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You don’t need to show off, you just need to show up!

I heard this sentence at a conference last week and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

One of the main areas I work on with my clients is content creation.  A common resistance I see is fear of oversharing, for fear of being annoying, posting too frequently, being too in-your-face and OTT.

I believe there is a difference between showing up and showing off.  How are you physically showing up in your business?

Showing up is when you share your message with the world from a place of authenticity.

Showing up is when you add value, help people and make a difference.

Showing up is when you stand out for all the right reasons.

Showing up is when you inspire others who then take action.

Showing up is being incredibly generous with your expertise.

Showing up is where you develop a real emotional bond with your tribe.

Showing up is what you do on a consistent and persistent basis for your potential and existing clients as you are called to do so.

Here lies the issue.

Are you showing up for your clients?

Are you being of value to your clients?

Are you giving your clients an opportunity to get to know you?

Are you communicating the same brand message every time you show up?

Are you making offers with a strong call to action?


Are you hiding because you’re not sure what to say or what others will think of you?

Are you struggling with ideas of how to be of value and show your expertise?

Is your message vague and unclear?

Are you hiding behind your computer?

Are you the best-kept secret in town?

Getting a steady flow of ideal clients is not rocket science and you can do it.  However, you need to show up as you – in techni-colour.  As when you make a connection with your audience, you need to be “all in.”  All in and full of clarity and conviction inspired and excited and leading from the front as an expert in your field.

As for how you physically show up in your business has a direct impact on your visibility and your ability to build a community. If you are hiding then you are helping no-one and doing your tribe a disservice.

Building a community is vitally important and is part of your marketing strategy and content creation.  It’s basic relationship marketing, however, in order to do this, you need to be present and show up in order to build & lead that community.

Content creation, visibility, and consistency is one layer.  The next level is how you are showing up in your business energetically.

What type of energy are you injecting into your business?  If you are overwhelmed, anxious, chaotic, stressed, exhausted or worried, you are a vibrational match for that energy to play out in your business.

So it’s important that the outer work of your business matches the inner work on you.  If you are playing small or hiding in your business – how are you doing this in life?  If you are shy about coming forward with your message – what does that really mean?

There is an absolute correlation between you and your business.  The energy that you bring to working on or in your business will be injected into your business.


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