Marketing Clarity Session

If you feel at a standstill in your business or even a crossroads, my Business and Marketing Clarity sessions are perfect for having an extra pair of eyes on your business. Also, it’s amazing what you do when someone is watching so the accountability piece is very powerful.

We work together looking at how much you want your business to bring you in on a monthly basis and in turn the amount of products and services that you need to sell in order to achieve this, who you are going to sell to and where you are going to find them on and offline, what to say in your marketing and how to manage everything cohesively without getting caught up or stuck in the ‘how to’.

To see if you feel I am a fit for you and to help your business, we have a discovery call where you share with me what is going on for you and I will briefly show you how I can assist. You then complete my 7 Step checklist and I review your business before we meet. We then meet for a 4-hour session (in a location of your choice), where we work together on your business. I then create a report and 6-month action plan for you to complete (as you are not going to remember everything we discuss!

Additional marketing support coaching Skype calls are also available as a bolt on package.

For further info or to book your 30-minute non-obligation discovery call, please email or call me today on or 07718123229.


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