itself.
• 5’s can’t fake it ‘til you make it – and you need to be busy – but the right kind of busy. The right kind of busy means following your true business path. The wrong kind of busy is doing the ‘shoulda / coulda / oughta’ – which is out of alignment with who you are here to be, resulting in burnout.

Working with 6 energy – (in your chart or in a Personal Year 6)

• 6 can flow and grow in business IF what you create involves ‘them, us and we’ – meaning your business needs to be connected to creating a community – a tribal energy.
• Which will feel super aligned for 6 and nourish you in your business. All products and services work well when related to building and creating connections with others.
• However as 6 is a giving number, what about you? Make sure you also receive on a regular basis to avoid depletion.

Working with 7 energy – (in your chart or in a Personal Year 7)

• 7s can overthink, ruminate and stay in paralysis analysis.
• You love to learn as 7 is about thinking, seeking and questioning but can favor learning over acting by collecting certificates. This then creates stress as decisions are not made resulting in actions being delayed.
• If you are working with the energy of the number 7 – you will need space and time out, but this is not the issue, the issue is that stress comes from sitting on the fence for too long! If this is you, then imagine the fence is being electrocuted and you need to jump off either side and decide 😊

Working with 8 energy – (in your chart or in a Personal Year 8)

• 8 is a very dynamic number, like 1 energy but more executive. It is ‘THE CEO’, they nail it in business.
• The issue with 8 is that it can be hyper critical of itself and others and expect perfection which we know does not exist which prevents you from moving forward.
• This puts even more pressure on the professional 8, doubling the workload – so sometimes 8 needs to let things go.

Working with 9 energy – (in your chart or in a Personal Year 9)

• 9 is the highest energy and it is here to serve, heal and love. It has one of the hardest jobs to do, 9’s can be successful, but you need to go in the opposite direction to get there by helping people.
• Boundaries need to be the key word – otherwise you give and give and give and people take and take and take to the point you have nothing left …
• OR you can become selfish and refuse to help others and then your life and business will not work as 9 energy is service over success.

Master Numbers

Working with 11 energy – (in your chart or in a Personal Year 11)

• 11s are very inspirational and can achieve a lot in a short time – you see things very quickly.
• 11 is THE main number that needs to consciously work on grounding your energy in business as you can overreact.
• You will need to manage and monitor your energy on a daily basis – this is the trick with 11.

Working with 22 energy

• 22s don’t actually need much rest. Sounds crazy but it’s true. However, you need to be fulfilling the purpose of 22.
• Which is transformation, creation and changing the world one person at a time – this then gives them energy.
• If you are working in the energy of 4 as 2+2=4 – The Builder – this is when you can exhaust themselves, the trick for the 22 is to get out of 4 and activate your 22 – also called, ‘The Master Builder’.

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