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Deborah Meaden was born in England on Wednesday, February 11, 1959. She is an English businesswoman who ran a multi million-pound family holiday business, before completing a management buyout. 

Deborah is now best known for her appearances on the BBC Two business programme Dragons’ Den. She amassed a personal wealth of over $40 million. She also appeared on the 11th series of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One.

Her life path number is the 1. The Leader. This is what she is here to do. 1 energy is courageous and individualistic. 1’s are very initiative and love starting things. The energy of a 1 is very dynamic. 1’s are fiercely independent and self reliant. From what we see of Deborah Meaden – this sums her up at face value very well.

Going deeper, born on the 11th – this is a master number birthday, meaning she can go beyond. Great determination and needs the space to put her ideas into play. This energy brings a perfectionist streak and inside they can be highly strung.


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