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Your 4 roads and the impact that they make in your life and business…

Each and every one of us are multi-layered, contradictory and completely unique. To stand any hope of understanding ourselves and how we operate in our businesses we must break down our character.

We have 4 roads to travel. Using our date of birth, we can calculate these 4 key numbers, known as our 4 roads:

1. Your Life Path number or your Destiny number

2. Your Approach number

3. Your Ultimate Goal number

4. Your Link number

I have shared a lot in previous blogs and content on my social media channels about the Life Path number, you can read more here in my blog; ‘What is your Life Path number, and why should you care?

We are here because we chose to be. We are all unique and we are here to live a life that is unique to us, and we are shown the essence of this life within our 4 roads. The good news is that life doesn’t need to be difficult, we have everything we need right in front of us, if we follow the path of our destiny which is found within the information that our numeric energies show us.

2 years ago, when I found this modality a light bulb went on. Now, on a daily basis I see how the subtleties of the numbers play such a key part in our lives. For the basis of this blog, and so you can see an example of how numerology works across the 4 roads I have used my DOB as an example…

So firstly, the ‘titles’ of the numbers are:

1 The Leader

2 The Sensitive

3 The Communicator

4 The Builder

5 The Adventurer

6 The Nurturer

7 The Seeker

8 The CEO

9 The Humanitarian

11 The Spiritual Teacher

22 The Architect of Change



First road        1        The Leader                  Life Path Number

Second road   4        The Builder                 Approach Number

Third road      8        The CEO                      Ultimate Goal

Fourth road   9         The Humanitarian    Link Number


Most people who have previously encountered numerology will know their life path number. When your life path number is explained to you, it will resonate and feel right – as you will, on some level already be aware of this information. The trick is, are you working with or against it? And if against, how is this working out for you? There are spectrums of numbers, and positives and negatives, so if we are working in the negative of our life path number, you will know about it, as your life will not flow or work for you and you will not feel peace in your life. Instead you will feel stuck.

When we understand the energy of our Life Path Number and what that means for our lives, it helps us connect to our path and purpose. We will find a ‘rightness’ going on with our lives as life fits and flows. Going deeper, it helps us share our message in the world and serve our tribe in a way that is aligned with our innate gifts and destiny. It also reveals unresolved lessons from previous lives.

So looking more at my 4 roads – my first road – my Life Path is the 1 – The Leader. 1 is about innovation and change and it’s the path I am here to walk this lifetime – my destiny.

However, there are 6 and a half billion people on earth – we do not just divide them into 11 numbers … this would be as generic as saying you are Aries or Leo. The other 3 roads the approach, the ultimate goal and the link is where we start to tune into the unique energies and understand what we are here to do.



How are you personally getting to grips with your life to achieve your true-Life Path? Understanding your approach number shows us how we can uniquely go about this. In essence this road is easier to navigate, therefore many will operate from this road, although the trick is to really master our life path number.

My approach number is 4 = The Builder. As I am born on the 4th .

4 is all about planning, structure, control and routine. A friend said to me the other day, ‘It serves you well’ Exactly! There are no mistakes, so my approach to my leadership is to plan, be organised, schedule, structure, and know what is happening.

4 the builder is an easier road to take it’s my approach, so I need to be mindful that I do not stay in 4 – that I step up in my life and business and use my life path 1 energy to be the lone ranger – independent and innovative, but use the energy of the number 4 to do it my way which is organised and in control.

I am also mindful of the negative of 4 – which can be that perfection can keep you poor. 4 can be a gatekeeper and say no sometimes – so the trick is to be mindful and understand and work with the negatives to move forward.


This road is linked to what you are ultimately here to do in this lifetime as our perception grows and deepens.

My ultimate goal number is 8. The CEO. This is the ultimate number that I am working towards and by using the 1 – The Leader as my Life Path and the 4 – The Builder as my approach, this is how I work towards my ultimate goal. As the name suggests, it’s the ultimate goal so I am not there yet, as I am here to master the 8.

8 is about success and wealth. If 8 was a tarot card, it would be the Strength card – the lady has the lion under control, and she is crowned. 8 is about property and commerce and business. As 8 as my ultimate goal it is about being successful and wealthy with no judgement – literally making friends with money. So, as I am aware of this, I have a plan in place to work towards sustainable success.



This road is the glue that holds all the other roads together – in essence, it is what comes naturally to you and applies to all the other roads. It is in this number that your uniqueness is fully revealed, bringing together all the other numbers.

The 9 is my link number – The Humanitarian – this is what comes naturally to me, to love, to give and to serve others. 9 are old souls, they have been here before, they are very intuitive and here to make their lives about others and from this place they help themselves. The flip here means that strong boundaries are needed as if you are constantly giving and people are taking then you can get fed up – so its important to serve from the overfill of the cup – not the cup!


Understanding the positives and challenges of these subtleties is where the power lies.

When your 4 roads are revealed to you, you will understand where you are on your path.

Understanding these roads brings huge realisations and we start to fully immerse ourselves into a single identity bringing so many realisations that we are in control of all of them and we must run them before they run us! We can only learn what we are ready to learn.

To understand your 4 roads, I have a package here  YOUR LIFE PATHS IN BUSINESS.

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Your Life Path Number

Your Approach Number

Your Ultimate Goal

Your Link Number

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