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Happy Clients

“I can honestly say from the moment I first spoke to Jo I knew she was exactly what I needed to help me develop my business. Her observations and suggestions were brilliant, almost obvious afterwards and yet they were things I wasn’t seeing before. I think sometimes you just get too close to your own business and need a fresh perspective which is exactly what Jo brings, along with a wealth of knowledge, experience and maybe even a little fairy dust!

Working with Jo brought about a renewed passion for what I do. She was collaborative, fun, inspiring and she has a certain magic that helped me bring my business back to life. I now have so much clarity and confidence in my message and I’m loving my work again. She’s a breath of fresh air and I loved every second of working with her!”

Michelle Chapman

The Elite Partnership

I have just completed a 3 month Marketing & Business Development package with Jo and the difference in my business is huge. Jo worked tirelessly and went over and above what she needed to do. Her expertise in this area is amazing and I left every meeting feeling energised and buzzing with new direction. I highly recommend her services and I’m continuing to work with her going forward – can’t wait to see where this takes my business! Thank you so much Jo. x

Victoria Culshaw

Director, Victoria's Vintage

“After spending a great day with Jo, I now feel I have direction for my Company. Jo has a way of identifying what is needed to be achieved by brilliant ideas and suggestions that link to the values of the Company. All of what Jo highlighted for my Company is correct, I just hadn’t seen it before, I was just too focused on other things.

After struggling for a few months, my Company has a renewed identity and Jo has made me feel excited by the way forward but also proud of what I have achieved so far. I wish I could bottle what Jo has and look forward to continuing to work with her.”

Heather Scales

Heartbeat HR Ltd

“When I was setting up my therapists mentoring business I was recommended Jo Soley by a mutual acquaintance at a time when I was overwhelmed with the size of the task and had no idea of what to do first.

I am so grateful to have had Jo come into my business life! She ‘got me’ and totally understood where I was coming from and what I needed. She helped me get clear on the direction of where I wanted to go and plan the steps that I needed to take to get there. She has a great range of experience and business knowledge and put me in touch with like-minded experts whose skills I used. She listened and gave feedback; she gave me great support and kept me accountable to get things done. I couldn’t have made the progress I did without her.

Thank you Jo for getting me this far. I am currently writing the book (part of my plan) and I know for my next stage I will be coming back to you.”

Caroline Percy

Thrive - Helping Therapists Thrive

“I came to Jo feeling utterly stuck and exasperated with myself and my lack of action, or more specifically, feeling unclear enough to even start taking the first steps in my business. We met in a lovely setting for my half day intensive, and I felt very much at ease and able to be myself (in all my messiness), in Jo’s company. I was excited about the potential outcome of this time but a little nervous that I wouldn’t have all the ‘right’ answers to enable Jo to give me the wind behind my sails – and the map! – I so badly needed to get me out of my business doldrums.

I needn’t have worried though; Jo’s questions were incredibly helpful in getting me clear and created a brilliant framework for me to build around. She also ‘saw’ me really clearly and offered lots of very wise insights into the direction my messaging, my offers, and my marketing could take. I was so impressed by her intuition and ‘soft power’; don’t be fooled by Jo’s gentle, sweet disposition, she has ninja skills for getting out of you what she needs to push you forward! I left with clarity, confidence, a step-by-step plan and loads of inspiration, not to mention that it was a really fun day too! I can’t recommend her help highly enough.”

Zoe Edwards

Self-Image Coach


“Jo is a inspiration. Her service is impeccable and she has a true passion for what she does.  The knowledge she has provided me with has proved invaluable to my business.  Through working with her, I have managed to refocus, finding a fresh, new energy which I can plough into my business, taking it to the next level.  A wonderful and inspiring woman.  I look forward to her continued support!”

Faye Brownjohn


“I needed help with how and where to target my services.  I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information on social media whilst also running comparison scripts against all the ‘successful’ training companies already with a presence on social media.  Whilst I’ve been a Coach and Personal Development Trainer for over 12 years, I am in the process of launching a new arm to the business, being to provide training courses in NLP.

Jo provided me with useful techniques for making better use of LinkedIn and Facebook.  Jo also showed me how to effectively use mailchimp and introduced me to other low cost or free websites to help me create leaflets and flyers etc.  In addition, Jo was able to provide me with advice and feedback on my current website.

I found Jo’s ‘7-Step Checklist with Jo Soley’ really helpful to gain focus and clarity around who my ideal customer is, what is it that I’m really wanting to achieve, what are my values and what do I bring to the market.  Really defining what my ‘captivating introduction’ is was most useful to me.  Having this clarity has helped me when networking and selling what I can do for others. Jo is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable in what she does and is also very generous with that knowledge and her time.

From the Marketing Report that Jo has created following on from the time we spent together, I now have valuable direction and ideas for change and I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time redesigning my website as a result of Jo’s feedback and guidance.  Jo recommended that I include lead magnets (Free Downloads) of what I do best and this I believe, will really help clients and future delegates get a feel for who I am and what I can do to help them in their personal development.  This was really useful to me as a useful taster for potential clients and aligns to my values of sharing knowledge.

Jo has also offered ongoing contact (within appropriate boundaries) for answering questions which again is very generous of her.

Thanks Jo – for sharing all your valuable knowledge and expertise.  I would highly recommend you.”

Joanne Coulson

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