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How different Life Path numbers can sabotage the process of manifesting in their business!

Manifesting is a thing and if we are honest with ourselves, it is a very real thing. The things and energies that we desire in your business are possible IF we can get ourselves in the space to be in alignment to manifest. There is no question whether manifestation works, the question is whether we should be, and this is a totally different story. The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind!

We can manifest what you want as long as you are willing to pay the price for it! and the price many not always be financial.

A lot of people are great at manifesting but not so good at holding onto it, think the infamous lottery winner stories – it comes in and it goes out. When we manifest a common situation is that we create a supply, but can we hold onto the supply?

Below I have looked at the ways each Life Path number will stand in its own way and block the flow when it comes to manifesting in their business. This is a huge subject and it goes a lot deeper but for an overview please see my comments below.

Life Path 1           The Leader

When it comes to manifesting in business the 1 energy must get onboard with the fact that abundance comes from the universe and not people. 1 is the starting number, the seed, so 1’s needs to seed in the right way. 1’s are used to do everything themselves, so they need to remember that we are divinely guided and take the time out of their busy life’s to ensure they sew the seeds in the right way.

Life Path 2           The Sensitive

When it comes to manifesting in business the 2 must let go of Ego. 2’s can be fear based so in order to manifest they need to be willing to be transformed by the process of manifesting, and this will mean becoming a different person and move past the fear in order to grow. If they do not grow and they stay in fear they will not manifest anything. So 2’s need to let go of the negative of the energy of the number 2 to open themselves up to be able to attract the energy of manifesting.

Life Path 3           The Communicator

When it comes to manifesting in business 3’s often have problems with money, as they like to spend spend spend – so this in itself is their block. Abundance goes to abundance; money goes to money. Money does not go to zero money, 3’s good at going to zero in their bank account due to desire to spend. 3’s are good at manifesting things but useless at hanging on to them, so they will need to start the manifesting process over again.  So, with 3 as they frequently go to 0 it is then hard to get things moving again as they are useless at waiting for the manifesting process to happen. If you disrespect money it disrespects you back.

Life Path 4           The Builder

When it comes to manifesting in business 4 tends to get stuck. Abundance wants to move. 4 can be very skinflint and hoard and this is not the right vibration to attracting money. 4’s can be rigid and controlling so they get stuck. Energy needs to flow, so 4 will need to release control to allow this flow.

Life Path 5           The Adventurer

When it comes to manifesting in business, 5 Is the number of change but also the number of loss. You can’t win if you are not prepared to lose. With 5 money will come in and go out – but if 5’s tries and hold on to everything then they will lose everything. 5’s will have to accept this.

Life Path 6           The Nurturer

When it comes to manifesting in business 6 is a giving number rather than a receiving number – so 6’s finds it hard to manifest anything. If they think what they desire will help others then they will be able to get on board the manifesting train but will need to see a collective energy and result in their efforts – not just make it about them.

Life Path 7           The Seeker

When it comes to manifesting in business 7’s are often not interested in abundance and success. They can be if they can see what they earn allows them to learn, but unless they understand this they will get in their own way – so they will need to be able to see a higher reason for it.

Life Path 8           The CEO

When it comes to manifesting in business the blockage of 8 may be that they are too specific with regards to what success looks like. As 8’s will adopt a perfectionist attitude and have defined details of what they want. This gives the universe too much work to do and they end up straining the powers of the universe. 8’s can manifest but they end up paying a bigger price for it. If 8’s are too narrow with their desires they discard the possibilities available to them.

Life Path 9           The Humanitarian

When it comes to manifesting in business 9 is very emotional, so they have really got to want what they are seeking. During the manifestation process, you can’t be lukewarm about your goals. 9’s will have to bring emotion to wanting the thing they want and 9’s will feel guilty about this. If you don’t really want it you won’t get it. Sometimes a 9 doesn’t feel they deserve anything.

Master numbers

Life Path 11 and Life Path 22       The Spiritual Teacher / The Cosmic Connector

When it comes to manifesting in business Should be master manifestors but they will need to learn to be able to control their own energy first. Master numbers need to be activated and from this place manifestation can take place!

There is a universal plan in our lives and the only thing we should really be trying to manifest is our Life Purpose (which can be seen in our numbers). Remember we do not know better than the universal plan 😊

This information is an overview of your Life Path number and going deeper will all depend on your personal numeric energies as if you have another excess frequency number alongside your Life Path number this will also be playing out.

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